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Funny Snowboard Fall ?

Funny Snowboard Fall ?

– Ahhhh! (intense rumbling) Ahhhh! – I actually started getting
good at sniping last night. It was really fun, yeah. Surprise! Change of plans today! Still the best day ever. Not a work day. Unless you’re Brandon. I’m sorry Brandon. I still love your guts.
– It’s all right. – I’m gonna go snowboarding today. My buddy just called me, he’s like, “Hey! Sunny day. Christmas
break. Let’s go snowboarding.” And I was like, “I’ve only snowboarded in malls so far this year,
so that sounds great.” We’re going snowboarding! Let’s go! We just slept over,
played some Battlegrounds, and we’re out of here. Wait, are you ready for this story. Last night, played
Battlegrounds. Fourth place. Oh, that was good, but we could do better. Next game, third place. Dang, third place! – Not bad.
– That’s pretty good. But we could do better.
What if we get second? We got second place. I was like,
“No way. We can do better.” And then Vexel got on, and we’re like, “Easy, pro with us.” First
place, first place, first place. Three in a row.
– Holy smokes. – That’s what happened last night. Just so everyone knows, I’m gonna post on social media someday,
because it was really cool. I recorded the whole thing.
– That’s impressive. – All right! I’m gonna go
snowboarding. See you dawg. – Have fun, man! – He just called me. We just decided. Pajama pant boy over here.
– Look at these pajamas. – Backflips, +10 if
you’re wearing pajamas. Gil, goodbye. High five. It’s snowboard time, boys! (gangster rap) This is all you need. These. By the way, these are really good. Half-eaten pop-tart. Santa Claus. That’s all you need to have
a good day of snowboarding. And the snowboard. We’re going jean jacket
today, kinda sunny. Nice weather. You know, maybe cut off the
sleeves for style points. We’ll see where it goes. This is what you need to know about our snowboard adventures this year. Favorite place to go, where
all my videos are filmed. Powder mountain, Utah. The best place. But it’s like an extra 30 minutes away, and this was kind of a
last minute decision, so we’re at a closer snowboard resort. There’s lots of resorts
everywhere in Utah. Called Snow Basin. I’m not
a fan of Snow Basin at all. Let me show you why. See this? Look at those lines. I need some aerial. Can you get me some aerial here? That’s bad. What’s up dawg. – Shaun! What’s up, man? – You’re in the vlog. Yeah. Anyways, cool people. Bad lines. The toilets are gold. It’s all fancy. It’s really expensive, they
don’t hook it up at all. Don’t go to Snow Basin. If you come to Utah,
go to Powder Mountain. All right, there’s the
disclaimer. Let’s go snowboarding. – Hey, can you shout
out my brother Lawson? – Lawson, what’s up? Shout-out to Lawson. All right, let’s go snowboarding. – [Old Chicken] Oh, look at
that poor guy down there. – [Hayden] That was just kind
of like a discount yard sale. – [Shaun] (shouting) You good? Tool picnic. This looks good. I’m actually excited. Guys, this is Tall
Chicken’s older brother, his name’s Old Chicken. We got Hayden, designer of
the SpaceStation Gaming logo. And, uh, name!
– Bodie. – Shout out to Bodie. And that
kid who just said my name. (yelling) What’s your name? – Jake!
– Shout out to Jake. Look how beautiful it is here! This is why Utah is
amazing. About to drop it. I just met a new friend. Bodie is gonna grab the GoPro and do some filming for you guys. High school tradition, called
ourselves the Bear Pack. Paws up! What, he actually… You have a sticker?
– Yeah! – Hand made from the
skate shop I worked at. All right, let’s go. (“Lose Control” by Missy
Elliott, Jeff Kaale remix) – Yeah! – Hi. Paws up, let’s go. Woo! All right, there’s some little
jumps over here we could hit. Woo! First run! That
was, Hayden, first run? – Woop Woop!
– Max, first run? Bodie. Bodie? Solid. Hi guys. Happy day! Oh, snowboarding, I love you so much. It’s hot, guys. It’s warm. 48 degrees today, you
got the sun right there. We got friends right here.
We got a GoPro right here. You guys are inside it.
Best day ever stuff. ♪ Two AM I’m posted, ♪ ♪ Dope all in my Jansport, ♪ ♪ Moving to Utah, run with- ♪ ♪ Might treat your block
like a dance floor ♪ – Utah, I absolutely love
you. #YeahIdMoveHereUtah. You da best. (Jeff Kaale remix continues) Oh! Did you see me cannonball
that so hard? Just, whoosh! All right, for all you skiers out there, Bodie’s about to show you how to rip. Yahoo! Nice! Killed it! Yes! Nice! Ahhhh! Nice! Solid run. High five. Yeah, that’s ham. I just met this kid, and
he brings ham up riding. Where did you learn this amazing idea? – Just thought of it, man. – Just thought of it.
We always bring gummies. I got pop-tarts in my pocket still, they’re probably pretty crushed. – I bring bacon. – Bacon? No you don’t. Really? Spiral-cut ham. Snowboarding. Sunny skies. – Uh, I don’t eat cold ham, sorry. – [Shaun] What? Oh! Watch out! That’s Tall Chicken’s brother right there. (Jeff Kaale remix continues) Woo! Yeah, buddy! Hey! High five! That was awesome! – What’s up? – [Shaun] Hey!
– Hey! – No shirts required! Wow, look at this place! This is why Snow Basin is an
actual joke. Look at this. Wow. Hey. Where’s Adley? There’s mom! Have you seen Adley? Adley, where are you? Nope, she’s not in the chair! Are you in the balloons? Where are you? – Boo!
– Hey! Were you hiding? Guess what I did today!
– Huh? – I went snowboarding!
– Wow! – [Jenny] Wow!
– My exact reaction. – [Jenny] He went into the house- – [Shaun] You playing some PUBG? – [Jenny] -east of us.
– [Shaun] You’re like a pro. – I am not. – I love your little pink Frozen cup, too. Does it help you play better? – Oh, thanks. It does. – Me and Jenny are going
on a date night tonight. Are you ready for the date night? We have to go in like an hour. – I know! Get ready! You’re smelly! – I’m gonna go take a shower. Hey! Jump! I missed you. Can I get a hug? – No.
– I want a hug! Come here, no no no! All right, I’m going to take a shower. Bye, bye. You’re not coming. And look, you can put this right here, and put the phone on it. Oh, do you like that? – Yeah. She was crying ’cause she
wanted to come with me, so we made her an awesome bed. Adley, do you like your bed? – Yeah. – [Shaun] High five.
– No! – [Shaun] High fives! Oh
dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat-dat- Bye!
– Bye! I love you! – [Jenny] (singing along to the radio) – Welcome to date night! We’re gonna go see a movie, and go get dinner, and you guys can come, but only for part of it, ’cause it’s like part romantic, like, us time, and then part you guys time. So, deal? Do we have a deal? Deal? – Deal. But no judging
on our food choices. It’s a Friday night and we don’t wanna wait in line for, like, two hours. – We’re going to Hooters. – (laughing) What?
– Just kidding. – Does that even exist in Utah? – I don’t know. Hooters is like that risque place that I always heard about
when I was a little kid, but I think that’s, like, over. Is Hooters even in business anymore? – I don’t even know if you
could put this in the vlog. It’s too weird. – Brandon, put this in the vlog. – Oh, we’re keeping it. However, I’m gonna end the
best day ever right now. I know Shaun said you guys
could go on the date with him, but I’m gonna be a good friend, and just let them have alone time. Just let them enjoy their date. I know, I know, I know. Send all the hate. Send all the hate. But you got to go snowboarding! That was really cool! I’ll see you guys tomorrow,
and have the best day ever. (Jeff Kaale remix continues) – [Shaun] I need to find the spot! – [Hayden] Where are you- (gunshot)
– hitting? – Peace out.

