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Freestyle Ice Skating: Wallish tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Wallish tutorial

Hey guys! Sometimes I change which trick is my favourite. The current one is the Wallish. It looks soo good and it’s safe to learn. Here you go: It’s an old freestyle trick but I know the origin – Jay. Thanks Jay, it’s a cool trick, I like it very
much! Everyone who I saw does it a slightly differently
so style plays a huge role here. You will have the opportunity to make it unique!
And incorporate into combos, keep that in mind. There is a similar capoeira trick which is
like a cartwheel, but the other leg leaves the ground first. It’s called Meia Lua Reversão, this one’s
pretty low, I don’t do capoeira. The point is you have a similar trick on ground. The Wallish is easier because you have an
initial momentum. If you like you can go for it on the ice right
away. There is a safe way to practice, let’s start
with this. Go slowly on your first tries. The trick is a bit inverted so I’ll explain
it in my direction. I like to keep my left hand on the ground
for a few seconds before the jump. The basic version is when you put down your
right arm, put it in front of the left, then you do a low sideways roll with the support
of your right arm. You can experiment with a quick sharper turn
before the flip, this will generate some momentum, it is called blocking. This step totally depends on your style. You can pin down your blade if you want. I do this, but it’s subconscious for me now. I also jump from one leg. So let’s take a step forward now and talk
about how you can make it better. You can add a lot of extra momentum by kicking
up with your left leg. This obviously has to be in sync with your
sharp turn or pin. The outer leg, which is my right leg, holds
me tight until the pin. Additionally if you swing your left arm you
gain even more height. Oh yeah and you guessed it, start to focus
on the height from now on. Try get get closer to a vertical position
more and more and gradually forget about the horizontal safe position. Now there is one more thing that adds so much
to the style: If you slip on the ice during the flip. To do this, you just need to keep your right
arm straight and support the slide with your muscles. This should be the last step you try, it’s
not immensely hard, but you need some practice. Just keep your arms straight and that’s it. One more tip about the ice quality: I can
control the sliding much better on scratched ice, than on new one. So I’d advise you to practice on ice which
was already used for some time already. I hope you guys liked the wallish, make sure
you add this to your bag of tricks. Next week finally, the B-twist is coming. Until then, have a nice icy day!

32 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Wallish tutorial”

  1. Finally !!!!!! Thank you man, love you !
    And one question –> Are you going to make video about balance (etc.) exercises ? Cheers !

  2. You rock!!! You inspired a 42 year old man to go try something new,Thank you.keep up the awesome work.
    How about making a starter video for newbies. Like what skills to learn first, a breakdown of recomended protective equipment(because I'm old) stuff like that. Thanks again for being awesome

  3. Hello.I'm Japanese ice freestyler.
    2 years ago,I was inspired by your videos and started ice freestyle.
    In doing this trick at first time,which should I practice, on ground or ice?

  4. Tök jók ezek a trükkök, de a legnehezebbről még nem csináltatok videót. Egy "hogyan szedjünk föl egy csajt, a jégen" tutorialt szívesen megnéznék… 😀

  5. Looks very spectacular, well done, could you do a detailed review of the skates on which young people ride, thanks

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