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Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 3 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 3 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE

what I’m saying? ANTWUAN DIXON: Ah! MALE SPEAKER: Hey baby. ANTWUAN DIXON: Sorry, officer. MALE SPEAKER: Sorry, officer. ANTWUAN DIXON: Sorry, officer. MALE SPEAKER: [SINGING] ANTWUAN DIXON: Hey,
what’s up, nigger? MALE SPEAKER: [SINGING] ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck this now. We goin’ too far. [INTERPOSING VOICES] ANTWUAN DIXON: No,
I don’t get it. SHANE HEYL: Numerous times,
numerous times. I mean, we were on that
one trip, and Twuan had gone to jail. We get him that night
or the next day. We have 24 hours. He’s back in. You know, so that’s twice
in three days. Wrong place, wrong time. OFFICER: What’re we
talking about? ANTWUAN DIXON: All right. MALE SPEAKER: What’d
the cops say? ANTWUAN DIXON: This is
my nigger right here. Huh? Oh, they said, fucking pull
your shit out and you’re the man, bye. I mean, pretty much
what I know. MALE SPEAKER: Second
cop incident today. ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck, dude. Right? What’s up nigger? MALE SPEAKER: How
you livin’, dog? ANTWUAN DIXON: I’m good, baby. You don’t even know, man. Hey, hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! What’s up, man? Hey, can I get a wristband? Whatever, fuck it. Hey, hey! FEMALE SPEAKER: Why you
looking so good? ANTWUAN DIXON: Why
am I looking so– she says, why am I
looking so good? [LAUGHTER] MALE SPEAKER: Hit that! [LAUGHTER] ANTWUAN DIXON: Wooo! What’s up, motherfuckers? MALE SPEAKER: Want a beer,
dude, or what? ANTWUAN DIXON: Yeah. Fuck, yeah. TIM CAVIN: Look at your bus. ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck, nigger. I’m rolling deep, nigger. Niggers rolling deep. We rolling deep. All right, nigger. That DMX nigger, where’s
my dogs at? Where’s my dogs? [BARKS] MALE SPEAKER: We’re doing a day
in the life of this guy. TIM CAVIN: Fuck you. [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: He almost
went to jail twice. TIM CAVIN: Of course. MALE SPEAKER: Fighting somebody
and drinking. TIM CAVIN: Really? MALE SPEAKER: Once at
the hotel and then once when we got here. TIM CAVIN: Really? ANTWUAN DIXON: Oh,
motherfucker. Nice on, asshole. On my new Nikes. Fuck, man. [INTERPOSING VOICES] ANTWUAN DIXON: I wish
you would, nigger. I’d beat your little ass. [LAUGHTER] SHANE HEYL: Are you asking, is
he doing it more because of that reason? There’s consequences for sure
with what he’s doing. And he knows that. He’s well aware of it. And he’s battling something
that some people have in this life. ANTWUAN DIXON: What’s
up, nigger? BOY: Yo! ANTWUAN DIXON: You good? BOY: Yeah. ANTWUAN DIXON: What’s up, boy? BOY: What’s up? ANTWUAN DIXON: What the
fuck you doin’? BOY: Skating the concert. ANTWUAN DIXON: Really? BOY: Yeah. ANTWUAN DIXON: Getting crazy? BOY: Yeah. ANTWUAN DIXON: Yeah? BOY: Where’s your
skateboard at? SHANE HEYL: I’ve had
it, you know? I have a disease. I have an alcohol– you know,
alcoholism kills. I’m not going to say that
that’s what he has. That’s for him to find out. But I love it when he’s not in
that bullshit, not in that trouble, and he’s just skating
and being what he needs to be doing. And he knows it. ANDREW REYNOLDS: Like a lot of
skaters and like myself, people struggle with
drinking and drugs. And it gets in the way of
where you’re going. So that’s what I see. I could be wrong. MALE SPEAKER: Yeah, yeah! MALE SPEAKER: Oh, like a pro. ANTWUAN DIXON: I won’t do
nothing I don’t wanna do, you know what I’m saying? Nobody tell me nothing,
man, except my mama. I don’t wanna do nothing. MALE SPEAKER: Does Andrew or
Jim or Eric try to tell you what to do? ANTWUAN DIXON: Fuck no, dude. Hell no, dude. None of those dudes,
they don’t run me. You know what I’m saying? But they don’t run me,
but they’re with me. You feel me? They just give me the best
advice, from– nigger, they’ve been there, done that. You know what I mean? And they just see when I was
doing whatever, you know, he was faded and whatever. They know, you know, we know. But they just gave me advice
before, because I’m young. I’m only 21, dude. All this, all this crazy
stuff, and I’m only 21 years old. You know what I mean? See, all that shit you probably
see out at parties and all that bullshit
on the internet. You probably I’m like
30 or some bullshit. With all these tattoos,
probably think I’m old as fuck. But I’m not old as fuck. I’m young as shit, you
know what I mean? Jim is the one that really
doesn’t want nothing to fucking, like– me to go down the wrong road. Let me put it that way. ANDREW REYNOLDS: Being an
alcoholic and an addict myself, you just can’t
do anything. You just can’t make
someone stop. They have to just stop
on their own. MALE SPEAKER: [LAUGHS] How you feeling? Feeling good? Need a hand? MALE SPEAKER: Hey, Antwuan,
come here. ANDREW REYNOLDS: Everybody
wants him to do good. And he wants to do good. It’s not like people tell him
we want you to do good and he’s like, fuck you. MALE SPEAKER: I’ve
been chilling. I was right here
want to go to jail. Let’s go. FEMALE SPEAKER: Do you want
to go to jail, Antwuan? MALE SPEAKER: Just go. MALE SPEAKER: Let’s go. ANTWUAN DIXON: You know
what I’m saying? [INAUDIBLE]. MALE SPEAKER: Just go home. ANTWUAN DIXON: All
right, all right. God damn. SHANE HEYL: Like, how many times
can you get away with some gangster-ass shit? I don’t know. I don’t know. [INTERPOSING VOICES] MALE SPEAKER: Hey, hey. Hey, man, we’re telling
you to chill, homey. MALE SPEAKER: Hey, read him
the riot act right now. Give him the riot warning. Get him out of here. MALE SPEAKER: We’ve leaving. MALE SPEAKER: Come on. MALE SPEAKER: It’s his
shit is fuck! MALE SPEAKER: I know, fuck
everything, man. ANTWUAN DIXON: [INAUDIBLE] nigger. Woo! SHANE HEYL: I hope that they
continue to be able to live their lives in a positive way
and get through with what they need to do. [LAUGHTER] ANTWUAN DIXON: Y’all niggers
be good, niggers. All right [INAUDIBLE] nigger. [INTERPOSING VOICES] [CAR HORN] MALE SPEAKER: [LAUGHS] Hey, they called the riot
in on you, Twuan. They called the riot
was good, dog. Hey, thanks, man Thank you. Later! Yo, later. Check you later, player.

