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GCN Tech Unboxing! Oakley PRIZM Lenses, Jawbreaker & Sutro Sunglasses

GCN Tech Unboxing! Oakley PRIZM Lenses, Jawbreaker & Sutro Sunglasses

– Welcome to another
amazing GCN TECH unboxing and this week we have got
a ridiculously good prize for you guys. One that I’d quite like to win myself but apparently I’m not allowed to enter. Anyway. Not one, not two but three very lucky viewers will each win two pairs, yes two pairs of brand
new Oakley sunglasses and a spare Low Light Prizm lens. Pretty awesome huh. Right. Now before I go into
details of the glasses and how you can win them, be sure to subscribe to GCN
TECH if you haven’t already and click the little bell
icon as it will give you a notification every
time we upload a video. So you don’t miss out on chances to win
awesome prizes like this. (logo swishing) Right. I think we should crack
on and get them out of the boxes. So many on Oakley’s. Even the cardboard boxes
they come in are nice. There’s kind of like two tone on them. Then inside we’ve got
the soft vault cases. These are actually really
useful for keeping them safe inside travel bags and things like that. Keep them nice and protected. So we have here the Oakley Jawbreakers. Special Edition ones. We also have the Oakley Sutros and a spare Low Light Prizm
lens for the Jawbreakers. So you can keep riding all year round. The Low Light Prizm lens is
especially useful in winter, I’m told. And just to be clear each of the winners will receive a pair of the Jawbreakers, Sutros and lens as well. Now by my calculation Oakley’s have been worn by more Tour De France champions than
any other sunglasses brand and they’ve been a familiar
sight for many years. Now first up we have the Jawbreakers. Which have been around a few years now and are a familiar sight on the faces of Chris Froome, Mark Cavendish, Greg Van Avermaet and Alejandro Valverde. To name but a few. But these aren’t any ordinary Jawbreakers. They’re Tour De France Special Editions to mark the hundredth
anniversary of the maillot jaune. So you’ve got a really
nice matte black frame with lots of yellow details all over it to celebrate the maillot
jaune or yellow jersey. Including these nice yellow
Oakley logos on the side. My favorite little detail is the Tour De France logo down here. That’s etched into the Prizm Road lens. Prizm is Oakley’s lens technology that’s intended to enhance the contrast of a given environment so that you can see more detail. Now the Prizm Road is
intended for the road and the aim is to give more
definition of the road surface so that you can spot things like pot holes or better see road markings. They also made Prizm lenses
for other environments. So the Prizm Snow is intended for use in snow. As you probably guessed. And the Prizm Golf is intended for well helping you spot white
balls in green fields. There’s loads of nice
little functional details built into the glasses as well. So you’ve got vent holes on the lens to help stop them from fogging up. And also the Unobtainium nose piece and Unobtainium on the arms as well. Now this isn’t the
fictional super high value element mined on the moon of
Pandora the central to the plot of James Cameron’s blockbuster Avatar. It’s just what Oakley calls it’s proprietary polymer that keeps the glasses in place on your face, while remaining comfortable. I mean they stay in place. It’s pretty good. Arguably not just good for cycling. Ideal for moshing too perhaps. (upbeat rock music) Anyway. The lenses are all impact tested and block out 100% of UV light. Right. On to the next pair. The Sutros. They’re cool. They’re still all the
functionality you’d expect from a pair of performance sunglasses. You’ve got great you
know peripheral vision but they’re in a kind
of little bit more hip, less aggressively styled
more retro package. And a bit more disco than the Jawbreakers. (upbeat disco music) That’s exactly why they were created. Not for discos but there was a trend
that more and more riders were starting to sacrifice functionality by choosing to wear glasses
that didn’t look as sporty or as serious as the Jawbreaker. These non-cycling specific glasses often don’t have the
lenses that are optimized for road conditions or the fit or the special Unobtainium
polymers to keep them in place or things like anti-fog. So Oakley set about
creating a pair of glasses that was less aggressively and sportily styled than current designs but still had the functionality. And the result is the Sutro. For me they’re like a modern version of Greg LeMond’s legendary eye shades. Now one key difference between the Sutros and the Jawbreakers is that these aren’t designed around lens interchangeability so the lens is fixed within the glasses. Where is on the Jawbreakers, the jaw literally breaks open and allows you to swap
out different lenses for different environments. And that’s why we’re also giving away the Prizm Low Light lens. According to Oakley, it’s engineered to help
optimize detail in low light and also artificial light without causing a color
shift in your vision. I should have said that there were only two prizes available and then I could have kept
the third set for myself. Why didn’t I think of that sooner? Idiot. Anyhow. Now for the part you’ve
all been waiting for. How do I get my hands
on these awesome shades from Oakley? Well it’s really simple. Just click the link which is in the description below and that will take you
to our giveaways page. Fill in your details and you will be in with a chance to win these amazing prizes. And it’s completely free to do so. Once you’ve done that why not check out the GCN shop. We’ve got the greatest tee shirts available to humanity there. Including my current favorite which is this special
Alpe d’Huez themed one complete with Dutch Corner. Pretty cool. And after that if you’d
like to watch another video. Oakley’s got an awesome
history in cycling. So we checked out the seven
most important designs that Oakley’s ever produced. And it’s a really good video. So it’s down here.

100 thoughts on “GCN Tech Unboxing! Oakley PRIZM Lenses, Jawbreaker & Sutro Sunglasses”

  1. Oakley was bought out by Luxxotica a few years back and now make their stuff in asia and only do final assembly in the USA (snapping things together)

  2. Love my Jawbreakers so much, I ended up buying the Prizm Low Light replacement lenses. They work very well, aside from the ghosting issues they present on pretty much every source of light (headlights, taillights, etc).

  3. You can keep the glasses. I just want the case for my banana storage (that's not a euphemism by the way).

  4. I was thinking of getting low light jawbreakers for the cx season but after entering this I will have to wait

  5. Thanks, Ollie, still a big Oakley fan am I. And lol, Sutros are good for disco. And good for watching Mama Mia on date night, too.

  6. I have +4.5 diopter varifocals, I can use fixed lenses to see my computer or the road ahead but not both. A pair of £5.00 clear glasses from Halfords and I'm sorted. They go over my varifocals and hold them steady. And I get a pair of safety glasses.

  7. So sad you have become the home shopping channel these days. After years of watching and loving your content the adverts now blur the content to the point you can’t trust you guys anymore and I have unsubscribed. I get the need to monetize but you went over the top. A sad day !

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    So now I’m wondering if in fact there were More and you and Si both grabbed a sneaky pair.

    … unwritten rules of cycling ?

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  20. PSA request: What are the sunglasses that are causing all the facial injuries during crashes, called?

    nvm, turns out they're these ones, Oakley Jawbreakers…. well named it turns out. See Fuglsang's TdF crash .

  21. Funny to see that Oakley has enough SUTROs to give away but the local shop from which I ordered them on April 20th has yet to receive them… (because they don't have the model in stock) thanks Oakley

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  32. I just got the Flak 2.0 with the prizm lenses. Very nice indeed. Crisp view. Very clear. I got screwed out of the soft case though and was only given the black cloth bag. Shame.

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