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Figure Skating Jumps Explained – SLOW MOTION Singles!

Figure Skating Jumps Explained – SLOW MOTION Singles!

I am super stoked for this one a highly
requested video slow motion single jumps hope you guys are ready! first we have
the waltz jump which takes off on a forward outside edge rotating one half
time in the air the salchow jump takes off on the left back inside edge using
the free leg to propel yourself up in the air you can do this with either a
three turns or a mohawk the toe loop is our first toe jump whereas the salchow
was an edge jump we are transferring our weight to our toe pick to take off the loop jump is another edge jump we are taking off and landing both on the right for our flip jump we are taking off
backwards on a back inside edge launching ourselves up in the air on our last single jump the lutz which is
super similar to the flip except for the fact that you take off on an outside edge hope everybody likes my slow-mo
jumps stay tuned for some more double jumps be sure to LIKE subscribe
and save give me a thumbs up until next time happy skating!

6 thoughts on “Figure Skating Jumps Explained – SLOW MOTION Singles!”

  1. Very informative! I always love watching figure skating now I have a better understanding of what I’m watching.

  2. On the salchow, are you touching the ice/tapping foot down with your free leg just before launching into the jump?

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