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Families Reunited | Episode 2: Figure Skater Mum | Cadbury Heroes

Families Reunited | Episode 2: Figure Skater Mum | Cadbury Heroes

Learning to ice-skate at any age is tough, let alone if you’re the 36 year old mum of 4 and your day job is driving a 44 ton articulated lorry. This trucker mum is desperate to reconnect with her ice-skater son. He loves ice-skating but basically, I’m a taxi service for Harry. It is affecting our relationship. To rebuild the bond with her boy, This mum’s parking up the lorry to take a secret crash course. In the hope of breaking down the barriers between them. She’s got just 3 weeks intensive training, before her surprise performance during an ice hockey match. All in the hope of reconnecting with her son I know it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be hard work but I’d love to impress Harry, I’d love to put a smile on his face. My name is Rhian, I help my dad run his haulage company. Truck driving’s been in my blood since I were born being a blonde woman as a truck driver, it’s fun! I quite enjoy sitting at traffic lights, looking over “yeah, yes I am driving this” I live in Accrington, with my husband and my 4 boys I’ve got Harry who’s 14, Hugh who’s 9, Bryne who’s 6 and Gethin who’s 3 years old Harry’s a lovely boy but he’s changed. He was my best friend but spends most of his time in his room now. – Harry! Harry, tea time! 1 minute! the only 1 on 1 time Harry and I have is actually in the car, going to school and coming home from school. The chattings gone now . I’m lucky if I get a grunt. But now his big thing, which has shocked me, is his ice skating. He loves ice skating. It’s lovely to see Harry into something that makes him happy. To reconnect with Harry I’m planning to learn to skate It’ll be a brilliant opportunity to spend some 1 on 1 time together. Harry can do spins, he’s mastered those. If he saw me doing that I think he’d be really impressed It’s going to be hard I know it’s going to be hard, but I’d even don one of those leotards for harry to put a smile on his face. Rhian’s hardly ever skated before I can get round the ring holding the side To have any hope of learning in time she’s going to need expert training Kieth Hudson has been teaching students for decades. Coaching over 30 British champions in men’s and women’s figure skating. But has never taken on a challenge like this before Wow that was amazing! Hiya pleased to meet you, my names Kieth. Hiya Kieth, I’m Rhian I’m your skating coach for your journey really. Oh my gosh! We’ve got some skates for you right We’re just going to start right now, okay? Let’s get started! So how old’s Harry then? Harry’s 14. He’s quite happy to sit in his bedroom shut the door and that’s it, and then come down for his tea if he’s hungry But the only this he seems to want to do is get on the ice. and he loves it and his face lights up! Well, we’ll get you skating so you have a bit of time with him, stuff like that, spend some time together. That will impress him more than anything. Just to have that connection again I think. Hopefully, you can help me then! We can do this! Although it’s quite a short time you’ve got. Right okay. So, we’ve got to do it quickly – The pressure’s on! Really quickly. Come on you’re alright. You’ll be fine trust me, yeah yeah you will. It’s strange isn’t it It just feels a bit odd, yeah. Let’s hope I’m betting on the ice! In her first lesson, I’m just looking for confidence I’m looking for that she’s not scared of the ice, that she makes friends with it. but she’s going to struggle to do a routine in 3 weeks time, in front of an audience, it’s hard if you skate for years never mind a matter of weeks. Right then, so we’ve got the first training session today, okay. Things we’re going to get done today. Forward skating, backwards skating, getting up, you need to be able to stop. Start. Glide. Forward and backwards as well. First things first. You need to know how to fall because it’s going to happen, isn’t it? So, let’s try to do it safely We’re going to skate, you’re going to bend your knees you’re gonna fall. Okay, and. Go bend, fall forward. Good girl, well done! Excellent! Okay, right we’re there. We go, step, 2 feet, step, 2 feet, step, 2 feet, okay? So push, 2 feet. Good girl! Push, 2 feet. Bend that’s it, good! 2 feet, bend, 1, 2 feet bend, 1, 2 feet Good! that was better, that was better, that was better! you get a rhythm, so when you skate you’re going to skate to a rhythm. It’s lift one foot at a time, then go backwards like that. Because if you lean forward and try and push your feet out, you’ll be okay. Yeah, thats good. Not too close. That’s okay, good, go on. press, thats better see. On one foot, the other one drags behind you. and then draws in. and glide. and do that left up a bit more That was a bit better! So, we’ve got like 3 weeks from today Things to work on, we need exercises, we need to go to the