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Flyathlon – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Flyathlon – Olympians vs Influencers | The Global Games

Previously on Global Games,
our Olympians and social influencers
battled it out in a challenge that combined the beach and
the Far East – sumo volleyball. Olympian Mikaël
and influencer Luis served up the ultimate win,
getting them each the gold. Mikaël has won two challenges
in a row, and is in the lead
in the overall medal count. Can he continue his hot streak? Let’s find out. Welcome to Global Games, where
real Olympians battle it out with social influencers in games that we invented. These challenges will test
their strength, skill and stamina on a level
never seen before. The participants will be
competing in pairs, but ultimately fighting to win
the most individual medals. The competitor with
the highest medal count at the end of
the eight challenges will take home the gold
and the bragging rights as the ultimate athlete. Who will win, an Olympian
or social influencer? This is Global Games Flyathlon. – I’m Mike.
– And I’m Spice. And together,
we’re Mike and Spice. Today we’ve got
the Flyathlon competition. Now for those of you at home,
this might be your first time. Who am I kidding? You’ve never seen a flyathlon. Mike, drop some knowledge
on them. Let them know what
we’re dealing with. A flyboard is
a jet ski-powered hoverboard. Our competitors will balance
on this flyboard and hurl three different
objects – a javelin, a discus, and a shot. Whichever team throws
their items the furthest takes home the gold. OK, first up,
we’ve got Alexia and Mikaël. Now Mikaël is a skier, so his
balance should be pretty tight. And Alexia is a fitness expert. So let’s see if she can use
her rock-hard abs, kind of something like I have,
as an advantage for her. Up first from the team, Mikaël,
our current medal leader. – He doesn’t need practice.
– Yeah. He’s making it look easy. I am Mikaël Kingsbury. I’m a freestyle mogul skier,
Olympic silver medallist, and a record holder for the most World Cup wins
of all time. I’m a winner. I’m very competitive,
so I expect to do well in every event. I think it’s going to be epic,
and I can’t wait. Oh, it’s windy. – He got one?
– Three? – One.
– He got three, he got three. We’ve won. And Mikaël comes away with 11 points. That’s one point less than the maximum score you can get. I guess his balancing skills
served him well. Can’t wait to get another
gold medal. – Woohoo!
– He’s not going to get it. He’s not going to get
gold medal. Now let’s see
what Linlin can do. She makes the activity
more fun. And plus, she plays to win.
I have a blast with her. Go! Come on, Lin. Let’s win. Linlin has won silver
in the first two competitions. Can she finally push herself
over the top to win a gold? I am very, very happy
with my team-mate. She’s doing a good job. She did awesome. It’s pretty hard. And she gets nine points. Not bad. And now Lolo is up. We have to go farther. Tactics, man,
you shouldn’t be filming this. This is private, secret stuff. Hey, come on, come on.
We’ve got secrets here. Lolo will make
a great team-mate today because she’s… Especially on the flyboard,
I think she’s fearless. She’s also got those long arms, so she’s just going to launch
the ball miles. Nice! That’s the hardest one as well,
the javelin, the hardest one. And it was her first throw. We’ve got this in the bag,
packed away for Christmas, with a gold medal inside. Yeah! Whoo! Boom. Yeah. Three points. That’s Olympic material
right there, Olympic-calibre. Lolo gets ten, the second-best score of the day. Asafa’s turn to show us
what he can do on the flyboard. He could launch a ball
further than anybody. Whoo! Yeah, Asafa! That was really awesome. He looked like Superman
out there. Sick. We got four. He got four. Oh, and he goes down hard, but not before getting
four points. – Fist pump, fist pump.
– Perfect score! How you doing? Ah! Team work makes the dream work. And just like that, we’ve got a new leader, Asafa, with a whopping 12 points. Let’s see if Alexia can follow suit. Her team-mate Mikaël is hoping
she can add to his 11 points and retake the lead. I think it’s going to be
a lot of, like, concentration and thinking more about, like,
keeping your core tight. She got this.
I’m not very worried. She needs to get closer
to the line. And she picks up seven for the team, so, combined with Mikaël’s 11,
they now have 18 points. And now for Luis. Now remember,
his team-mate Linlin scored an impressive
nine points, so he’ll need to score at least
a ten to take the lead. Let’s go! I think I’ll be good
going up on the flyboard, because I’m small, I’m light. So I look at that
as an advantage. He said he didn’t need
any practice, so I guess it’s, like,
his karma’s coming back to him. He said he needed no practice. You got this, go to it. Oh… So Luis is up. He’s got his
last roll of the dice here, or should I say Frisbee. He’s confident.
He’s giving it all that. He needs at least a three
on this throw to take the lead. And he’s got it. Lu Man got 11. That puts them ahead of Alexia
and Mikaël by two points. Now, it’s Hendo’s turn. Last round, Lolo scored a ten. Hendo will now have to score
even higher if he’s going to get
his second gold. You can have no fear, cos
you’re going up really high. And, you know, you’re only
on a tiny little platform. So it’s going to be tough,
but I think I can do it. – Good job!
– There you go! We want it, Hendo. Two perfect throws. Let’s finish this! He does. A perfect 12 points
for the lead. He wasn’t nervous at all. He was just like…
He’s like taking a nap on here. Hendo maxes out and gets 12 points – I mean, that was a great effort. If you add that to his team-mate
Lolo’s ten points, that’s a total of 22. This secures their place
in first for now, beating out Linlin and Luis. Last up is Derek. Let’s see how his trick shots
translate to flyboarding. He needs 11 if he and Asafa
want to take the lead from Hendo and Lolo. Asafa gave me
the perfect round, so all I’ve got to get is a ten for the tie, 11 for the gold. Let’s do it. Let’s go. Team work makes the dream work. Balance first! – Don’t throw it…
– The balance’s messing him up. – I like that.
– He’ll catch his second wind. Oh, with only five,
they have lost the gold, and will need at least a three
to stand on the podium. While the score wasn’t enough to get gold, they were able to push all the other competitors
to snag the silver, while Lolo and Hendo
get the gold and Luis and Linlin
take home the bronze. And with that, Lolo gets herself back in the race with her first gold, while Hendo launches himself into the lead. On the next Global Games,
we’re wrestling, all slippery like – olive oil wrestling. Oh, my. Oh! (GLOBAL GAMES)

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