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Freestyle Ice Skating: 180, 360, 540 Tutorial

Freestyle Ice Skating: 180, 360, 540 Tutorial

Hey guys! Time has come for the next jumping tutorial
video! This is about the basic rotation technique
on ice. You can easily do 180s, 360s with this tecnique
or even go for a 540 with a little tweak. As mentioned earlier in the jumping basics
video, during take off, your legs are just gently leaving the ice, while you generate
momentum and control yourself with your arms. This is also true for basic rotations. For me, a basic rotation is when you do NOT
build up momentum earlier or shift your axis. Just go and jump naturally. Let’s start with the 360. Creating the spin is no problem. Just swing your arms, then jump and chamber. Actually you can practice the swing without
actually jumping. When you decide to jump, let your head and
upper body control the motion. If you feel you’re starting to overrotate,
just extend your arms, this will slow down the spin. And again, the legs only push you upwards, the
feet are smoothly leaving the ground. The landing. This is a picture from the same trick, it’s
visible that I’m spotting the ground before landing. It’s always happening really fast, but trust
me, your brain handles this information..just try it with closed eyes. No, actually, don’t! To gain some stability at the landing, you
can separate your legs. Based on this the 180 should be very simple. I noticed I’m using the arm extending techniqe
here as well to slow down the spin. You can go for the 540 with this technique,
but there will be better solutions here. I’ll dedicate a whole new video for these
later, but if you’re really interested in a few tweaks now, I can show you something. I put almost no energy into these, so the
techniqe is more visible this way. You can start shifting your axis before the
take off. And You can do this from very slow speed too. Or another way to cheat some rotation is to
separate your legs, lag your jumping leg behind and pull up the non jumping leg as high as
you can very early. And that’s it for the basic jumps, there are
more ways to do 540s, but I’ll do a tutorial on them later, in the next few weeks, I’m going to work on the triangle tutorial that you requested. See you.

36 thoughts on “Freestyle Ice Skating: 180, 360, 540 Tutorial”

  1. Hey guys! The season is starting so I'm back with the tutorials. I'll need a few weeks for the next tutorial which will be the Triangle/Barrel roll, but I'm working on it.

  2. Don't think I've ever seen one of your videos that disappoints at all, hope you keep doing this cos there's a huge lack of freestyle tutorials on anything but grape vining so Thankyou 🙂

  3. Just a friendly tip if you want to get more rotations, cross your free foot over your take off foot ( the foot which is the foot you generate your vertical power ) . also pulling in your arms at the same time will increase your rotational speed.

  4. I was inspired to become a freestyler 2 years ago thanks to you Guys I really wish i could go to where you all live and join the team you are all mi idols

  5. Wow, this means I can continue my figure scating which I left 14 years ago and go into freestyle with my hockey boots! Thank you! Means I might not need to buy figure boots and start practicing this way before deciding anything else. Thank for your efforts and great graphics!!!

  6. I love your tutorials! I hope that you get popular so everyone can view your amazing styles! Although, I kinda want you all for myself… 😉

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