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Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer

you think that with the beautiful
photographs that we have of our round blue planet it would convince any
doubters but there are still some who insist that the world is flat
correspondent Mariana van Zeller discovers more about this fast growing
movement in California I’m Mariana van Zeller and I’m in Southern California to
look into a growing movement in America people who claim the earth is flat they
call themselves the flat earthers and we’re here to try to understand what’s
behind this unconventional view and how it can affect the rest of us so what’s happening here today why are
you here this matters to me flattered that shows you that you are
not a mistake and you were created and so you have meaning in matter – we’re
not monkeys floating through space on the false maxim that testable it’s not
measurable it’s not provable it’s not real how old are you guys just out of
curiosity do you think it’s a growing movement yes and we’re networking and
getting stronger people are realizing it it’s coming out in the media you’re
hearing the term flatter this is becoming more normal people are more
open-minded to it he’s not wrong a recent survey of Americans found that
two percent believe the earth is flat for the US population as a whole
that works out to be over 6.5 million people
even high profile artists and athletes are getting on board I want to try to find Mart sergeant
who’s one of the leaders of the Flat Earth community
nice to see you man mark used to design video games and run software trainings
now he devotes himself full-time to promoting the Flat Earth with all the
attention that you must be Mark Sargent I am Mark Sargent
thanks for meeting us here it’s a pleasure to be here so tell me what is
this movement all about this movement is about changing the world literally you
think for the longest time that you live here but what if it wasn’t this what if
this was just the illusion yeah we’re gonna open this thing up and the reality
look something like this in a nutshell you have North Pole at the centre the
continents splayed out organically on the sides
Antarctica is stretched around the entire outer edge like an ice ball the
Sun in the morning are very very small and the stars are just lights in the sky
a giant planet area which means is built by somebody someone bigger than us
someone better than us do you think it was a god not my place to say your
belief in the earth being flat flies in the face hundreds of the world not only
that we have satellite imagery we have photos from space and nobody here
believes any of that anymore so you don’t believe that people travel in
space no oh it’s much worse than you know meaning the only reason NASA was
founded in 1958 was to keep this thing under wraps as best they could be big
think of the shockwaves if all of a sudden you’re telling a civilization
that this model this is an it anymore flatters is the last conspiracy anyone
ever looks at mark and his fellow flat earther seem to be pretty convinced that
the earth is flat and that we’ve all been lied to for all these years but I’m
interested in knowing what impact this might have not only for science but for
society at large so we’re heading to meet with an astrophysicist that we hope
can answer some of these questions the universe began about fourteen billion
years ago an event that we call the Big Bang james bullock is a professor of
physics and astronomy at the University of California Irvine he specializes in
how galaxies formed did you ever think a few years ago that you’d be having this
discussion for National Geographic it’s frankly shocking we’ve known for 2,000
years based on observations you can make with your own eyes that the world is
round they have all the evidence right in
front of them and they still choose not to believe in it you know who knows what
motivates people from the inside to believe these things but science is
important science is valuable science saves lives it makes our lives better
and more comfortable and it enriches us intellectually and to question what
scientists are saying and suggested they’re part of some massive
international global conspiracy it’s really scary are they a threat to the
work that you do as a scientist if say government stop funding science the
cause of some kind of anti science anti intellectual feedback they’re getting
from the populace that’s when it really starts getting dangerous for our
civilization and as the war on science heats up some Americans are fighting
back we’re heading to the largest lake in California to meet the independent
investigations group which is a group that essentially debunks paranormal
claims and they want to do a round earth task may that be a test that will prove
that the earth is not flat but that it is round let’s go we’re ready to launch
you ready Craig ok so what’s happening here right now okay this is the boat
base target it’s horizontal stripes we’re gonna launch a small boat out into
the water here with a striped target and as it gets farther and farther out
you’ll start to lose the stripes one way that Aristotle proved 2,000 years ago
that the earth is a sphere was with a boat’s test very similar to this one as
a boat approaches the horizon it appears to slowly dip down into the water before
disappearing completely that’s got everything to do with the curvature of
the earth if the planet was flat the entire boat would remain visible so
it’ll be a very visual depiction of the curvature of the earth and what’s really
interesting is that some of the flat earthers including mark sergeant’s are
actually going to be here for this test they want to see it for themselves what
do you think is gonna happen here today I appreciate the scientific group coming
out and trying to do this test great appreciate the enthusiasm but cannot
work can’t work yeah okay so the test is starting the test it’s starting right
now at first all the stripes are clearly visible but sure enough as the boat
reaches the horizon the stripes begin to disappear one by one it’s pretty amazing
you can actually see it really clearly with this camera here and you see that
the red stripe cuz that was at the bottom has completely disappeared and
it’s now getting closer to sort of the middle
Green we’ve lost about one and a half stripes so this can only happen white
because of the curvature of the earth but mark Sargent and the other
flat-earthers have a very different interpretation of
the results so you don’t think that what we’re seeing is actually real you think
it’s because oh yeah here in flat earth believe it’s a globe mister
demonstration that doesn’t change anyone Korea Lord no mark do you really believe
this stuff tell me the truth I’m serious right absolutely 100%
believe we are not on a globe we are part of a giant studio set all the
world’s a stage and you’re on it I still don’t understand that like who’s gaining
from all this from this larger exclusive the highest authority higher than
presidents this super-rich people that are behind the scenes remember the first
rule of powers stay hidden so this is for me where I think it gets really
dangerous because we’re going back into the dark ages all right you’re
essentially perpetuating ignorance by denying science you know there’s a
real-life implication in all of this science has had its chance and they
aren’t putting up a defense I think that the flat earth could potentially uh sure
in a new golden age or it could assure in an age of chaos it’s easy to dismiss this as just a
silly theory and unimportant but the problem is that is a growing movement in
America more and more young people seem to believe that the world is flat and
you know it’s more than just distrust and government it’s this notion that
thousands of years of empirical scientific evidence is now being
dismissed as a mere conspiracy and that’s where I think it really starts
getting dangerous for all of us

