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FREERIDE TRANS ALP: Reverse Alpine Cross | VAUDE

FREERIDE TRANS ALP: Reverse Alpine Cross | VAUDE

It’s now the start of autumn due to bad weather at home, we decided on this unusual variation of a Trans Alp to bike from lake Como heading north to Tegernsee. It’s not about doing the trip as quickly as possible but more about discovering remote trails and the adventure of the Nature experience. High on the northern reaches of Lake Como our route leads us along vertical rock walls with unbelievably beautiful views. This lonely path was dug out the rocks for a small railroad about 100 years ago. The trail meanders through countless dark tunnels, only slightly wider than our handlebars. At dusk we arrive at the village of San Giorgio. Its inhabitants live as they did hundreds of years ago – maybe that’s why this place exudes such a sense of contentment. In the Tour reports we were warned of the subsequent descent: Extreme steep descent with high steps we went through anyway … with what felt like 3000 steps –and pretty much wasted –as we came into the valley. On we go towards Livigno to Lago Bianco on the Bernina Pass at 2318 meters. Our route takes us over a flowy single-track to Livigno. The village is located at 1816 meters and besides the duty-free shopping, it offers an incredible number of different Trails. High above Livigno, we find the Monte Crapéne …beautiful single trails and the most beautiful views of the lake of Livigno – with downhill’s on an exposed narrow path which leaves no room for mistake. From here we continued to Stelvio Pass, which lies at 2800 meters. This Scenic section is one of the most impressive. Today is where we surf down the famous Goldseetrail, in the past this was the front-line of the mountain war used to be. They are also referred to as “Dynamite Trails” because they bitterly fought for every single yard – back in the good old days… what madness. From Glurns up behind Innsbruck we had very bad weather, so we went partly on the street. Finally the weather gets better when we crossed the border to germany. We are closed to Tegernsee. After countless meters of altitude gain and thick legs – it felt good to get back home. The mountains around Tegernsee are a true single trail paradise. They offer everything from flowy to technical trails – with a beautiful landscape directly at your doorstep – and there’s no place like home. Finally! We arrives a tour destination and are waisted from the long tour. Tom has cycled home to Chiemgau and I stay here at the beautiful Tegernsee, it was a great trip! Good night!

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  1. Ist die Strecke von Süd nach Nord über die Alpen weniger anstrengend?
    und gibt es die Route irgendwo im Netz, also die genauen Wege damit ich die Tunnel und der gleichen auf jedenfall finde?

    Gruß aus Berlin

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