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Funzone FAILS & SNOW Scouting | Soelden Ahoy!

Funzone FAILS & SNOW Scouting | Soelden Ahoy!

Hey there. Right now I am still editing the Thailand vlogs Unfortunately it takes way to long to edit those, so I made a decision for myself. I won’t try daily vloggin anymore (at least for now). But I still would like to do more videos. There are still some episodes of Thailand Ahoy! left. These are coming soon. But this time it’s about something else. We are snowborading! OFF: SKIING! … and skiing. Actually it’s only me on the snowboard. We are four people and the others are skiing. But I am keeping up good. I told you, there won’t be any daily vlogging Sooo… it’s allready our second day It’s pretty easy to sum up yesterday Just watch this! And we had some of this: And this: And some of that: Today we’re exploring more of the ski area. The weather cleared up earlier than yesterday. And, well… come see for yourself We are in the area near Ggiggijoch Not sure if it’s the name of the mountain or the gondola station Anyway. We fount this… nice hut (restaurant) up here with a really nice view on the mountains. I belive the name of the hut is “Gampe Daya” or was it “Campe Thaya”? Whatever. The food here is tasty and looks great compared to other huts I saw until now If you’r looking for some food while skiing in Soelden. I recommend this place. We found something! Yah! Funslope and all that stuff at the Funzone at the Giggijoch station or mountain turned out to be FUN. (Who would have thought that?) We are also looking forward to check out the funpark. And… Well… Until now I never did Aprés-Ski (pretty much drink and party after skiing and boarding) On the other hand I haven’t been very often to ski vacation This time is just the third time for me But I fear, that this time I wonn’t get around it But we found something great here! “Zillertaler Radler” I heardly recommend this! But… I will not take you to the party today. Hello! Actually we were looking forward to check out the funpark after trying the funslope and the slalom race But the weather is… like you can see Well you can’t see much. If the screen looks a bit wet, that’s beacause Uhm. I screwed up on the last recording. I hit that recording button way to often Anyway. Until now the weather looked like And what I was trying to tell you before I stopped the recording: I was steanding behind a fence beacuse I dropped the camera from a small cliff and I climbed down there to get it back and out of the snow. The weather today is definetly adventure weahter- Two of us are in ski shool to up there ski skills. We are just chilling in this hut right now It´s hard to see a thing and ride properly today. Which means we will have to wait until tomorrow before we check out the funpark Also: I can´t do really much in the funpark. I just learned snowboarding two years ago and I would like to learn way faster But after seeing my jump from yesterday I belive I still need some time Whatever. Later! We woke up today and suddenly it all looked like this! Actually… Whups! We had a really nice day and great weather But one of us got injured That means: Funpark has to wait until tomorrow The bad news is: Our friend broke his collarbone. Ttwice. (actually it broke into four pieces) The good news is: He allready had surgery and is getting better Question is Is it reallly a got idea to got to the funpark after something like this? But right now I’m asking myself something else What do I want for breakfast? Well. Uhm. Todays weather was like: And the funpark was closed most of the time today So I’m putting everythin on tomorrow again. Right? (Return Of The Snow Groomer) We have awesome weather today Which means: FUNPAAARK! Uh. Well. Whups! Haha! Funpark was actually closed Some guy told us to get of the track I’d like to show you more There are also rails on the other side and some big ramps in the middle Like I told you. I´m a newbie at snowboarding so I just hit the boxes I sill wanted to try rails today But… What can you do about the situation. Funpark is closed. Let´s head back. This was our last day here in Soelden We will head back to the hotel now. But I still have something to show you If you don’t want to go the Funzone You can check the view from the Skywalk instead Or you can go to ice Q, which can be seen in the new James Bond Spectre (FAIL, beacuse 2015) The view from up there is astonishing and the track/piste is great to ride I think it’s been great here. We had good weather. We had bad weather. We laughed a lot. Had some fun. Unfortunetly also had someone injured… But now it’s over. All in all, I think it was a great time here in Soelden. We decided for a short stop over

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