100 thoughts on “Flat Earth vs. Round Earth | Explorer”

  1. For many years, people have clashed on whether the Earth is flat or round. What are your thoughts on this heated debate?

  2. The overwhelming observable and quantifiable evidence collected over millennia, identifies the Earth as a near perfect sphere. The flat earthers can't even come up with flat earth map that comports to reality. Their thought processes are counter intuitive, to the point of being wilfully ignorant. They try to use personal incredulity as evidence to support their conjecture. When critical thinking and logic are applied, flat earthers have absolutely nothing that can't be easily debunked.

  3. wow he is talking about something like evolution which is only a theory….a theory not a real proven thing. lies iies lies….

  4. squash anything that is not the way you think it is. we've never been to the moon….when you lie about something so centrally taught to all as a child. its a travesty shame on you.

  5. Oh come on guys
    Mark has a certain believe like everyone of us have , he is earning money and becoming famous.
    But what gains does his followers are having. They are doofs and it seems that while supporting him they are as happy as a hamster in its hollow.

  6. "Science has had its chance and they arent putting up a defense" he said after literally watching the evidence with his own eyes.

  7. How come the leader of the flat earthers does not know this, that when the flag slowly disappears from the viewers while it is moving away doesn't mean the earth is round BUT it is still FLAT because when you zoom in the lens of the camera the whole flag comes back to view, top to bottom.

  8. Im curious Why? Didn't they attempt to zoom in when stripes began to disappear. If you cant zoom in on it theres curvi t ure if you can….explain why you can. And why didn't those real flat earthers suggest the same… skeptical and anyone watching will do the same. Not everyone will fall for this piece…..all those cameras and a great chance t o show every one what happens when you z oom in…hmmm smells like fraud!

  9. I think there's another places on earth are hidden from us. And the picture of the Earth is not like what earth actually looks like. Why? Because they don't want us to go there and see it by ourselves. I believe there's people who are higher than the president. Why? Because human always like to have power and be the stronger. Stupid thoughts 🙂

  10. The Earth is flat so if we just flip it over it will be like the cool side of the pillow and boom no more global warming.

  11. Why can flat defenders affect us all? Aren't we sure they are stupid and stupid even ignorant? Shouldn't we have all the answers of our glorious science? What are we afraid of? Or do they (flat listeners) know something we don't know? They know more about the global and round planet than everyone else, that's for sure!!!

  12. Joshua ask GOD for more daylight so he could win the battle. GOD stopped the sun over a flat earth. Not the other way around.

  13. Flat Earthers take pride in how stupid they are , they are morons , people will believe anything b/c they're too lazy and stupid to research or read anything.

  14. When you are judging the flat earth theory, ask yourself whether, if you were God, you would have arranged the world in such a way.

  15. Thank you National Geographic for this doc.. Looked crazy to me but I started to research the item. My conclusion is the Earth is flat.

