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Fake Hacks Hair Curls With Fork & Spoon Curl | Learn How To Curl Hair Without Heat Or With Flat Iron

Fake Hacks Hair Curls With Fork & Spoon Curl | Learn How To Curl Hair Without Heat Or With Flat Iron

Oh! This is so funny! Who are these Influencers? Influencers -somebody which influences you. YouTube is full of Influencers My YouTube channel name is Outstyle. The reason I am laughing thinking about Influencers is At first we used to think a lot of people are available on T.v to make us fool. or in magazine we occasionally read something which is not true. Now this trend has start on YouTube! So many of these Beauty Experts and Fashion Experts… and they suddenly can become an Influencer I was watching a Video For hair not using heat. This hack and that hack. I was like..what is this.. I need to watch this. This must be amazing. if something is good.. than I will make it in Urdu and share it with my audience. So I watch the video. How to make curls on your hair. By using this fork!! then plastic fork use. Using larger spoon. With these your hair are going to be curl! and what else. yes with this small spoon you can also curl your hair. I mean..with everything !!! Making waves using this. and I was like..this is so awesome. I thought I should also do it. But before making a video. I thought I first see it myself. Because if I am saying something.. which is not true. and it is not tried and tested. Then my image can get ruin. Which is very bad. I used the spoon and the bloody fork. This was all rubbish. Then I come to know that this is all rubbish. By naming it a hack. So much rubbish is on YouTube. Because no one is taking any responsibility. There is no check and balance. There won’t be any plus or minus point. The more people going to watch your video. The more you will earn. I feel sad because you guys are getting the wrong information. The girl that was making curling video. Her hair were already so curly. I mean if she would have just blow on her hair. Her hair would get more curly. it is so wrong to mislead people like that. I tried it..everything..I was sitting like this. For 2 hours.. I kept on sitting like this. although it was 10-15 mins video.. but the time I wasted I Invested..3-4 hours on preparation… and sometimes. I spend my whole week trying these hack.. First thing was wrapping it was just pure pain. then after doing that… you have to iron it.. and I thought I might get electrocuted. after working hard doing it… then Then I have to iron it. after that what should I do.. should I ask my auntie to come and hold this. Then I have to start doing other. You can easily do this with curling machine. Talk about techniques. Using fork was also very stupid.Have to keep on wrapping. I feel huge amount of my time got wasted. There is so much out there which is selling. Everywhere people are just selling fake information. You have to me more wise regarding this. Consumers need to me more intelligent.. and you guys need to trust Outstyle. Because Change has come. Today’s video I can show you how you can curl your hair. and everything I will do in front of you. You might have notice there comes a cut in the video. The girl is just curly with fork one moment..then there comes the pause. Instantly she have curl her hair with the curly rod. and suddenly she be like”Tada.. I have curl my hair with the fork” There is no such thing. I am going to show everything in front of you. I have been curling my hairs for so many years. One way is with heating… the other without heating One way is using these clips. There was this Vietnamese hairstylist who was making my hair. and when she curl by hair with these.. I was so impressed by it. How is that I never curl my hair like this… You can do this yourself. But not on wet hair. First you will blow dry your hair. You won’t have to give any extra heat to your hair. and if you do the comparison. These are the soft clips. I think these are type of the clips you can easily get whatever city or country you are from. You also have to click on the bell icon. My videos are really fun.. Do check out rest of them. You will be amazed.. It not only matter of good information. Go and ask people how much they love my style. I am crazy like this since my childhood. Talk less.. work more. You have to take 1/1/2 inch of your hair. If you take so much of your hair they won’t get curl Let just take one inch. If you have straight and stuborn hair then take very few hair. You have to curl like this.. did you see? should I repeat? I am repeating it in slow motion. Take two fingers.. and place them here. You will begin from here. This and then Outwards. Curls will always look good when they are outwards. if my hair would have been little longer then it would be more fun showing you guys. How will it work on shorter hair like mine. My edges would not be so good. You can order this clips on Outstyle/shop I love these clips so much.. just like the fish. Here are the teeth. They grip very well. With this there is no grip. You have to grip it yourself But this one has the grip. and here. If you want.. later you can do blow dry over it. But I don’t feel the need. My hair can get easily curl. But not with spoon and forks left side hair I will curl it with the iron. So that we can compare. and you have to tie it like this. and then you have to left it. Then remove it. the loop should remain.. as you can see the hair are curl then you have to fix it like this. It was such a easy thing. then you left them on you keep doing your work while having them on. you hair will keep on curling. I just want to give you guys an idea. that’s why. It will take some time about 20 mins.. you can do something else. Meanwhile.. I will show you how to curl your hair with iron You have to curl outwards. Just one time straighten your hair. It will have a shine. and hair that are flying out will settle Your curl will come very smoothly. I have got a request asking me to tell the movement again. You don’t have to hold like this… instead like this. at the beginning your hand should be like this. then you take this up like this and above like this here. then to avoid burning your hair… you have to curl like this. That you have to leave about half and inch hair at the end. Can you able to see this natural looking curl? Best thing you can do this to clip your hair. First curl the layer at the bottom. Curl look very beautiful in long hair. How your are making section is also very important. again position your hand like this. My iron is quite large. I am using this. The smaller the iron the smaller the curl it will make. This is my favorite iron. because it will rapidly curl and straighten hair. This is babyliss iron One time give it a stroke. almost equal results I don’t see much difference. here I curl with the straightening iron. and here just I use that technique here. Because after having hair treatments. A lot of people ask me about the products. You can have curly spray and moose. But I don’t use them so much because then I feels its not the same natural wave feeling. you have comb them outwards slightly. Like this.. Take the large bunch. Don’t brush single curl My result is coming different because my hair are short. if you have long thicker hair. and when you will make longer curl you don’t have to make large curl when your are making the curl. curl you have to take the same size as I show you. Later you will brush them out by combing them together. Then you will have this long curl In long hair they will look very beautiful If you want this look Like these beachy waves. If I have longer hair… these would have been looking gorgeous. Now.. you might be finding them strange. Click on the bell icon.. So that you can get notification whenever Outstyle post a new video Tell me in the comments. How was your experience. Anything that you want it original.. be it a makeup.. fashion item. cream or any product that you want. Everything is on Sale Original products that we can send in any city or country you are from Please tell me what type of videos you want to see.

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