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Freestyle Ice Skating: Donut Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Donut Tutorial

Hey guys! There is a trick from the early days of freestyle,
even though the whole freestyle is still new. It is called the Donut or Circle, and this
is a tutorial for it. Let me introduce you the master of the Donuts:
Alex. What we did is: he sent me a list of instructions
for his crazy variations and based on that I did… exactly the opposite just to be sure. If you like his style, check out his social
media pages in the description. So let’s start. The basic Donut. There is a forwards version and a backwards. This one shouldn’t be too hard. Put down the entire palm of your hand, and
keep your arm straight. If you bend your arm, it’s still working here,
but first, it’s harder, and secondly, you need to get used to distributing your weight
evenly. Later on you just won’t have the luxury of
randomly leaning on your arm because it will slip. In addition, keep your arm vertical and put
most of your weight on it. Your upper body should be parallel to the
ground. To start moving in a circle, try to do little
crossovers, both in the forwards and backwards version. Or alternatively you can just pump with one
leg. If you slip, don’t worry. Use gloves that have better grip on the ice
or just wait until it gets rougher, it really helps keeping your balance. Let’s upgrade by going down. The next version is on the forearm. Your palm is still facing down, so you’re
not on the lateral side, use this side. To go down more easily, support yourself with
the other arm for a short time. Or not.. Since you’re close to the ground from now
on, pumping in your only option. Similar, but yet a harder version is on the
elbow. It hurts in the beginning, so I tried with
elbow pads. Later on they are not necessary. This version is really sensitive to your mistakes,
you just slightly change the angle of your arm, and it slips, I completely lost my balance
on this clip. As I told before, arm vertical, and Alex seems
to keep his upper body leveled in this case too. Plus watch his elbow, it’s like pinned down. Let’s see what else we have hmm… Okay.. Let’s check Alex’s clips once again. Arm position. It’s tucked in close under the body closely,
on this other clip, a little but loosely. His palm is facing up, it’s more comfortable
in this position. Chest-hips, turned almost to the side, similarly
to spiderman, you’re very close to the ground, there is no other way. So I went for another try on a new shiny ice
to have less friction. I think we can agree it’s very hard. There is also the handflip version of this
which will be coming in a separate tutorial. Thanks guys for watching, let me know how
much time you needed to learn these variations. More tutorials are coming so subscribe! ..And have a nice icy day!

23 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Donut Tutorial”

  1. i dont wanna be rude…but this is the worst trick in freestyle ice skating…it's the easiest and useless one… i'd say it's not even a trick. anyhow, keep the good work. cheers

  2. I just can`t make the hockey stop with my skates profiling :/ and i watched you`re tutorial like 200 times and i just can`t do it :/

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