gym. Yoga, Pilates, whatever it takes to centre this core out. Get you really really fit, you’ve got a long way to go. And it really starts tomorrow if I’m honest. It’s going to get harder and harder and harder as we go along. I think this is probably the toughest challenge I’ve faced as a coach in my 25-year career. My feet are killing me. and I’ve only been on the ice about an hour. How the heck am I going to cope with doing more hours than this. Kieth knows that success depends on how much effort Rhian puts in, both on and off the ice. – Hello! – Hello, fancy meeting you here! So he’s arranged a surprise training session on Blackpool’s promenade. So I guess you’re wondering why we’ve come here today? Sunny Blackpool! We’re going to be roller blading It’s a lot harder than skating I thought if you give this a go, when you get back on the ice it will feel loads better. So, we have some skates for you. Hopefully, they’re the right size Thank you! Tell me what does Harry think you’re doing at the moment? Well, he thinks I’m actually doing a course at college That’s why I keep having to go out so much at the moment. He’s got absolutely no idea. I can’t wait to see his face though when he does find out. It’s horrible keeping a secret, I hate secrets! But I know it’s for the best. We’re going to see how fast we can go. From here to there, between these two points, try and work on your speed Push! Bit faster yeah. Rhian needs to keep up rollerblading training over the coming weeks. but first thing tomorrow she’ll be back on the ice, as the days count down to her surprise performance. After spending the first weeks learning the basics, Kieth ramps up training by teaching Rhian the routine she’ll be performing to Harry. And he’s not playing safe. He’s choreographed a routine that features advanced ice skating skills. Including reverse crossovers Forward reverse transitions. An arabesque. And Harry’s favourite move, the forward lunge. So since juggling with Forwards, backwards turning. Backwards, forwards So those transitions are hard aren’t they still? Yeah, yeah. And the backwards cross overs. Out of context, they’ve been alright aren’t they? Put it in routine and it all goes a bit… I’m thinking of the next thing coming rather than thinking of what I should be doing We’ve still got to work on arms, you need to have them at least out, or moving gracefully. At the moment we’re not using them, we’re dangling a bit I think it’s confidence as well, I just don’t feel confident putting my hands… it just doesn’t feel natural to me. To help Rhian integrate her arms into her performance. Kieth’s signed her up to dance classes and gymnastics lessons. If this trucker mum can’t pull off her routine with grace and poise. – Get that position, get yourself comfortable before you do anything. – He’s worried she has no chance of impressing her son – Just hold it there for me, keep lifted. Use your arms if you want, hold it. I am knackered. Gonna get some training done, my legs are killing. my ankles are strapped up my toes are going black. – It’s 6am at the ice arena. Rhian is struggling with the routine but Kieth still wants to see how far he can push her. I need to add something in to make it more challenging She won’t like it at all, but that’s a good thing. That’s okay I’m alright with that. Arms out, finish. Boom! Well done, excellent! Much better – Feeling better, yeah definitely. I’m going to add in a new element to the routine. – Really? – Yes. Like thats not hard enough. I know, well it’s either going to be a good routine or an excellent routine. If we add something at the end that will just lift it, that will be really good. If you think I can do it? Yeah, I do. Okay, I do. We’re going to put a spin in the end okay? Petrified I am petrified! Alright okay, so. We’re going to go for 2, 3, 4 revolutions whatever we can get. and we’re going to finish with that. What it will do it will make the rest of the routine, all those little bits that you’re struggling with, feel easier because you’re worried about the last thing cause it’s a biggie Do you wanna see it? Go on, what you gonna have me doing? So you’ve stopped there haven’t you? Yeah, okay. And then we’re going to pivot. And pull in. That is no, thats- And then finish and then have the ending. No, no, thats not gonna work okay. Rotate your body, push, pull in and then toe pick in, boom! – Simple – Simple as that. So wind your body to the right. Good girl! Now you push your right arm, and let that go. – Yeah thats not easy. – No, it’s not easy Arms out, stretch that arm and then push. Stop! And the world will keep spinning for a while. Okay, arms out yeah, well done. Stop. Twist your body. And go. Push, arms in- You okay? You sure? Thank you. Let go get a cup of tea. Let’s go this way come on – Thank you Despite being shaken from her fall. Kieth needs Rhian to focus on the end goal And how she’s going to surprise Harry. So we’re going to go to Billingham Forum and we’re going to do your