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Exploring Utila Honduras (2019) Adventure Kayaking and Scuba Diving

Exploring Utila Honduras (2019) Adventure Kayaking and Scuba Diving

We’ve just come out of the mangroves
and it’s just opened up into a beautiful bay, and we can see the island opposite,
which is where we’re canoeing now, to do the dive, absolutely beautiful. Music So it’s our last full morning, waking up on the Island of Utila, and this morning, guess
what? Yes you’ve got it, we’re up bright and early, because we’re going kayaking! Yeah, we’re going to join some of the other guys from Parrots Dive Centre, and we are going to take Kayaks, through the mangroves, to the other side of the island, do a bit
of snorkelling, you hang out on a nice beach, and just enjoy this blue water for
the last day. Yeah, last full day, a bit sad, it’s been a really lovely time here,
we’ve met some incredible people. We have, to be fair the guys at Parrots
and the guys we have dived with. we’ve just had such a blast. Yeah and all the
other divers have just been amazing, they have, they really have, and it’s not
over yet. we got a day of adventure. So we’re off to find some breakfast, yes because
I need pancakes, breakfast then mangroves !! Sugar and caffeine rush. So we’ve come
down for some breakfast at the cafe attached to Parrots, and we thought would
try a couple of local dishes this morning, so we have a baleados, which is
like a a bit like a tortilla bread with meat cheese onions and some refried
beans in the middle, so there’s only one way to eat this !! Oh that is good, the bread is a bit
different from a tortilla, seasoned a lot better, good and will be very filling and
it’s cheap. This is a pastellIto and this is probably the equivalent of a Honduran pastie!! And we ordered a meat one, Oh this is really nice and crispy, this
is really delicious! I think it’s minced beef, it’s got like
little pickle stuff in it, like onions in it, it’s really flavoursome, and
it’s super super cheap it’s only 20 LP. So we’re off on a kayaking trip, bright and early in the morning, with Parrots Dive Centre here in Utila, And how many days, do you get to go kayaking and diving all at the same time ? Sp we decided to go the extra mile and go for the dive as well, because this is something we have never experienced anywhere else ! So what a treat !! What an absolute treat !! So come on down to Parrots and check out the different tours they do!! They are so many dive centres you just dive, but what a treat !! Kayak then plop off !! and this is transportation Island style !! Music So we come down the island, to Cheppes beach, is the main public beach that you can see behind us here on the Island, and it’s very beautiful white sandy beach. If you want to come and hang out on the beach for a bit. Take a look at this Beach
it’s absolutely beautiful, Paradise Island has a Paradise Beach. Music Well this is spectacular, beautiful
beautiful lagoon and mangroves in the background behind us, and then we’ve got these
canoes that we’re going to be canoeing out from today. And the name of this
place is, The Tipsy Tapas? The Venue – oh this is The Venue! So if you come down to The Venue, you can actually hire the kayaks here to go out and see bioluminescence at night, they
have hostel accommodation here as well, and then they have a restaurant called
The Tipsy Tapas. Music So one of the skills is trying to balance the stuff in the back of the kayak! Music So we’ve made it into the canoes without
capsizing, which is always a good start to the day, It was a little close, but
we’re in it wasn’t the most graceful manoeuvre Music So the canoe out to the other side of
the island is about a 45-minute canoe ride, and it’s beautiful, we’ve covered up with suntan lotion, we’ve got the rash guards on to protect us from the sun, and apparently once you get into the mangroves it’s quite well shaded, but we’ve got the bandana on, because I’m a little bit thin on top, what a beautiful day! Music So how nice is this ? I’m at the back of the group, it’s just so peaceful and the mangroves are beautiful. The sun is just starting to come through, although I’m pleased that it’s not beating down too much, and it’s a really really nice canoe ride, I would definitely recommend doing this if you come to Utila. Yes super super cool! Music So you just come out of the mangroves,
and it’s just opened up into a beautiful bay, and we can see the island opposite,
which is where we’re canoeing to, to do the dive. Absolutely beautiful. Music So we’ve arrived on the island and we’re just going to do a little bit of boat manoeuvring Music So we’ve had an amazing dive, we’ve gone
back to the little island that you can see behind me, and we’ve canoed back to
this lovely little beach we’re about to get some lunch, and Marianne is just putting more suntan lotion on because she’s burnt her legs already, even though she put factor 50 and it’s all good we having a fun time or what guys ? Everyone cheers !! Ham and cheese wraps for lunch, hey ? Cheese and Ham !! okay controversial Cheese and Ham or ham and cheese!! Cheese and ham!! I
put the cheese in before the ham !! There’s not many places that you can
have a picnic lunch on an island like this. Is there my lovely? I think this has got to be way up there, on the most beautiful places that we’ve had a picnic!! So it doesn’t matter, where you are in
the world, there’s always plastic on the beach, and as part of our little break
here after our lunch, we’re all doing a quick beach clean, just so that we can
leave this beach a little bit nicer than when we arrived. Music Well in the name of journalism I’m
hiding and taking refuge under a little balcony outside on this beautiful
paradise island of Utila, and I’m gonna try and share with you the storm that we
are having. Ninja-style haha like me !! ha ha Thunder and Lightening – look at that for some stormy weather !! hey back off! give me my shoe
back. Well you’re not expecting to have the
shoe taken by a crab, that’s for sure! Go get it cat !!

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    Best wishes of safe wonderful travels

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