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EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Big plans for Wookies and Alpine Volks Fair!

EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Big plans for Wookies and Alpine Volks Fair!

if you’re an automotive enthusiast that
significance of the tail of the dragon can’t be ignored this is an iconic road
where enthusiasts from all around the country come to test their skills
constant twists and turns through an 11 mile mountain road make the Tail of the
Dragon one of those beautiful and engaging drives on the East Coast this
amazing Road is the reason that every year VW enthusiasts gather at the dragon
for an event focused around driving wookies in the woods is an awesome
driving event which comes around every *April, this event started as a gathering
for r32 enthusiasts and is now an r32 and Golf R focused event with all
variety of VW and Audi owners joining in the name wookies in the woods comes from the sound of the vr6 engine found in the r32 the distinct exhaust note as the vr6
engine winds through those mountain roads is reminiscent of the Star Wars
wookie Fontana village where the event is
located is booked solid with nothing but VW enthusiasts unlike most car shows
this event isn’t one where you spend most of your time hanging around parked
cars looking at them it’s intended to be a place to drive amazing roads to your
heart’s content. Charles and I have been attending wookies in the woods for many
years now since the event is so open-ended we thought it might be cool
to put together something fun for people looking for a unique experience at
Wookies in the woods our vision was one part Road Rally and the other part fun
with other VW enthusiasts so we’re putting to get there Das Rallye an
exclusive event were we cruise, hang and do a VW themed scavenger hunt so that leads
up to today we’re gonna be going to the tail of the dragon and then Helen and
not just us but also our boy chops this guy Charles be humble
mechanic one and only so we have two days to plan these two events so we have
a pretty tight timeline so we got to go let’s do it it’s also cold so we’re
heading out a couple months early so that we can go scout and see what will
really make this these two events be a super fun time a lot of really cool
stuff to do and really cool cruise routes should be fun I am taking a lot
of notes and that is my role also sitting here is something I’m good at
backseat note-taking we are on our way to Fontana first and then most likely
tonight we’re gonna drive to Helen once we complete our planning stuff at
Fontana look forward to details on that coming from us which are going to be the
event registration possibly if anybody who wants to be a part of it because it
is a limited first off on a potential place where
we’re gonna have our meetup either during or after our crews at will keys
so apparently Charles wearing appropriate shoes so much not like me
check it out what are those though I feel like I
should swing my feet when I sit on here like the hair like this I do miss my
super we just got done eating at our spot
Nathan’s not going to tell you where this is because we don’t want to
disclose that secret information current show that god there’s someone
chainsawing stuff in the background which makes an ideal place to shoot
video oh wow he’s way up there that’s definitely gonna hit the roof roadie
fellow roof oh you got a rope oh that’s nice do you think until your vault me
yeah I don’t know trying to hang on to my hair as long as I can I owe a buddy I
got lots of gray I’m looking very like Silver Fox like I would happily have
gray hair I have not as long as I have hair we got a really cool route that we
have planned out including this place which is a good stopping point for us to
hang out eat so stay tuned is this where your oil is coming from oh wait did I do
a dipstick retrofit dipstick we’re at Fontana at the Village Inn the
guys went inside to go to the bathroom we’re checking out some stuff here so we
are gonna be finding some of our trivia items around here to try to figure out
what we’re gonna do for the scavenger hunt to be part of our event so fun
facts about the stock wheels on the Audi they have all season tires but the other
wheels I had do not so I’ve had plenty of experience being from Jersey driving
on snowy roads and not having issues with those tires even though summer
tires usually they’re not great in the snow but they’re usually not terrible
but the Michelin pß that I have on there are completely horrible one time so in
our area and I got stuck about 60 feet from my driveway now I Drive down the
street until I get to about here that was embarrassing no but you have to step down yeah but
that’s the floor but that’s the floor up there don’t have floor the top yeah you
at home how many do when you count steps yeah
you’d miss a step right here I say yes to the consent the consensus is the top
includes a step but the bottom doesn’t count here’s why
you ready here’s why it’s just brown oh look there’s somebody has a mate own so
wait what happens then no there’s 11 short definition of a step is having a
vertical step agent or a vertical face one two three four five six seven eight
nine ten vertical faces how many vertical faces
my faces are on that stair staircase people have no yes no this is cool
we actually are pretty excited both shoes harls and the guys all the guys
involved here max Nathan and probably anybody else would be involved in these
events obviously super limited people but these events we think are gonna be
pretty awesome Taylor Dragon behind us here and this
this thing made of all car parts a good time a good time average looking company
yeah average on just below average just it’s kind of a race to the bottom and
you’re hung we think we put together it’s gonna be killer it’s gonna be cool
for the people involved with it make sure you bring your sharpies make sure
