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Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Explore the ocean with Google Maps

Heron Island, Great Barrier Reef Google Maps in partnership with The Catlin Seaview Survey introduces our first underwater Street View collection Hello world. dive deeper at

97 thoughts on “Explore the ocean with Google Maps”

  1. почему рыбам и черепахам не замазали лица? гугл не уважает личную жизнь рыб? XD

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  4. Wow I haven't seen that, that's really impressive. I'm sure my comment will never get anywhere near that many likes haha, that's just ridiculous.

  5. Eh, it's in a different language so I have no idea what's going on there. Plus it looks like the comments are manipulated so only certain ones get posted, so I can't really count that video. Not to say it's not impressive, but something's fishy there (no pun intended lol).

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  7. Ooh very nicely done, didn't know about the first comment on YouTube thing but that right there is the greatest of all time, no doubt about it. Nice find on the Firefox one too.

  8. I remember going outside and seeing a car with google maps on the side and a ball thing on top of it and I was like a "Hmm what's that… OH WAIT SHIT IM ON GOOGLE MAPS NOW!!!"

  9. you cannot explore the oceans with google maps. i have tried it and it does not work. you can see oceans pictures with google images. the walking person on google maps will drown. haha

  10. We enjoy these immensely being mostly homebound. We can travel from our chairs. My son has partial sight only in his left eye & unlike TV,he can use magnifiers to get a better look,pause,review, etc. Good job!

  11. I have google earth pro on my computer, but it doesn't let me dive, I tried the exact same place in this video… please help 🙁

  12. Excelente iniciativa, los felicito y agradezco muuuucho!
    Es impresionante lo útiles que son estas herramientas

  13. Everyone that says
    This would be really useful for when appel drives you into the ocean.
    It's copied and pasted from top comment videos and website so stfu.

  14. This would be a Cool Game or App for Virtual Travel! Hey! It's just a thought! If you can't get There! At least you can LQQK around with it! AMEN

  15. Thank you.. thank you… thank you Google…. Hopefully this will help us to appreciate how amazing the world under the water is… Hopefully governments and people in general become more conscious and more compassionate towards the oceans and the life that depends on them…

  16. I googled the same exact location and tried to reproduced on both Google Chrome and Google Earth software and couldn't get it and neither 3 other top 10 most popular dive spots around the world… wtf

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