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first time ice skating vlog (EP46)

first time ice skating vlog (EP46)

Hi guys welcome to Munch Monday. My name is
Mia. My name is Halle. And today we are going to be going ice skating. For the first time.
First time like ever. So this is going to very interesting because
last night I went on like Youtube and I learnt how to stop but I don’t even know how to start
yet so. This is going to be very very fun to watch.
To start you just keep on walking with your, I just think just keep on walking with ice
skates and just try and do a twirl. Yeah so we are going to be failing on our
bum a lot. Let’s go. This is how it goes. I got it. These are terrible I can’t even walk in these. I got the hang of it. I’m excited. They kind of feels like feels your standing
on like very thin like high heels. Yeah, like really blue high heels. I feel really cool in these shoes. Mr Munch, have you ever ice skated before.
Yes. How many times?
Probably 10 times. 10 times, so you should be great.
No he hasn’t. Not for many years. Shall we begin? (music) This is a pop up ice skating rink. The ice
that we are skating on isn’t ice. It’s a plastic surface. It feels weird. I’m not very good. I need Dad. You can do it , go for a skate.
If you go out by yourself nobody can pull you over. You can do it Mia. You can do it Mia.
Go on, leave the side you can do it. So reassuring. We would like to give a quick shout out to Geeky Badass.
Who we know is an ice skating queen. In this video we will show you what happens
when you drop a small ice skating rink in the middle of New Zealand.
Where you don’t find much ice. I did it Mum. This is not a drill (music) repeat, this is not a drill (music) Is that all you got? (music) Let’s begin now (music) We are getting better. Are you having fun Halle?
Yeah. Good times. Good work. I haven’t fallen down guys yet which I am
excited about. When you like fall on the ice it’s not even
cold. It’s just like, just, it’s not even hard. Did it hurt? Nah. Glide Mia, glide. Can you do a glide? Come on do it! No I ‘ll fall on my butt. This is so hard. My feet really hurt. Did it. Whooo. You are doing well. Halls Kells let’s go. Nooo! I don’t want to go home, I want to stay here
forever. I hope you guys enjoyed this video.
It was really fun to film. My expectations were a little different from
reality. We had lots of funny first time ice skating
fails. It’s not about how many times you fall down
but how many times you get back up. I would love to go ice skating again.
I had so much fun. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, share
this video, check out our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter page at Munch Monday.
See you guys next time on Munch Monday. Bye guys. Now I’m going to go try catch Halle so we can go home. Thanks for watching us first time ice skating

34 thoughts on “first time ice skating vlog (EP46)”

  1. You guys did really well for your first time skating. We had this up in Whitianga and you look like your having as much fun as Ruben did. Thumbs up 🙂

  2. ░ █▀ █▀█ █▄ █ ▀█▀ █▀█ █▀ ▀█▀ █ █▀░░
    ░ █▀ █▀█ █ ▀█ ░█░ █▀█ ▄█ ░█░ █ █▄░░ great video.

  3. What fun!!! Its so hard to get going . What a great place to try it out!!! You girls did good.Such a lovely experience.
    Are you girls ready for the slopes???

  4. Ice skating! It looks so fun but I've never tried it. One day! Maybe when my girls are a little bit older I'll take them 🙂

  5. Hey how is it going! I really enjoyed this video! I'll be sure to leave a like! I see so much potential with you on YouTube and j hope that you will keep it up! it's awesome and you're awesome so stay awesome! I also produce daily content over on my channel, feel free to check it out if you like, maybe leave a LIKE and comment on one of the videos! that'd be even more awesome! I also have a new series starting soon for shout outs for consistent people in the community of YouTube!, I think you'd be awesome to enter so keep in touch! much love, keep up the good work! see you around?! Talk to me on Twitter if you can I need to try get it more active @NxfanSTV! stay awesome! love it! Welcome to the community!!

  6. Ice skating is fun! Thanks for the comments on my channel it won't let me reply to the comments. Don't know why?

  7. Great job ice skating!! This is such a cool video! We did a first time ice skating video a couple of months ago and it was so much fun. Looks like you had a great time too!

  8. Видео супер!!!!! От нас полный просмотр + лайк!!!!!!! Ждем вас у себя, у нас новое видео!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I haven't been ice skating in years. There are a few rinks here in Thailand though. I used to ice skate all the time in Canada as a kid. In my hometown the canal would freeze over in the winter and you could go ice skating on that or go to the ice rink. The canal was free though and better as outside.

  10. Aww when you all come here to visit ? we have the Olympic Training Center Ice Rink! Very cool that you get to experience it though. I love ice skating! Thanks for sharing friends ??

  11. Well done Mr Munch, Mia and Halle 🙂 We tried it before and it's certainly not as easy as it looks 🙂

  12. Cool Video! I like it! I subscribed! Check my channel my new video! and do not forget to subscribe! Have a nice day !!)

  13. that is wild does it still feel cold…us Canadians are not used to that lol is it just as slippery it looks it !!
    Funny when dad was pulling all you along …oops hahahaha fun video ladies ;-D

  14. ╔╦╦
    ╠╬╬╬╣LOVED YOUR VIDEO!!!!

  15. Its much harder on plastic!!!!!!Ha ha Awesome video!!! 😀 I subscribed and I would be so happy if you subscribed to me too and check out my Pie Face with Sandy Squirrel video!!! Love Sedona ???

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