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  1. The editor spoke directly to us! Its like that moment when Dorthy meets the Wizard of Oz and it was just a man behind a curtain. Love the edits Brandon, as always!

  2. Can you make a full video of just Adley playing and put it on this channel or on her channel.
    Ps. When is space station stuff coming back?

  3. That snowboarding looked so nice. I went skiing today as well, love the freedom and speed. Actually recorded a whole vlog in 360 while skiing and it looks so cool 🙂

  4. You inspire me to go snowboarding. Hopefully one day when I have enough money. My school offers skiing trips in a different country but it’s always too expensive and my parents won’t get me a passport

  5. I am very glad that Brandon did that, it's very respectful and it allows Jenny and Shaun to have some alone time 🙂

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  7. I ski and snowboard. (Expert skiier and a beginner snowboarder) and I have had my fair share of yardsales. I was skiing pretty fast down a mogul coarse (ungroomed) and i fell at the top and tumbled the whole way down, loosing both my skis and poles. had to hike up. worst day but the best fall.

  8. Shon don't tell them where to go man #preserve the pow also I started to teach myself to snowboard this year it's great and hopefully I will see you at powder man

  9. Ugh I can’t wait to go skiing I live in va and the closest mountain is in pa and only one day a year my dad brings me I wish I lived in Utah or Colorado where I could go like every day

  10. Great video I love seeing your snowboarding videos especially when they're skiers in it to but they're cool without skiers too. Hey Shaun do you have any advice on good snowboarding slash skiing goggles.

  11. I watched a few vlogs. Maybe 7-10 over the last 2 months, and god, I already love him <33 gonna watch him everyday from now on

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