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Elsa’s Ice Skating Rink and Masha’s Snowmobile

Elsa’s Ice Skating Rink and Masha’s Snowmobile

(You can hear space sounds) (You can hear a siren) (You can hear space sounds) Robotoy: Hi boys and girls and welcome to
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every day! (You can hear feet skating) Hi boys and girls and welcome to TOYS on the
go! Today we’re going to go ice skating with
Anna and Elsa And we’re going to race on a snowmobile
with Masha and Olaf Which one do you think is the most fun? Let’s start…! Wow! What a cool skating rink Elsa’s got! It also has a fountain that moves when they
skate And look how the girl plays on this side Elsa skates… And the frozen fountain is magical! I’m going to open the box to see everything
that’s inside I bet you guys want to see it too, right? Look ,the house in Arendelle, how cool are
they!! The magical fountain… The Elsa doll… The skating rink where Elsa and Anna are going
to skate… An instructions manual so we don’t botch
up putting it together… A lamppost with bunting on it… And Oaken Globtrotter! Now I’m going to put together the staking
rink You’ll soon see how great it turns out! The houses go here Oaken’s stand on this side Look at the cool jugs he’s got This is the magical fountain And it attaches here Look at the beautiful Elsa doll Isn’t her dress cool?! Elsa: Hi friends! Elsa: I’ve organised an ice skating exhibition Elsa: Don’t miss it, it’ll be great fun Olaf: Can I take part too? I love skating Anna: Me too Elsa: Okay, but I’m going first Have you seen that the skating rink is in
the shape of a heart? How lovely! And look at the fountain While Elsa skates the water moves up and down Anna: Good morning Mr Globetrotter Anna: I’ll have a cup of tea with my sister,
Elsa, please Oaken: Of course! Help yourself! Anna fills two cups of tea One is for herself Anna: Mmmm it’s delicious! And the other one is for Elsa Elsa: It’s delicious! Elsa: Anna, it’s your turn, you can skate
now Olaf: Hey! I asked first! Olaf: Alright, I stay here looking at the
fountain Anna: La la  la la la Anna: Skating is so much fun! Anna: Weeeeeee Olaf: Urm, when’s it going to be my turn? Olaf: I’m getting bored waiting Wow boys and girls! Look who’s coming! It’s Masha on her snowmobile! Masha: Weeeeeee Masha: How fun is this! Anna: Hi Masha, we’re doing a skating exhibition Masha: Cool! Can I stay and watch it? Masha, Anna and Olaf watch Elsa’s staking
exhibition Masha: Hey, you exhibition was really cool,
but I prefer my snowmobile Elsa: Really? Masha: Yeah, I’m going to go for a ride
on it with Olaf, okay? Elsa: Good idea, I’m sure he’ll love it Masha: Olaaaf! Come for a ride on mi snowmobile Olaf: Weeeeeee! Olaf: This is so much fun! Olaf: Aaaaaaa! Olaf: Weeeeee! What about you guys which one did you like
more the skating or the snowmobile? Don’t wait any longer and subscribe to the
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