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Florida Travel: Dive the Maritime Heritage Trail, Biscayne National Park

Florida Travel: Dive the Maritime Heritage Trail, Biscayne National Park

(bright music) – [Narrator] If you’ve
visited Florida beaches, you’ve walked along sugar white sand and explored idyllic coves, but have you ever hiked
an underwater trail? Biscayne National Park
offers a rare combination of aqua marine waters, emerald islands and vibrant coral reefs, all within sight of downtown Miami. But 95% percent of the park’s
172,000 acres is water. And beneath the tranquil waters
of Biscayne National Park are more than 40 shipwrecks,
lying hidden beneath the waves. The only underwater archeological trail in the National Park
System, the Shipwreck Trail will string together five of those wrecks, along the park’s eastern boundary. The Maritime Trail takes hikers through one of the only trails
of its kind in the USA. If you’re ever wanted to
explore a sunken ship, this may well be the best opportunity in the country. Many of the wrecks are
perfect for snorkeling. A few are better suited for scuba diving. But all are incredible
opportunity to dive clear, pristine historic shipwrecks. All of the wreck dives are
located within park grounds. And the trail experience
involves ranger-guided trips by boat to the site of the wrecks. Each of the five shipwrecks
have their own story to tell. Together they provide
a fascinating portrait of the rich history of Biscayne Bay. Remember, take only pictures
and leave only bubbles. Check out our VISIT FLORIDA webpage for more information on the trail.

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  1. Biscayne National Park Institute offers snorkel trips to the Maritime Heritage trail from the park headquarters in Homestead.

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