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Figure Skating Jumps – LUTZ JUMP Tutorial

Figure Skating Jumps – LUTZ JUMP Tutorial

hey guys
I’m Mary and welcome back to my channel today we’re going to master the lutz jump, the
last of our single just hope you all are ready and stoked for this number one
lesson for the lutz jump pop quiz what edge does it take off on? you got the
answer right! it takes off on the back outside edge that is what makes the
huge difference between a flip jump and the lutz jump. tap back
leaning slightly on the outside we are flying backwards in the lutz jump so we
do not want to take off any skaters so the preparation is super important as
we’re coming around the big circle in the middle of the ice and heading
towards the back lutz corner we are going to set ourselves up so we’re going
to start off on one foot flying backwards this leg’s pointed forward
right arm is in front left arm is in back switch arms look back
make sure no one is there then we’re going to draw far back enough if we’re just drawing
back here our jump is going to be teeny-tiny so make sure we are drawing right back
slightly to the left so from this angle starting off, rotate the arms, look back, and then draw slightly to the side so in slow motion on the line as an
exercise. we’re going to also warm up the lutz jump with half lutz jump which is
one half revolution in the air this is a great exercise to get our body ready for
the takeoff and ready for the setup our arms are slight open and we are focusing our weight on the right side of our body. we’re not going to be super tight to leave room for our doubles. try to stay kind of open in the air. we don’t want our arms here or here just nice and balanced with our shoulders
standing nice and tall now that we mastered the line exercise let’s just let’s do it
on the big pattern our left foot is going to move back towards the lutz corner
diagonally our right foot is going to go just slightly to the left the number one mistake on this jump is
doing a flutz which is jump on the inside edge which is a huge no no so this is what that looks like another common mistake is taking off too
early remember be patient and let that forward foot glide back and then take off hope everyone liked my lutz jump tutorial be
sure to LIKE subscribe and save you all are the best for watching and see you
guys next time

12 thoughts on “Figure Skating Jumps – LUTZ JUMP Tutorial”

  1. I love your explainations ! You don't forget indispensables details, important little tips, not to do mistakes and how to begin the learning process ? Thanks for your efforts and taking some time for us

  2. If you're reading this I hope you are having a great day

    (BTW I make videos and sing covers on my channel)

  3. Is the "Lutz Corner" a real thing or is it just a made up joke name? Surely you can do a Lutz where ever right?

  4. Be sure to join my FACEBOOK GROUP and EMAIL LIST for weekly skate tips! Links are in the description box above!

  5. Thanks for the video ❤️
    BTW, I am always confuse the difference between the Lutz and filp. Can you plz tell me how to discriminate those of them?

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