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finally skating the ROCES M12 Team Sesame aggressive inline skates

finally skating the ROCES M12 Team Sesame aggressive inline skates

ola YouTube my name is Ricardo
lino and a wheel addict this guy right here who are you
I’m Greg humbled like the blade life boss whoa and that’s which so we got a
Monroe Pimentel aka switch Ricardo lean with the sodium shield which is me and
Greg TAFE Oh what’s the last name oh well Greg Toa the blade life boss
come on show us what you got basically I just came back from
Barcelona I came to deliver the RV here the Algarve and Greg is it is having it
all day with your girlfriend he’s having all David’s girlfriend in y’all guard
and switches a local so if you ever come to the Aligarh it’s out of portugal
that’s the man you won in heat you got him stashed right now let’s get
it I was really high let’s see how they follow this guy 41 years of young it’s
like the atomic ant here’s the thing that you don’t know the original plan
was I came here before these guys right here I wanted to make a tutorial of how
to frontside torque meanwhile before they got here I ended up realizing that
enough that I don’t know how to talk so in my line I’m going to try to put a
torque because I can’t do them so there was another trick that I did
before they check this the Christ thing I was trying it for a while and I did it
once like a Christ rail ride it’s weird huh check you need to jump
into it when I step on it I did it I’m gonna try one clip if I don’t lend it
the the whole thing is done for me but if I do I’m happy let’s see it might be what I like the most about the drag is
that if you look at his pants here I think there’s here I think there’s some
marks from his finger see because this case like this you don’t see it on this
is like this only strip like this is awesome I love it and it’s so good with
no Bernsen okay so it’s all good but now wait wait wait now I got an idea
now we all got to do a trick that’s we think that Alex couldn’t do he does a
lot of shit but let’s see I got one that Alex never did yeah
come on Alex I got one for you better film it great let me go that’s mine
you’re good after saying I love you even if his
customer hides up it wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t say that they call him sweetie Edwards see hi he
high fly we have fun and you guys didn’t even saw the beginning but that’s it
you want to see more of these you know what to do there’s like a little button
somewhere around here that says subscribe there’s the bell on the side
press on that Bell you will get notifications whenever I
upload one of these and I might even do a live on one of these also if you enjoy
it give them thumbs up when you give some thumbs up to these videos YouTube
is going to suggest it to more people so that more people can watch this type of
it like skate videos whatever and like I would say more important than anything
else just don’t forget why we all started skating and that is because it’s
fun and now go to the website of blade life and buy some clothes right what’s
the website it’s Blair life talk or do you care and Instagram is a blade life
carving jacket and me and switch is that a good idea for an event so stay tuned
we might be organizing something we might be reorganizing something right
switch and now switch you got the mustachio you know you can’t go anywhere you

11 thoughts on “finally skating the ROCES M12 Team Sesame aggressive inline skates”

  1. Hey Ricardo i just ordered the USD Aeon 60 XIXs i will get them in september and i am afraid of using them at the skatepark and road because im scared the i will mess up the wheels on the soul quality do you think it is safe to?( hope you see it )

  2. Hola. O Switch parece o Wario. 41 anos O_O! Ele mantem-se em forma o avô. O velhinho é mesmo bom, muito melhor que eu. Parabéns e acima de tudo … keep having fun. There is no age for that.

  3. Next time I’m with the homies I’m filming. I just noticed most my videos is when I’m skating alone. No more!!! Blading is too fun not to share it with friends and blader friends.

  4. ma dude Graig is heavilly influenced by ourxccv style <3 coes he is our boy ! you know what i most like about your videos ?! your ability to spontaniosly direct ! thats not a common skill , enjoyed the vibe the hole way thru !

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