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Fusion – The Ultimate Scuba Diving Drysuit

Fusion – The Ultimate Scuba Diving Drysuit

white started in 1956 my dad started first dive store in Canada when I got involved we started making wetsuits and we are the first people to make wetsuits in Canada and then eventually into dry suits which we are the first in north america to manufacture dry suits we have customers all over the world in the military and commercial professional and sport I think one of the key assets we have is that all we do is dry suits we have acquired the best team of divers or designers of dry suits in 2010 at Long America acquired burns manufacturing an Aqualung his sense made this the design headquarters for the world were dry products we have our R&D department here and we have production here we test the suits we dive with them and once we’ve proven the suits are reliable and what we want them to do then we produce them a dry suit starts off with a roll of our unique material it’s drawn in the computer it’s the laid out on the cutting table table and cuts those many pieces can be up to 40 pieces in the suit from there the parts are all marked and labeled and move on to the sewing position one of our unique processes we’re proud of is that we use no glues our suits are welded together under great pressure and temperatures the seams are stronger than the rest of the city and all suits then are immersed under water and test it for any leaks having a good R&D department that is active divers we realized that we needed to come up with a suit that is more flexible more streamlined and that’s how we started down the path of coming up with the fusion dry suit the fusion dry suit really started with our desire to push the performance where you could use a dry suit and we wanted flexibility unlike anything on the market so we wanted to be everything we wanted to be wet suits we wanted to beat both neoprene and she’ll dry super pharmacy the breakthrough came I just took a basically oversized dry suit core and a very thin neoprene wetsuit putting the in wetsuit over the core and went tried that quickly and lo and behold it was actually very very effective the 2 layer design of the fusion is quite interesting because the core the dry part the integrity their minimal seams no stretch to the fabric and we can over cut that core because you can’t see it that is really really tough to be plus you don’t have to put any attachments onto it then you’ve got this outer skin this interchangeable can take all the abuse basically the dream way to build a dry suit that’s it if you’re a manufacturer there’s no better way to do it when the suit first came up to the test team we are all skeptically it looked very different in fact it’s sat for a couple of weeks we doing other tests knives but once we’d open we knew we had something that would change the dry suit industry something unique it’s just sort of made sense right call the diffusion because we grab the best features of all the existing suit technology and refused all the good bits together came up with this product you

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