  16. Her point has no logic (the woman who stated that she feels her life has meaning because of the earth being flat). Her perception of the physical configuration of her world does not assign any “special” value to human existence. If that were the case the world could be any shape and we could all be special regardless. This is her personal incredulity, which has no bearing on the reality surrounding her. A common and deeply ingrained physiological problem with these people looking for a phantom image of something which does not exist. So sad.

  17. These supposed "scientific tests" are so lame & prove nothing. They are clutching at straws to try to deceive you once again. The people in the boat stuck the striped flag in the water to hide one stripe & they present that as "evidence" Pleeeaaassseee. Many test have been done where when the boat disappears over the supposed "curvature" of the earth (which s really going out of sight because of perspective) someone pulls out a telescope & the boat comes right back into view showing "there is no curvature" I can't believe National Geographic can't see the clear & present truth when all they do is show how deceptive & stupid all the "scientists" really are. It's like saying the moon is 10,000 Km's acroos & 400,000 KM's away from us but you can walk outside on any given night & see it close right there in the night sky. We have all seen that with our own eyes so you can "believe" that, but science & NASA want you to believe you can see an object 10,000 KM across & 400,000 KM away very clearly like it's right there close to us. Your eyes don't lie. Which one do you believe? The science "theory" from the very smart 50 million dollar a day NASA beneficiaries or what you see with your own eyes clear & present. The earth is flat & Australia is not upside down … OK

  18. all i got from that video is that it's dangerous to question what you're told and that conspiracies are dangerous, well if they weren't true then who cares! so far i haven't seen anyone hurt by a conspiracy theory, and i'm not saying i'm a flat earther because i'm not COMPLETELY sold yet. and haven't scientists also been saying the earth is slightly pear shaped, or not completely round? yet every year the picture is completely round, doesn't make sense to me and should at least get your brain working and not just going along with what you're being told all the time.

  19. Flat earth won this debate about 5 years ago! The evidence and information is all there for us. A society that chooses to ignore the facts, evidence and information is a society that deserves the police state dictatorship it will get. If the earth was a globe you’d all have plenty evidence to back up the globe earth claim ? you have nothing

  20. I am a marine chief engineer. When I started sailing onboard comercial vessels back in 1989, I had a discussion with the chief mate about why ships disappear in the horizon. We had two binoculars onboard, one of them is sharper than the other (can see at a longer distance). After watching a ship in front of us disappearing using the poor binoculars, when I use the good binoculars, the ship appears again.
    I told him back then that I do not believe that ship disappearing in the horizon is because of round earth. Anyhow I did not dare to tell him that earth is flat because he would have made fun of me. I finally found people who support my theory.

  21. Flat Earthers dont ever have a flat earth model that works.
    How do flat earthers explaine why the flat earth dont tip over by the weight of the mountains, some mountains are bigger and heavyer then others and the flat earth would tip over and have their sun and moon fall to the earth from the sky. Wouldnt it?

  22. On a map you see china is farther from Africa. I looked up that it takes 12.5 hours to get to China from the u.s yet 15.97 hrs to arrive in Africa . How does it take longer for to get to a contenient that's closer. And I'm the map, Africa is 11k miles from the US, but yet planes travel 8000. The only way to beat the time to Africa is to go the opposite way on a globe. Not to mention American airlines entering hostile territories and needing fuel every 1-3 hrs. They can't do that over the ocean.

  23. In the high seas . a big boat boat is sent out far into the distance , and it fades out from view , but when the camera zooms it back in , the boat is still there ! Explain that ?

  24. In the high seas . a big boat boat is sent out far into the distance , and it fades out from view , but when the camera zooms it back in , the boat is still there ! Explain that ?

  25. In the high seas . a big boat boat is sent out far into the distance , and it fades out from view , but when the camera zooms it back in , the boat is still there ! Explain that ?

  26. In the high seas . a big boat boat is sent out far into the distance , and it fades out from view , but when the camera zooms it back in , the boat is still there ! Explain that ?

  27. The Earth isn't Round. It's a spheroid but spherical will do for these purposes.
    The only shape that can keep a cord and a weight hanging utterly vertically is a ball. Minute variations near mountains but to all intents and purposes, vertical.
    It is pulled towards the Centre of Gravitational Pull… The centre of the Earth.
    That's why builders have used a plumb weight for thousands of years.Why am I writing this, year one school science for these plant pot headed loony toons?
    In fact I don't think for a second that they do believe it.
    It's all due to the fact that normally, in their drab and humdrum existences, nobody pays them any attention.
    Suddenly, they gain some attention.
    They gonna let go of that easily?
    Let them wallow in it. A fool and his money are easily parted so let me have a few addresses.

