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From the Viewers of “I, Tonya” Comes “I, Curling”

From the Viewers of “I, Tonya” Comes “I, Curling”

– The haters always say, Tina, curling is not a real
sport and every time I have the
same response. You’re not a real sport.
(laughs) (rhythmic music) I was the top ranked curler
in the USA. – This figure skating sucks! – [Tina] So yeah it was a lot
of pressure. – You’re about as graceful
as a moose’s miscarriage. You don’t deserve to
wear skates. – Mom we don’t wear skates.
We wear curling shoes. – I’ll kill you for no reason
at all. I made her a champion
the only way I knew how. Picked an easy sport and rode her ass hard. (alternative music) (laughs) – What is that? – It’s a girl. (Tina yelling) – [Jim] What is she doing? – [Shawn] Curling? – [Jim] Tina was scary
but in a hot kind of way. Like is a clown had good boobs. That’s what made me want her. The boobs. – [Tina] Everything was perfect. I was in the Olympics
and I had a boyfriend that only hated me
most of the time. – I want to hurt someone
for you and Tina. – Okay, don’t do that but
do what ever you want. – That’s what I want to do. I want to hurt someone for
you and Tina, on your behalf. – Yeah exactly that but
don’t do that. But yeah, do that. Ka-pish? – It’s actually salami.
I’ll give you a bite. – Leave me alone.
Get out of here! (birds chirping) (knocking) – We’re with the FBI. – Ya, me too. – There’s just one thing
that I want to know sweetie. Why do you sweep the ice? – You really don’t know
what I do? – No one does! – Quack, quack, quack. – What can you tell us
about Tonya Harding? – You don’t want to took
about Tina? – The curling girl? No, I’m
sorry. Do I look boring? – [Tina] America, they
want a sport to love and that’s basketball but they also want a sport
to hate and that’s cricket. – It’s so boring! – Get out Jim! But, come on they also
need a sport to Google once every four years and
then forget immediately. And yeah, I can freaking
crush that. (poop splatters and bird chirps)

61 thoughts on “From the Viewers of “I, Tonya” Comes “I, Curling””

  1. Fun Fact: A Curling player got caught doping in the Olympics. That's right. Someone really used steroids to play Curling.

  2. ๐Ÿ˜…Closest i can think of is the norwegian movie "Kong Curling" A pro curler who gets out of a 10 year stay at a mental institution to have a comeback at the game

  3. WTF is curling? ๐ŸฅŒ And why does it have itโ€™s own emoji? I thought I was gonna see some 80โ€™s hairstyling techniques up in here. ๐Ÿค”

  4. If that movie was really made, it would most DEFINITELY win the golden globe for best picture comedy. Believe me.

  5. Oh my God this was perfect. I had to pause so I could have a good laugh at the Mom. " I'll kill you for no reason at all" brilliant! Who was playing her anyway?

  6. "Like Goodfellas but not good."

  7. This actress is also great in Search Party (crazy upstairs neighbor) on TBS. Commands your attention when she's on screen….her IMDB page doesn't have many credits (yet?) but she comes out the gate like a fearless seasoned pro.

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