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Erin Jackson Became A Speed Skater Four Months Ago. Now, She’s Making Olympic History. [Insights]

Erin Jackson Became A Speed Skater Four Months Ago. Now, She’s Making Olympic History. [Insights]

– Making the Olympic team after
being out here for less than a
year, it was definitely a shock. And —
wow! Every day I’m getting out there, I’m getting more and more
comfortable with the ice. So, hopefully, one day it will
feel like second nature. What I like most is just the
feeling of being able to go
fast. I feel like that’s what has
drawn me to skating over all the
years. I grew up on roller skates. I’ve been an inline speed skater
for about 15 years now and I got into roller
derby in 2012. Roller derby has played a big
part in my cross-training, and the roller derby community
is awesome. They’ve been following my
journey and they’ve been super
supportive. Eventually, we have to make the
jump over to the ice if we want to pursue any Olympic
dreams. My first steps on the ice were
back in September 2016. I wasn’t very good or stable, but I got an email from the
talent coordinator with U.S. speedskating in Salt
Lake City. And he’s like “Hey, like, when
can we get you out here, you know, to try long track.” I moved out to Salt Lake City in
September 2017, and by January I had made the
Olympic team. It was pretty intense. When I crossed the line in that
second 500 meter race out here
in Milwaukee, it was definitely unexpected. I shocked myself; I shocked a
lot of people. I couldn’t really put into
words everything I was feeling in that
moment. So, I’m just looking forward to
being someone that these young
African American kids, or people in general, can look
to. I’m the first African American
woman on the long track
speedskating team. We also have Shani Davis, who
was the first African American
period. And then Maame Biney was the
first African American woman on the short track speed skating
team. It is kind of a historic moment
to have the three of us on U.S. speed skating teams this
year. It would be nice if it wasn’t
such an historic moment — it would be nice if it was more
commonplace. But, you know, where we are now,
it’s a big deal. Making it this year has been
amazing. And my goal going into the
Olympic games will be to get
faster and faster each time I get out
there, and see where that puts me in
comparison to the rest of the

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  1. Very nice will put video on an interesting unfamiliar subject with a real down to earth person sharing their experience! Bravo

  2. Black people what are not great at is the question. I mean in 4 months lol. Black girl magic, black excellence at it's ultimate best.

  3. black people in the comments section are racists. actually always under a video where a black person is successful. america is so fucked. geez.

  4. Black people could take over hockey, golf, tennis and any other majority white sport if they really wanted to.

  5. The title makes it seem like she went from not knowing how to skate to being an Olympian in just 4 months… when actually she'd been skating for 15 years but just made the transition from roller speed skating to ice speed skating. That's a little different XD Erin Jackson has been awesome to watch skating in the World Roller Games and other high level roller speed skating events

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