you make sure you bring a shark we will need a pen for this assignment
hello ex you’re gonna Helen Georgia cut the hell in Georgia ha well we’re
stopping somewhere no we’re not Oh cutting our travel stellar Helen is
located in the Appalachian Mountains of Georgia this town went from a logging
town decline to a Bavarian style alpine village known for tourism in the
European enthusiast community Helen is known for a show formerly hosted there
called sowo. sowo was one of the most popular and beloved vents in the US
attendees would book their hotel a year in advance to ensure they had their spot
for the following year in 2015 a small german town could no longer contain the
event the event was overshadowed by large crowds partying littering and
doing burnouts in the streets this led to the cancellation of the show in 2019
some enthusiasts who loved Helen so much work to give the town assurance they
could host an event and keep it under control
alpine vag fare had first event on May 12th 2019 we attended the event with
Charles and documented the event on video after the first successful year
this event is coming back as Alpine Volks Fair. the guys who host Alpine
open to create an event similar to worthersee an event in Austria which is the
largest vw event in the world this event is known for having the primary
event being worthersee and many events happening all around in the surrounding
areas this was the original inspiration for das rallye
although helen is known for the town itself there are tons of great roads
surrounding it we think these roads and a really awesome German town make for a
great combination for our rally we’re in hellen now
it’s Christmas in January yes it probably takes a while you know this
stuff down this audit there’s a lot of lace here it looks gorgeous crystal
Christmas carol has been here my goodness it’s Christmas it’s not Christmas most of the stuff in
Ruth’s gingerbread man that’s a nutcracker I would erase the mustache because why
would you you would never have the mustache go over the red cheeks so last
night we did some maybe some logistical planning but not actually planning of
our event so we’re gonna be doing some driving today to try to get a feel for
some of the driving part of the event we’re gonna do so we’re gonna eat
breakfast now and then get on the road well I guess it’s gonna be a long walk
back I’m I’m dialing up an uber right now long as there’s not a note if I’m
just aiming the camera here you see a little bear head peak up like and then
the mama bear just comes what’s gonna be your favorite part you think of all
these rallies like the pictures and video of everybody’s cars and all of us
driving and cruising together like this is a pretty wicked road yeah just
imagine like 2030 Volkswagens rolling down this road mob and it’ll be cool
this will be a cool shot like yeah just everyone it’s practically just like a hole in the
floor it’s just like it’s basically a like a pipe that dude it looks like a
hole I don’t want to go in here really I push
them in pusherman yeah I feel that going I do not want to be in this what just go
in there there’s a prima donna oh it’s like one of these boulders oh my god
just leave your keys in the car it does have a porta potti scent he’s trying to
get out all the way I told you it’s gross
No yeah yeah this I’m through this is
coincidentally this is where we ripped the all track to get it as muddy as
possible can we take you can we take the Audi through here no I’m doing it the
smell this is bad so here we are at one of the potential
spots were likely going to use this area for it it’s a very high area so you can
see all behind me we’re basically in the clouds because it is so high in
elevation and yeah it’s cool spots do not climb or play on fence if you fell
through there it would be a very steep fall you probably die max try highest
point in Jogja he’s about to be the highest man in Georgia well Nathan’s too
tall so he’s the hot gonna be the high as manager so what happens if we
encounter a bear I’ll run you I’m faster than you so you’re gonna die on camera
though cuz you have the game huh so there’s some people out of breath breath
certainly but sweat now I feel my heart pumping a little bit
that’s the sound of the blood because we’ve been sitting in a car for two days
then we’re like Lima yeah they did I’m already eating a jacket that’s my
excuse tell me how you feeling right now slightly death like this is the hill
that they climbed up or at least the final leg it makes it look impressive it
is 0.6 mile or less yeah I just saw that sign I didn’t see a rattlesnake sign
before we should put that at the bottom of the hill no you get to the top that’s
what I asked Charles Charles and I made it here Yeah right it looks like nothing
this is actually this is a very steep angle this one we’re coming up to is
real steep it looks like nothing on camera but this is 30 feet drop that I
will I will punch one of you and then jump into the woods this is where a boss
would take us if if we had one this is where I put a trophy
it was totally worth it for the view he was killer the wind was great here it
has a nice dampness was at least 100 I think I have wind wind burned let’s wrap
this up yeah we’re gonna go back to how many go back to Helen get some wedding
finish some planning and grub look lunch and then lunch roll balance and then
second lunch turtle riding around with some bugs in
the dog they’re really small riding a flake there’s a dog that’s the size of a
squirrel school dog if it’s bigger than a dog I need to kneel down this is our
children I think we’re not we’re just big children medieval hoops
so we’ve finalized planning all of our event make sure you stay tuned from for
him and I will announce more details about both these events for Helen and
wookiees if you’re not familiar Nathan will link in the description below both
events so if you’re interested in details about them you can check them
out peace out peace out stay tuned stay safe

