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Garmin Instinct – How To Use Pool Swim Or Open Swim Activities

Garmin Instinct – How To Use Pool Swim Or Open Swim Activities

in this video we’ll take a look at pool
swimming activities on the Garmin Instinct let’s say that we’re going to
the pool and want to record our activity so we do it here first we press on the
GPS button and we’re going to scroll through our activities that we have
listed here as favorites or if you don’t have it listed here we can always scroll
down to the very bottom and select add and from here we can scroll down and we
can select the open water swimming but in this video we also have the pool
swimming pool swimming we’ll add that we’ll add it to a favorite and we’ll
just leave it here we can use the up and down buttons to reorder it in our list
first GPS so now we’re going to press GPS to actually start the activity and
now we’re going to start but we can also go up to options here so we can take a
look at the pool swimming settings here you can take a look at that now if the
first time you’re doing this it will ask you this question pool size so if you
happen to be going to different pool lengths you may want to go here and
review this pool size sitting so you have your choice of between 25 50 meters
and all that stuff so we’ll select 25 meters for our pool size we also have a
bunch of other options right here so once we’re ready to actually start
activity we can hit the GPS button then start and now we can do focus on our
major swimming strokes we can use the up and down button here to scroll through
our different timers and distances now we also have the drill log available for
the pool swim activity and the way you act to make this this is when you want
to focus on a non-standard stroke like one arm swimming or something else in
between this function is the same way as the rest so basically what you have to
do is hit the back button now we’re either in the rest or if you happen to
be on the drill log that will record whatever activity you’re doing but
basically swim data is not recorded during the rest so you do your rest
do whatever you need to do drill log and then hit back again
and now you can swim one of the normal strokes in your activity and that’s
about it and that’s how basically how you do the either a drill log or a rest
interval and basically there we go that’s done let’s do that and if you
want to stop the activity you hit the GPS button and they have options to
resume save discard the activity we’re going to discard it in this case we use
the up and down buttons here to go through the choices and there you go
that is quickly how you can record swimming activities or pool swimmin with
the Garmin instinct

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