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Found VERY CANADIAN item while scuba diving in a small creek

Found VERY CANADIAN item while scuba diving in a small creek

today I’m inside on the back again since
I’m here often and so I’ll take advantage of the waterways so
Constantine and I will be exploring a creek that leads up to Lake Pepin II number one side of here 2018 found the
pickle jar so I’m gonna do this whole part until I have no more air and we’ll
see what we can pick up as usual keep your eye out for Constantine so every
year they have a really big canoe rally here so for sure I can predict that
we’ll find some beer bottles man I love this stuff that’s uh my
Sunday hang out with a crayfish was a bit more hey hey just swallowed a bug
as I predicted lots of beer bottles and I think the most Canadian thing I could
find a no piece of a skate so pretty sure that yeah that’s what it is
what’s the broken off they can find it in the snow many years ago maybe sound
not that old but it’s rusted that’s cool that’s even pretty much the only thing
I’ll keep I found a lot of a lot of bottles cans jars plastic jugs I want to
take them out and maybe the oldest it’s not bad old there’s a grease on it found
this bottle I had more I was hoping for like maybe a warped and concave bottom
but fun this found a dog toy boomerang so another good dive would need to find
the place to dump all this trash there’s so many bugs it’s a good luck with the
contest see you next week

15 thoughts on “Found VERY CANADIAN item while scuba diving in a small creek”

  1. hey Scuba Canuck
    awesome diving ,thanks for cleaning the trash out of the river ,good man
    stay safe and good luck on your next dive/treasure hunt ( BIG thumbs up from Alaska)

  2. Another great video 🙂 Thank you for the win last video 🙂 And thank you Constantine…

  3. Hello my new friend.??very awesome of you to do what your doing. ❤️??I appreciate it and always try to do the same?thanks for sharing?Liz from Digging Canuck sent me and I’m glad I got to meet you ?. Best wishes

  4. Vraiment sur la coche ta vidéo mec!! Tu mérites définitivement plus de vues 😉 Continue comme ça, content d'avoir découvert ta chaine!


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