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Freestyle Ice Skating: Butterfly Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: Butterfly Tutorial

Hey guys! This is a butterfly on ice – one of my personal
favourites. And its easy too. Let’s see how to do it. I’m working on Freestyle Ice Skating 4, so
I have a lot of tasks, but look at this now: What. The. hell was that? It’s a very basic butterfly, the core movement. Can you do it? Of course you can! But we need to add the build up first, so
let’s leave the ice for a second second and I’ll show how to learn this on the ground
first. This is the direction you’re traveling. Step over with your foot and as you place
it down then jump a little right after. This is extremely important, because with
this you’ll initiate the dip. After that little hop, try to put your jumping
leg as far behind as you can. Now the dip comes. This huge U letter is the dip, this creates
a huge momentum and makes you able to jump high and adds awesomness to the trick. At the end of the dip, when you’re facing
the correct direction, just jump. Before practicing, do some warmup and dynamic
stretching. Warm up your legs and your back. You will be able to do a basic version very
early. Use your hands to add to the height, and if
you’re not confident enough, don’t be fully horizontal. To achieve a better looking butterfly, do
a lot of stretching and give some more power. Stretch ONLY after the training, or a thorough
warmup. A few minutes after each training should be
good. Back to the ice.. The build up is different here. There are more variations, I do a compicated
one, but it has a huge advantage, let me show you. I do a full 360 first and give myself some
momentum by swinging my leg. Then I arrive into the mohawk position. Now comes the best part: I just have to wait. I have time for the dip, have time before
the jump, the momentum is not going away. So I like to do that extra 360 before initiating
the dip, which can be skipped if you want that, the shortest way is from a 180, not
my style though. Finally let’s talk about the mistakes. I have several clips of badly executed jumps,
they all have one thing in common: improper builds. Me and my friend Zsolt has the same mistake
in these clips: This is the point where you should kick UP, not going into the dip. This is contradictory, his upper body is going
down, while the leg is kicking up. I was doing the same mistake and it resulted
in a sideways jump because the dip delayed the trick. And of course being horizontal would help
selling the movement. Also if you try jump forward, guess what will
happen. The ice skate will slip and the jump will
be low. All in all the butterfly is still pretty safe
to practice on ice. One last inspiration for you: Give yourself
time! Be happy with your first butterflies, and
don’t rush a cool looking one, it will come in time. Thanks guys for watching, for more ice skating videos, check out my channel! See you!

43 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: Butterfly Tutorial”

  1. Nice!That bkick looks really fun on the ice! The setup is probably beyond my skill level though…
    Now when is the btwist tutorial happening? 😀

  2. Hey, I think your freestyle ice skating tutorials are the best out there on youtube, keep up the good work and please do more tutorials on cool tricks, Thank you

  3. i love your tutorials! i do figure skating but your moves are way more impressive! thank you for taking time to teach us how!! will be looking forward to more!!

  4. Where is this kind of lake, where the ice is not too thin? I am afraid in Hungary, the lakes are not enough thick to go ice skating on that. When i know that i'm not going to rupture on a wild ice?

  5. Aaaaaand as usual, an Awesome Tutorial from the Awesome Makleit (THANK YOU)!!! Worth to practice of course … I will record for you some of the first executes .. just to laugh XD..

  6. I don't know if you are the best freestyle skater but I am sure that you are the best freestyle teacher ! Thanks to you I have learned grapevine and barrel roll. But the butterfly I don't think I am flexible and dynamic enough. I will try !

  7. Hey, great videos! I love them. But I have a technical question. Can you recommend good hokey skates for a begginer/intermediate guy?

  8. looking forward for the next freestyle video 🙂
    i was wondering what equipment your using to record and edit them. they always look so awesome.
    do you suggest some tutorials for editing?

  9. i love your videos man!! It really helped me improve on my freestyle skills especially the hockey stop video. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  10. Sziasztok srácok!

    Nagyon jók a videók , csak így tovább!!! <3
    Meg tudnátok mondani hogy az milyen korcsolya, aminek a pengéjén ilyen karikák vannak? 😀
    Előre is köszi,  ti vagytok a legjobbak

  11. Dude, I use your tutorials to help with ice skating, yes, but I think it's also important to note that I skate quads and inlines as well and I can transition these moves from the ice to the street. So, when I need to learn a new complex move on any type of skates I come here! Cheers, bro. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!

  12. so if i can do butterly on the ground and iam not too good in mohawking then i should train mohawks or i can just try to go for without a spin?

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