1. I'm 16, I've been skating since I was 10 and I've never dropped in or even skated a ramp. We dint have skate parks near me.

  2. yeah man new subscriber big fan! diggin th travel / action / tourist / 1st person vibes. you boys are chill an mad steaz on th skater! bigup!

  3. Hey great video. I live in japan and I know how it is. It’s so strict in japan. It sucks. Like your vids. 🙂

  4. i'm learning how to skateboard and i would love to go to japan one day ?….but all these youngsters would make me feel like shit lol

  5. mexican food?? el burrito no luce como uno de mexico y la salsa no se pone encima del burrito xDDDD, haci como nosotros copiamos las bolas de arroz ellos copian los burritos creo que es el karma xDDDD

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