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Eric Radford on Music, Skating and Living a Dream

Eric Radford on Music, Skating and Living a Dream

♪ [upbeat piano] When I think about where I am,
in my career today, I feel like I’m
living a dream. I’m right where I’ve
always wanted to be and I’m also seeing,
sort of like, the light at the end
of the tunnel, in a way. Because I’m approaching
the end of my career. ♪ ♪ I started playing the piano when
my brother had a music project when he was in grade eight. And I snuck into his room
and we had a little keyboard, and I taught myself
When the Saints Go Marching In.
I went to my mum
and I said, “I would really like to learn
how to play the piano.” I’m still figuring out my own
creative process. I think it really just comes
from partly my brain and partly
my heart. And you know, and they sort of
meet in the middle and it comes out
of my fingers. I started my music degree just
before I moved to Montreal, I did two years. And then I wasn’t able to keep
on doing it when I started with Meagan, our schedule
became too hectic. Patrick and I, we were at an
event with our federation. There was a grand piano at
the hotel we were staying at and I started playing. He kind of wandered over
and he was like, “What is this?” And I was
like, “It’s one of
the songs I’ve learned.” He’s like,
“No way!” He’s like
“This is so pretty, like I’d love
to skate to this” I thought he was
kind of joking and I sent him my ideas
the next day and about two and a half weeks later
I got a text message saying, “We are going to use
your free program.” And I was just– It was probably similar to,
like, winning Worlds. I mean to have a skater with
the profile and the talent of Patrick, to skate to
one of my songs and for him to sort of
bring it to life, is… it’s–
I just feel so lucky. ♪ ♪ I feel a lot more involved
in his skating now. I’ve always appreciated
his skating but now when
I watch it, I really do feel like I’m
out there with him. And it’s a really
interesting experience. to be there
and see him make a part of me
come to life like that. I was just at high-performance
camp and when he went to skate and everybody
was there watching – we had a lot of officials
and specialists there. I felt
extremely insecure. And as much
as Meagan and I, and athletes
and especially figure skaters, we put ourselves out there
on the ice in a sport that is very subjective
and it’s judged, so people can form
opinions about it. No matter how
beautiful a piece is, there’s going to be somebody
that doesn’t like it. And so I’m really putting this
deep part of my soul out there. It’s kind of scary because I
know that there will be people that are like, “This is so boring.” “He’s obviously got no
talent in music.” “He should give up.” But music is
going to be a huge part
of my life after skating. I’d love to go back
and finish my music degree and pursue music the same way
and on the same level that I pursued skating. My new, impossible
dream would be to win an Oscar for best
original score. Sometimes I just feel like I’m
being stupid but then I wanted to be a world champion
and I thought I was being stupid and it
all happened. So I guess you never
really know what is possible. ♪ ♪

7 thoughts on “Eric Radford on Music, Skating and Living a Dream”

  1. This is such a nice story! I just adore Eric Radford; beautiful skater and musician- a perfect blend of athlete/artist.

  2. I love it. It's crazy to think of winning an oscar but eric radford – olympic gold/bronze medalist + oscar winner sounds just right.

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