Freestyle Ice Skating: Spiderman Tutorial

Hey guys! Look what a lovely day we have here!
So, let’s do another tutorial. This time about spiderman! I had troubles learning this, because no one was teaching me. That’s why I made this tutorial for you. The challenging part was to find the FINAL correct position. It was hard to judge based on pictures. But I can show you it in 3D now. I was wearing Notch motion capture
sensors on my body while filming so we could make this reconstruction. Most important things
here are: the upper body is not facing down. It a littlebit sideways, the waist can be
almost vertical. The legs are touching each other, and you can see their positions on
the screen.By the way you can watch this again, even pause and freely rotate the camera if
you follow the link in the description. Very cool. Okay, let’s move on. Now that you know
the target body position there are still some problems. How to get there? I can tell you
2 cheats that help in the beginning. First, you can do it in a straight line, and second,
leave your balancing leg on the ground, which you would normally lift up. Go backwards with a normal or slower speed. Start turning and cross your legs by lifting the inner leg up.
Already start supporting yourself with your arms. So far it should be pretty stable, NOW!..
You need to go lower and keep your balance and rotate your hip into it’s final position.
You might need to loose your laces on the boots to allow more bending. Remember to balance
with your leg. You can play with the angle, because this is holding the trick together.
Enjoy the trick. trick. And as suggested before, you can keep your balancing leg on the ground
until you are fully confident. Also you can practice entering this position in your room,
but you will only feel the balance while gliding on the ice. I suggest to watch for the balancing
leg, that will stabilize you, experiment with it. I think this trick is a littlebit harder
than it looks like at first, but still worth practicing because it’s awesome when you do
it. Soon I’ll come with a jumping tutorial and a long jumping contest we made. Tell me
what you think about this video and your ideas for further tutorials. Thank you guys!

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