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Forum Pat Moore Pro Snowboard 2011

Forum Pat Moore Pro Snowboard 2011

House Snow Board Shop, Matt Guf, Forum Snow
Board, The Pat Moore. This is Pat Moore’s pro model. You see it’s called the Thunder
Puss. That is his cat. He actually has a cat named Thunder Puss in either New Hampshire
or the Sierras now. I’m not sure where he’s living. Pretty awesome top sheet graphic,
I don’t know who designed it but I love it. Awesome base, I think that’s him. Does that
look like Pat Moore? I don’t know we’re both redheads, we look like that sometimes. Flex
rating of a 5. It’s a twin shaped board. It has a Gnar core, which means that it has laminate
aspen wood from tip to tail and has 18% sustainable light weight wood in between. It also has
45 degree aspen wood underneath the bindings. So, it stays a little bit stiffer tip to tail
and from edge to edge. It has light triaxial fiber glass inside that sandwich that wood
core. This thing from Pat is going to be a little bit stiffer. The glass runs at 3 different
directions at 0 degrees, 45 degrees and negative 45 degrees both on top and on bottom. It has
a formula Sintered base. It has swinger’s club. Swinger’s club is the base that form
boards have that taper on the nose and taper on the tail as well. The tail is going to
be a little bit stiffer. Pat wanted a board that slays hard in the big jumps and the big
parks but also is light and fun at the mini parks as well. Matt Gov. Go buy this board.

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