performance In the middle of an ice hockey game, so there is going to be around 300 people plus. You’re going to get on there and do your stuff in front of Harry and all his friends That were bad enough but 300 people? You’ll be absolutely fine. I don’t feel so great about it all now. I wanna do it so badly but, I don’t think I can, I honestly don’t think I can I’m so nervous I’m just gonna try my best. Despite being exhausted. Rhian steps up her solo training. Both on and off the ice. And even gets fitted for a leotard to give her performance that added sparkle. I woke up this morning, I say waking up I hardly get any sleep. I woke up at 3 o’clock with the routine going round my head, round and round and round. And I forget bits and I’ve got to remember them, so I’m not sleeping I’ve just woke up really teary and upset today. I hope it’s worth it in the end. I hope I can do it. It’s the morning before the big reveal. And Rhian is still struggling with Harry’s favourite move, the forward lunge. Get those arms out. Rhian’s dad won’t be there for the surprise reveal tomorrow. So to give her a confidence boost, Keiths arranged for him to pay her a visit. – Nice to see you too. How’s she doing? She’s doing alright, we’ve literally got an hour or two left now so. And then the performance is tomorrow. – Superb. – Yeah. There we go, done. Well done! Hello! Fancy seeing you here. The word is amazing! Thanks, dad. Thank you. Aww, thank you! It’s a good luck card. I just thought I’d come and have a look at you today and see how amazing you are Aww, bless. Wish you all the luck in the whole wide world. That means a lot dad. – I couldn’t miss this for the world – Thanks dad. Well done, well done. It’s the big day. In just 2 hours all of Rhian’s hard work will be put to the test. – So that’s where they’re all gonna sit? – Yeah Make sure you project to all these people up here. Yeah, okay. The crowds have started to gather for one of the biggest fixtures in the ice hockey calendar. As the home team, the Billingham Stars, take on the Whitley Warriors Amongst the 300 strong fans travelling to the match are Harry and his friends. He has absolutely no idea his mum will perform in the break as the surprise star of the show As Harry arrives at the stadium. and takes his seat. Rhian waits nervously back stage The teams take to the ice. And the match gets underway. – Come in. Hello, a friendly face. How you feeling? I dunno if I can do it. You’ll be fine honestly, you’ll be fine. You’ve come a long way in 3 weeks, you’ve done really really well. I’m very proud of you. Time for Rhian to shine, but will nerves get the better of her? She’s practised the routine, day in and day out But can she pull it off when it matters most? Harry has no idea his mum is even in the building. Let alone about to take to the ice. Put your hands together for Rhian! Of all the moves Rhian really wants to nail Harry’s favourite. The forward lunge. It all comes down to the next 90 seconds. (Music) Rhian did superb today, she really pulled it out the bag. From her first steps to that, in that space if time. It’s amazing! I thought you were good You think I did alright? – Yeah It’s been hard, it’s been really hard. For these past 3 weeks now when I’ve been sneaking out the house I’ve been ice skating every single day. I’ve been dance classes, gymnastics classes. All to try and put this show on for you. That move that you did when you were going backwards and you span round and went forwards. Did you like that? That’s the move I was most scared of. I wanted to show you how much you mean to me. I love you darling. I love you too.

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  1. @Cadbury is there a way of contacting the woman who is in this? I was there photographing the ice hockey game and have some pictures of Rhian.

  2. i am a figure skater and i found this really cool, i really love that more boys want to get into the sport as it is so much fun and actually not very girly, but i though rhiannes dedication to her son and interest in what he does is really amazing and lovely. the only thing is the voiceover person got practically every skating move wrong apart from the lunge! Harry seems to look very good in his figure skating though. well done all and thankyou cadbury for this!

  3. I wouldn’t touch any Cadbury’s product with a barge pole after the way they treated their factory workers in Bristol, promising not to close the factory and promptly doing so and exporting their workers jobs to the EU
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    The quality of the products has plummeted, the proud heritage of Cadbury’s has been trashed, I avoid ANY Kraft products like the plague


  5. I’ve done the same thing, but in springboard diving. I started at 48 after never doing a sport. 9 years later, I’m training for the European/World Masters Championships! We are much bigger than we think we are!

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