100 thoughts on “Getting High w Pro Skater Antwuan Dixon 3 of 4 – Epicly Later’d – VICE”

  1. That's sad. At the beginning I saw nothing more but ghetto trash. At the end I saw a young charismatic kid with alcoholism that I hope gets some help in his life.

  2. Sk8ing, shooting dope, doing fraud, doing time, neck deep in hoodrats at the mo-mo. The streets tear your soul up one piece at a time. Fentanyl and heroin are the new Zyklon B, I've lost more friends than I can count on both hands. We live the life that VICE make docs on, the ones that you watch and talk about with your friends. I graduated from UC Berkeley with every intention of becoming an attorney. How the fuck did I end up here on parole with a needle in my arm? Some carry pain better than others, that's all.

  3. Its whats behind the scenes is whats destroying dudes life. Becoming Pro in any arena means hella pressure and sacrafice. Who knows what he had to do to become pro, its no different from the music business and hollywood. Damn!!

  4. "What kinda shit is he goin to jail for?"

    he should say for being a drunk aggressive loud mouth ass hole but hes too afraid of him gettin in his face so he says "wrong place wrong time" smh

  5. I used to say shit like that!, I'm only 21, I'm only 22 I'm only 23, I'm only 24, now I'm 28 because partying slowed my life down.

  6. Why when he said like DMX…..Where my dogs at, then barked, why he barked like an Chiwahwa???😂😂😂😂

  7. Trying to place the blame, or trying to get them to admit they're enabling him just seems short-sighted and naive.
    They're normal dudes who're dealing with their own shit, just trying to help someone they care about get through a super hard time in his life.

  8. if he doesnt correct the way he acts around people one day its gona end bad ive had many friends like him and theyre all dead and it would be a shame if he fucekd up because hes a phenomenal skater

  9. He needs to grow the fuck up and stop acting like an immature child. Start being responsible. Simple as that. It might not be easy, at first but if he don't try then he ain't never gonna learn. It might take some time for him to get it down but he needs to start trying. It just doesn't seem like he's trying. I'm not perfect but come on stop acting like a child and grow up, at least!

  10. “Hey can I get a wristband “. Whatever fuck it “HEY” ..🤦🏾‍♂️😂 he flew right past dem folks lol

  11. Seems like the police harass him. 6:33 Officers there should be charged with battery, you cannot touch someone without their permission, you cannot break laws to enforce laws. I see a goof ball doing his own thing when these tyrants and thugs in costumes come up to him and try causing problems..

  12. Dudes 21 and every old head knows how crazy you are when you're that's age. You just gotta let dude take his bumps when he falls and if you care about him help him when you can but don't preach to a 21yr pro scater that's whilyn out n loving life testing the boundaries. Testing the boundaries is a trait that every real down to earth person I've ever known grew up n became a wise oldhead that's cool to be around. Peace keep it💯

  13. He gets attention from his high drunk behavior. He is not stopping anytime soon he is having to much fun. HANG IN THERE KIDNEYS) A teacher of what not to do is coming out of all this. Been there done that myself. Good luck dude.

  14. Hows he going to be in a conversation, scream in a random girls face, then walk away like nothing happen. this dudes comedy 😂

  15. It looked like antwuan died a little inside and snapped back into reality when that kid asked him where's your skateboard at

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