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Ford Northern Expedition Part 2

Ford Northern Expedition Part 2

This is Northern Expedition, part 2. He’s gonna open it with his
phone, isn’t he the ****. Got my own app. There’s no way he can beat my score. Oh, I got another. Oh,
there’s one over here too. This is Pre Collision Assist! Well, Wendel. 3, 2, 1, give’r. We’re going. Oh, I’ll put it in gear
first, it goes way better. Is this gonna stop on its own? I hope so. Stopped on its own? Stopped on its own. Ready to go, Doug. Let’s give’r. Am I ever glad it
works, with your driving. I think that’s a tie. Nice tie. Car wins. This is the Pro Trailer Backup Assist. Doug, are we ready to go? All ready, Wendel. We’re off! That’s all I got, Wendel. That’s it. He’s in! Should we go take a look? Oh that’s perfect. Lots of room on this side, too. My grandpa put the truck and the boat in
the whole lake when he got out to look. I grew up on a farm, it’s a penalty
if I use the assist thing. Here we go. Lots of room over here, Wendel. Yep. You’ve done this before, eh? Done. Awesome job. – Let’s go look.
– We’re in! I was like you, though, Doug.
We’re tight on this side. I gotta pass it on to you,
you’re the winner here. I did start out as a
defenseman, skating backwards. This is the Biathlon. 3, 2, 1. Don’t bend those knees
too much, Wendel. Whoa! There we go. Oh, it’s downill this way. 27.9. One shot, too, eh? 1, 2, 3, go! Whoa! Whoa! Safe! Safe! 34 seconds. I think
I got him by a safe. This is the Fat Bike Race. Look at these babies. We’re gonna go when I get to one. One! Here we go. Whoa. He takes me on the half! I’m out of breath. Well, Dougie said it was the Fat Bike
intro, and I think it was the Fat Guy Race. The skinny guy won. Well, Wendel, until the next one. Until the next one, here we go. I’m gonna walk my bike. You walk it home.

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  1. It would be nice if the Leafs allowed these two great's in the video room to study game film. I am sure they could provide invaluable info on how our beloved Leaf's could beat the Bruin's. I sure miss these two taking care of business. The current Leafs are highly skilled, and fun to watch on most nights, however the locker room walls should read; "No shifts off, full throttle,hammer down Men". Go Leafs Go.

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