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Found Crashed Drone & Working Camera Buried Underwater Beneath Waterfall! (Testing LeFeet S1)

Found Crashed Drone & Working Camera Buried Underwater Beneath Waterfall! (Testing LeFeet S1)

Holy Crap! Hey guys! We’re on the way to a beautiful
waterfall, but while this hike is beautiful for the eyes, oh! It’s a lot of weight. Look at that. It’ll be worth it, right? Austin: Absolutely. Dallas: That’s the attitude. It’s my friend Austin. Austin: Hey everybody. Dallas: I brought my LeFeet S1, underwater scooter, with me. We’re about to jump in a really awesome clear waterfall. I’m gonna look for some awesome treasure. Actually brought my metal detector with me again and my scuba gear as you can see. Make sure to watch to the end. If we find anything that can be returned back to the owner. We will return it back and that’s my
favorite part of the job. So, make sure you keep watching to the end, if you want to see that. Thanks to LeFeet for sponsoring this video. Let’s see! How this thing can work! You guys, I think we’ve barely made it! Check out this awesome beast. This is the LeFeet S1. I’m just gonna jump in, have some fun. Look for treasure with the aid of this awesome thing. To turn this thing on. It’s super-easy. Let’s show you, how it works. First you push this guy, here. So, the
light comes on. It’s blinking. Hold this down for a second. This little trigger here have the light stopped blinking and then you push this once. All right! Now, we hold this down for sec, and we’re good to go. After that, I’m gonna set up a second one of these. I got two of these and connects to a rack. And then so give me double power. We’ll see how fast this thing can go. I’m just excited to try this thing out in this
waterfall. Hopefully, we’ll find some cool stuff while we’re down there. Let’s jump in and have some fun guys. Austin: That was so fun. Dallas: You were flipping around.
Austin: Yeah! that’s sweet! Unscrewed it from the single mount and
I put them on double mount right here. And then, this one single
remote-control trigger controls both of these motors. Get in there with some double power and see how fast we can go. Ray-Bans Austin: Nice! Dallas: Dude! You got to try this! It forms a layer of calcium carbonate. This stuff just flakes off, see? Oh dude! They’re wayfarers! Austin: Oh! Is that good? Dallas: Hand made in Italy. Austin: I found two pairs of nice glasses. I haven’t even taken my metal detector down there yet. So, I am looking down there. Scubaing, look around. Dallas: Austin’s going to give it a try. You ready? Austin: mmm-hmmm. Austin: This thing is cool. That’d be fun to just cruise, around on a lake, with it. Dallas: I know! Check it out guys. LeFeet make some
awesome, awesome underwater, scooters. Some really odd and random finds. Let’s take a look we got. A bunch of cheap sunglasses, as always. Is that 25 30 31 cents. Got a bunch of hair ties. This was a crazy find, got an earring,
diamond earring. I highly doubt that it’s real. Just the possibility that’s. Got a
fly bothering me. Just a possibility this thing is real is; exciting. I’m gonna go home and get it checked out. But chances are it’s a piece of crap. I’ll check on that let you guys know. Got this pair of Ray-Ban, Wayfarers. It would look really gross and nasty but fun. That comes right off, and then it’s
nice and clean underneath. Nice pair of Ray-Bans right here. This thing is pretty sweet. That’s not a screensaver. That’s an actual air bubble. There could be a memory card inside. I might be able to find the owner of this. Also this camera, when I turn that thing on, underwater. It lit up. That was a cool find. This is my very first drone ever found. Let’s see if we can find that memory card in here. Oh! That’s the battery it looks like. Here we go. It looks like a USB. Okay! So, it’s just got an internal drive. It sounds like, probably won’t be able
to recover anything off of this thing. But still really cool to find this. Pulled out some trash. We’ll throw that away. Got to use our LeFeet S1. Now, that’s a lot of fun too. Make sure to check out LeFeet website. The link is in the description, below. Thanks so much for watching guys. Make sure hit that ‘like’ button. If you enjoyed this hit that ‘subscribe’ button. If you want to see more. And we’ll see you in the next video. So, we were just driving and we pass with this Tarantula. Check this thing out. That thing is, huge! Austin: Hopefully, it’s not one of the jumping ones. Dallas: Yeah! i know. It’s scary, dude!

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  1. Hey gorgeous people! Here's a link to that awesome LeFeet scooter!

  2. Hi I really love ? ? ❤️ you’re channel I like so much it’s very interesting channel I feel I’m inside the water God bless to your family

  3. Its awsome to watch your videos while being the worst kind of sick there is nothing better than watching an Amazon kind person return stuff to the owners it cheers me up and just keep doin what your doing it makes me happy to watch a kind person

  4. At 6:44 all I could think was…
    “kim there are people that are dying…”

  5. Man +river when you were under the water fall i saw a silver ring but you didn't get it??? and you were right next to it REALLY you HAD TO DO THIS TO ME!!! Really!…????????

  6. I live in Az and I think I live near where u live but I just want to know where this waterfall is and how I can get to it. The water is so clear it looks soooo nice I wanna go.

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  8. Thats my number one favorite place in Arizona!!!! I got there as much as i can. If you have ever gone the strawberry way that hike both down and up the mountain is crazy

  9. hy I'm from Indonesia, I'm very happy with your vlog❤️. let's come to Indonesia?, the nature tour is very beautiful.❤️❤️

    sorry my english is not smooth because of this google translate??

  10. Hello I follow your channel in Brazil and would like to know if you earn any money to do this work to find things and return to the owners?

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