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Freestyle Ice Skating: Head Down Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Head Down Tutorial

Hey guys, I just realized I need to remake
my first-oldest tutorial as soon as possible, so I’ll start with the head down today. Don’t get scared, it’s super easy, you should
absolutely give it a try. I think it’s pretty much the best looking
trick for beginners, very low effort, you just need to lean forward. This is the video when my friend first came
up with the idea that he puts down his head. I was like, okay.. And he did it on second
try. I saw the snow on his head. The technique is a little bit better now. You need to turn around, start turning in
your stronger direction, then lift your inner leg up so you have a lot of space between
the blade and your head. Once I tried with my opposite leg down but
we can agree that it’s that great. Support yourself with your arms. If you catch the right angle you can easily
bend because the momentum will keep you safe, if you have the right speed of course. And speaking of speed, the way you hold your
leg actively plays a role here, if it’s straight, you’re going to turn slower, if you lift it
close to your body, you’ll suddenly speed up. If you do it one handed, it’s very similar,
but your head will also support your body in that case. so I’d only go for it in a very clean ice if
I were you. Otherwise you risk hitting your head instead
of your arms when you meet with a bump. If you just stand up before you lose all the
momentum, you can combine with other elements. And there is another trick, which is similar,
the spiderman. That is a bit more advanced, but I also have
a tutorial on that. Next week another game tutorial comes, so
check out my first game tutorial and the spiderman video. See you soon, have a nice icy day!

16 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Head Down Tutorial”

  1. You're making tutorials and I am busy constructing my new home … Can't wait to have the time again to edit! Winter is going to be finished so fast … Keep up the great work!

  2. I want to learn grape vine or some other kind of foodwork with look good butb isnt very complicated

    Could you give me an advise?

  3. it's fun just watching others doing it … Unfortunately it's difficult to execute in a battle because of the space .. anyway nicely done Bro .. keep it up. <3

  4. Hi bro , what pair of skates you think are better ? OR ?? Tell me plese some reasons too 🙂

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