43 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE EVENT: Big plans for Wookies and Alpine Volks Fair!”

  1. The reason I bought my retirement home property where I did in North Georgia (3 minutes from Brasstown Bald actually) was the close proximity to the Tail of the Dragon. Hurry up 12 more years so I can run it year-round!

    Edit: also sorry for my almost daily parts orders ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Would love to drive my 9n3 gti on tail of the dragon……..shame me and my car are 4000miles away ๐Ÿ˜‚.

    And in Europe

  3. I am definitely down for this event. Thanks for doing all the research and planning. I hope that I can actually be apart of the fun.

  4. I just came back from Helen where thatdudeinblue just reviewed my mk7 R! Richard b Russell scenic highway is one of the greatest roads Iโ€™ve ever been on in my life, If I can get off work, I need to make it out to Wookies.

  5. You guys aren't counting steps the "wrong" way….you're counting them the "Euro" way! Because in Europe, buildings have the ground floor, then the 1st floor (their 1st floor is our 2nd floor…). But the problem of having a different number going up vs going down, that part needs a little work.

  6. So are you planning on a separate rally for WITW and AVF? I won't be able to make it to WITW but will be at AVF again this year and would love to do something like this.

  7. Oooooh heck yeah I will be doing this. See you guys in March with my Pure Grey 35th Edition GLI on the Dragon! Plus super sad the weather was crap for the Toys for Tots drive you guys did and had to miss it. So this is my make up trip out…

  8. man, I loveddddd this episode….. it's so good to see you guys goofing around and having fun ๐Ÿ™‚ Cheers, Don, Perth W.Australia

  9. I wanted to take my new R to Wookies in the Woods this year so badly but it sold out so quickly! Maybe next year…

    This thing you guys are planning sounds fun though. I'll be looking forward to the announcement and seeing if I can at least get in on it.

  10. I know where you stopped for lunch!! Love that area! I do a brews cruise not far from there to a few breweries! Great spot!

  11. Definitely interested in bringing my GTI to the rally. All depends on the scheduling though. Hopefully it'll work out

  12. my r32 got ran under a bus :/rebuilding with a mk6 r front end hopefully itโ€™ll be done in time to make it there!

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