Figure Skating Spins – Back Scratch Tutorial Part 2

hey guys it’s Mary welcome back to my
channel today is part two of my back spin tutorial the advanced version be
sure to check out the first one if you haven’t already and and let’s gets to
the advanced backspin we are going to have a new pattern on the line
consisting of two Us we’re going to start off on a nice forward inside edge
left arm in front and keep that then we’re gonna push off the t
position into the hook for the beginner version of this let’s start off with our
arms in a hoop position we’re not gonna have as much speed as when we
have our arms open we’ll get to that later
but it’s gonna teach us these fundamentals notice how my first u is a
forward inside edge second you start off with the T position don’t kick that left leg
up don’t let that leg drag on the ice we’re
going to start off on the middle of the blade and feel that return that is the
hook of our spin that’s gonna snap us into a nice quick back spin position
let me feel we’re gonna rock up to the ball of our foot find that sweet spot sso let’s try it again same thing new positions just trying to
focus out on our feet we’re focusing on strong nice edges here to keep the speed
up not on that spin we had two strong news
starting off the middle of the blade hit that toe pick finding the hook to snap us
into our spin and get into that sweet spot on the ball we have a
nice hook position we are above our belly button which is above our right
foot just like in doing double and triple
jumps you’re on the right type of our body awesome job guys
I think we have that one down pat we are going to try the open position
arms open down some we’re going to try to focus on bringing in all the speed
here guys the wider we get transitioning to the tighter we get because of physics
are going to faster so same thing on the entrance
focus on keeping that left arm inside and we’re gonna push down and that left
arm let’s break down the advanced backspin
into a bunch of different steps so then we can have a nice forward scratch spin I also like to review the hook into the sweet spot at the wall
starting out the wall exercise is a great way to introduce to skaters to feel like
the hook and finding that sweet spot now trying to put it all together we are
going to pull in into our back scratching spit let’s put together the
beginner position which is legs together knees facing in front let’s try the beginner scratch position
with our advanced entry our knees legs are going to be glued together
always facing forward think about pulling in
makes you think about being a pineapple wearing a crown remember to pull your arms and legs in
at the same time for the beginners I would like to focus our pulling in to
the right and tucking your elbows at the bottom when you’re more advanced you can
feel free to pull in and push your arms up or push your arms down and squeeze to
go faster but for now let’s focus on pulling in nice and tight
over the right side or the right side of the body elbows
tucked in and facing down in our beginner position knees facing forward opposite toe next to opposite foot although when we find that sweet spot
because we’ll be spinning and we won’t hear any scratching our spin is going to
be pretty silent so the goal is to be as quiet as possible let’s review some common mistakes there
first one is not letting our left arm go crazy pants and swing away so don’t lose our second mistake is drawing in with
our toes pointing down remember we’re not gonna flex the foot to get nice and
tight and slowly put it down I lift up my left
leg do not let that leg drag slow you down here’s the mistake let me
go to spin I think about just brushing around over the pool be careful not to
drop our arm when the enters be spinning if we do that we’re gonna tip over we also want to pull our arms and legs
in at the same time timing is so important that our arms and
legs are going in at the same time we’re going to be third that’s my spin be sure to keep your
shoulders level don’t make them bounce we don’t want to spin lopsided
I hope no one’s too dizzy let’s put it all together we’re going to do a scratch
spit pull it tight squeeze the elbows squeeze alike let’s see how fast we can don’t spin with your head on take two
no flying objects pockets during our spin around keep squeezing your core so
you can keep this speed up throughout the whole hope you guys enjoy be sure to LIKE
subscribe and save thanks so much for watching and see you guys next

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