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FMX, BMX & Snowmobiling in Moscow – Proryv 2013 – Event Recap

FMX, BMX & Snowmobiling in Moscow – Proryv 2013 – Event Recap

My name is Anton Evstifeev and this is “Proryv” Hi, i’m Lenya Kamburov Hello Everybody, my name is Nikita Shikov Andrey Karginov, pilot of Kamaz-Master team Alexey Kolesnikov, 28 years old, freestyle motocross We’ll get in and do a round, then I think I’ll do a backflip on the ramp. There are two levels for freestyle motocross and snowmobile and quad jumping Today Lyonya Kamburov is on inline skates, Alex Kolesnikov is on his bike, Kamaz-Master Mountain board, big air, fmx, cars… All the best things just here, just now Nick Franklin, Daniel Bodin on a sled from Sweden. This year there is drift as well. ..vanishes in clouds of smoke and you cant see it.

53 thoughts on “FMX, BMX & Snowmobiling in Moscow – Proryv 2013 – Event Recap”

  1. thank you RED BULL brazilien traffic em english wacht hotwhell1968 nice event very well thank you again

  2. Dubstep is so over used now.. You know it when it's in mainstream television to sell cars and washing machines

  3. Смотрите на моём конале лучшие работы от лигендарный паркурщиков

  4. now this DUBstep is all over, but I must agree this is a bit too annoying… Show looks like OK thing, besides BMXers and Inliners, which looked too week and most of the time below coping! This is what you call "a little goodness mixed with a lot of shitness"… may be fine for Moscow…

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