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Falling people – during – ice skating – ice hockey – training

Falling people – during – ice skating – ice hockey – training

In this episode, the 2oldmen thought they need to do some training. Before the big Ice Hockey match. So guys i got some gear from Christoph
the team manager from the ice hockey. So i suggest you guys get it on. we’ll anyway i hope that’s not horse meat. So when are you guys going to do some
proper training. I am. The 2oldmen arrived at the ice skating arena. and they are ready for the ice and after the teddy bear session. they finally did some proper training then the old men saw this girl doing a spin what a star take a close look how kevin rebounds the pass from bjorn take that you pucker stick to the teddy bear old man looks much better now kevin we are ready to beat them up So we saw the 2oldmen training, let’s see how the others are doing. We’ll I think the 2oldmen are in for a surprise. Make sure you don’t miss the next episode where the 2oldmen are gonna be slaughtered by the professionals What do you think the 2oldmen’s
tactics should be for the coming match A: Play hard and dirty B: Play defensive and run away from trouble. So if you are wondering why I am growing the shaggy beard. It’s cause I am saving it up for the old school day
in the axamer lizum on the 23rd of March. This year we want to do the harlem shake at the dohlennest. so if you got time, come and pop up in your 70’s ski clothing. on the 23rd of march at the dohlennest in the axamer lizum.

10 thoughts on “Falling people – during – ice skating – ice hockey – training”

  1. I think the old man should be allowed to take the teddy bear to the match and he should definitely go for option B

  2. No,…not option B,… they are no chickens,… they are 2oldmen and they should play hard and dirty 🙂

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