    "It is easy to fool the people but impossible to convince them that they HAVE been fooled!" Mark Twain.

  28. Science is not a matter of consensus. Every body in the Ancient church scientists and a Pope were certain the the Sun and the Planets circled the Earth.
    Consensus didn't make so.

  29. The earth is both Round And Flat Like A disk Same as the Sun And same as The Moon The disk Aka Earth Is standing up right and his giant flat round Disk in space

  30. The Lord Jesus is my God and creator not science. first of all the articles and vids that resulted in my search on google (first and second page) all try to disprove flat earth and support global earth… Nice try governors of google. I will use my own mind thank you. conclusion: no logic for global earth. you have not seen the earth yourself but you take scholars/scientist word as fact…. you know what I see, some days both sun and moon next to each other in the sky…. interesting! every night stars in the same exact spot in the night sky over the years…. interesting! water finding least resistant place so it always levels out and it can not stay on a curved sea floor and keep a curved shape, I tried that on a ball with a glass ball enclosure… water dropped the bottom of the enclosure, please save the gravity explanation because you nor any scientist can prove it. the science this people want you to believe in is not the same science you learned in school…. to prove something the science experiment has to be tested several times with same variables, right tools and result same way with out fail every time .

  31. So the only way to see or experience the curve is from a photoshop pic from NASA who admits that their images are not completely real ?

  32. Look at his facial expressions when she asked him if he actually believes it. Play it at 0.25 speed if it helps. You can clearly see that he doesn't believe a single word he is saying.

  33. How bloody stupid do you have to be to be a believer in a flat earth, big surprise that California has a large following.

  34. Just ignore the FACT the sun is literally in amongst the clouds you can see with your own two eyes but swallow all the nonsense they force on you in schools and mainstream media. Globalist are lost in the mind they can't even accept that what they call Facts are all theories.

  35. Mark Sargeant is a low IQ example of how our education system has failed. It's ironic that these morons are using technology to distribute videos that was initially developed by funding from NASA as they needed miniaturized computers to develop and test the hardware needed to go to the moon.


  37. lol he said, imagine the shock if everyone found out the Earth was flat.
    Bruh that's nothing. Imagine the shock when I learned in high school, that there's open space between atoms, essentially meaning that on a very small scale, we're absolutely covered in holes too small for anything to go through.
    What else can you do, but think "huh, so that's how it is."
    Oh and btw, we already went through the shock for the shape of the Earth. Long ago the flat Earth was accepted, and humanity already had to transition out of that state of mind. Even I, as a kid, thought the flat earth made made more sense. It was only as I grew older, became an engineer and attained physics knowledge, did I finally look at how the world worked as a whole rather than just my local area. Today, with my new knowledge, the globe Earth makes more sense. The logic is simple. Nature tries to find balance in all dimensions.

  38. National Geographic , if you can be profesional to prove that the earth is a Spinning ball , no body prove it till now

  39. So thousands of feet of curve and water does not flow downhill.._lol ._ I live on a hill and water flows downhill .Magic water ._ I guess

  40. Hey not geo, something can be round and flat , they aren’t mutually exclusive. Those photos are cartoons and paintings….


  42. Proof that the earth is spherical View the earth from a distance. Ever picture taken from space proves to show the earth to be spherical and to be in circular shape One of the oldest proof that the Earth is spherical occurs during the lunar eclipse when the moon moves through the Earth's shadow. The Moon's shadow moving through the Earth is always shown as a round edge. The only solid that constantly projects a round shadow is the circle/ sphere. This proof has roots going back to ancient Greece. Looking ahead we see a horizon meaning that our perspective is circumscribed by a finite plane. There can be two reasons existence of a horizon. The first is and this is what medieval individuals believed that the earth stopped at some point and we would tumble off. The second is that eth world is spherical. Before invention of compass or sextant, ships that went on long voyages simply disappeared and never returned. People believed that travelers had dropped off the edge of the world. Columbus

  43. Question everything there is no earth it’s all a dream and we are all dreaming or it must just be a game and I’m the main character

  44. In 2016, the flat earth movement blew up.

    In 2019, Nat Geo released a sincere video between flat and round earth views… flat earth isn't just a passing goofy fad. People are still talking about it because at the end of the day, no regular person KNOWS what the Earth really is. One can either question and be in wonderment, or blindly trust authority to have all the correct answers.

  45. National geographic is actually giving flerfers & the idea of flat earth the time of day ,, NG gone right down in my books now , its like considering pinocchio was a real life person..
    Shame on you @nationalgeographic for giving them air time

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