Full Time Liveaboard Sailboat, Sailing with a Baby

We are Alessandro, Arianna, and Sophie. We are living in a boat from when this little monkey was born. This is Vela Bianca, the name of the boat. My father used to take all the family
with him in this boat sailing for three months every year. We went with all
the family. My father’s family and my uncle’s family. We were nine inside this space so you can imagine a lot of children, a lot of noise. So I started as a deckhand
in this boat. The first time trying to understand everything. When I was fifteen
sixteen I was able to to move the boat alone, to open the sails, to navigate. I
worked three years as a fisherman. I’m making two years like twenty thousand
euro. I was able to buy an old boat, a Comet 11 1975 made for crossing the
ocean, the Atlantic. But when I bring Sophie with me the first year when she
was 15 days old we take a very hard thunderstorm with that boat and we had so
many problems, but we are all okay and I decide to make an exchan ge with my, with my
father. “I give you my old boat and you give your boat”. So we made this
exchange. We’re here right now. We are in Zadar in
Dalmatia in Croatia. Really nice place to be.
It’s the paradise for the sailing. This is the boat. It’s the Nova 41 feet. It’s from 2000. It’s a cutter, you can see this is the Genoa and this is the Jib. Self tacking,
you see you have only one “scota” in Italian, rope. You can go up the wind
without touching anything, just with this, with the jib, and the mainsail. My
father designed it. So this is another important part of the boat. Got the
hammock here and is very comfortable for two persons and the baby it works, it’s
okay. If you are 130 kilos it’s not good, but if you are normal, it’s okay. This is the stroller, the dinghy, got two solar panels. They charge 8 amp
in one hour if you got a great sun and we have it in the sea and you know that. This is another good point of this boat is the space here in the “poteto”. You can
see 41 feet is a very good space. You can have lunch and dinner. So when you
have the jib on the right side, on the starboard side, you have to tie this one
because you have to come to save the strength. Also this, the only thing you
have to do when you’re tacking, with the self tacking, is to tie this one and
release that one and, you know, the contrary if you go on the starboard side
or the port side. This platform, this is one meter more. For peeing overboard in
navigation, you know, you got three points *laughter*, you can not fall. We have the Belgium flags. The Italian flag you have to spend 2,000
euro for one year so this is 50 so it’s better. You see the mainsail is rolling
inside the mast, it looked like it’s comfortable but if you have problem with
the mainsail you can see that you cannot drop down and you remain with half the
sail outside and half the sail inside. It’s a, it’s a big mess, so you have to
know how to utilize it. Automatic pilot. The instruments: navigation, you have the speed, and the depth. I don’t have an external GPS. I like to navigate using the
charts. You can check what you have around. You can see thunderstorms, the sky, the waters, everything, the ships. And here in the GPS, I use it to understand if the anchor is well or not, is good or not, because I have the track here so I can record the movement of the boat. This is my place. The inside engine is a Volvo Penta 60 horsepower. It’s an old
one, but it’s a good one. It’s immortal. Tank 130 litres diesel. Yeah you can navigate for 40 hours. So, welcome home. This is basically our home. Coming in
there are two twin cabins where we usually keep our guests in here. We
prepare the dinner and breakfast for this little baby and we have everything
inside this fridge and the drink the drinking things are inside here. Less
practical and difficult to use, but it’s okay. We have more room in here. This
table inside when outside is cold and it’s raining so we can eat while Sophie
is running on the sofa. Keeping the water inside here you can see the level of the
water tank. Practically, they are four like this one here, the second is there,
the third is there, and the fourth is there and for a total of 600 liters. Alex’s
instruments. You can put this on the top and here’s the last mat. We made this bed for Sophie. By this way, she’s safe. We fix the net, it’s actually a fishing net.
She can stay even when we’re moving. She sleeps well. Maybe now she won’t enter because she’s too tired. *laughter* She’s too tired. I know, I know. All this stuff isn’t dangerous for Sophie so like her clothes are in plastic bags so they don’t get wet, don’t suffer from
humidity. We keep our food inside there. All we need for cooking, more
storage, some more room and usually we keep the bottles and the water. And also this, this is the biggest one. Going on, we have the toilet. A big, big bed. And, you don’t want to stay alone. Okay, okay. Life is dangerous *laughter*, you know? She’s really enjoying the boat life and I like the fact that she’s starting to walk on the boat. Life is dangerous. Even if you stay at home, even if you stay everywhere, you have to watch out. The world is dangerous. You have to, to think what you
wanna do. “Oh I can’t do this, oh I can’t do that”, “I can do this”. You want to do this, you want to, you can. Do you think it’s dangerous? Yes it’s dangerous. Also staying home or walking on the street or driving the car or go inside the bus or in traffic, everywhere. The danger is trying to be happy and when you’re happy, think about it, don’t
let it go like this, think about it. You want to play, baby?

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