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Ellen Discovers the Butt Luge

Ellen Discovers the Butt Luge

It is spring break. Anybody here on
spring break today? [AUDIENCE CLAPS] Ooh, yeah, it’s spring break. You can tell because
people are going crazy. Long story short, mom
is pregnant, again. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] You might not know
this, but spring break is thousands of years old. In order to have a good harvest,
Mayans would take a week off to pray to Sammy Hagar. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] True story. Actually, no–
nobody really knows where spring break started,
because everyone was too drunk. But, today, I’m going to tell
you the history of spring break drinking. All right. In the beginning, there were
shots, and they were good. But then you had to
do it all by yourself, so somebody invented this. This is called a Shotski. You have four shot
glasses, and everyone has to do a shot at the same time. Because if there’s one thing
drunk people are good at, it’s coordination. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] But people wanted to
have more than just one serving at a time, so they
came up with the beer bong. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Yeah. This forces beer into
your mouth using gravity. So kids are using physics. That college tuition
is really paying off. Only one person could use
the beer bong at a time, so someone invented this. It is called Bongzilla. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] It’s like six bad
decisions at once. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] And the thing is that you know
that these things are clean, right? For sure. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Now, you probably heard
of the body shots, right? Where somebody==yeah. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] You’d do a shot out of
somebody’s bellybutton. Anybody ever done a body
shot, a bellybutton thing? [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] A handful of people who
are not ashamed to say it. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] Everyone else is about
to and then like– [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] –not going to admit to that. All right. Well, here’s something else. There’s called an ice luge. Have you seen this where
you pour a shot down a slide right into your mouth? It seems like the alcohol
is having all the fun. It’s on a– [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] — on a ski, it’s in a tube,
it’s going down a slide. The newest drink on spring break
combines a body shop and an ice luge. It’s something– It’s
truly terrible, really. It’s called a butt luge. Now– [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] –do you know what I’m
talking about before I? All right. I can’t really show you
a real picture of it. But, basically, I drew this. This is how it works. [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] So– [AUDIENCE LAUGHS] –what happens is one person
pours beer down the back– actually, I can’t
show that diagram. Take that down, that’s a–

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  1. I'm a student from wits university in south africa. One of my goals is to come to you when i have a job after my degree.

  2. Ellen I'm your great fan, I'm watching you from 3 years.
    and belive me Ellen you gave me support, you gave me hope and confidence, you gave me courage to come out as a gay.
    I'm a gay and I support you I'm your great fan.

  3. which channel your show come up? I am from The middle east I want to see your full show not only minutes 🙁

  4. so looking forward to coming to LA. praying that we get tickets. Thank you for all the joy you bring us everyday.And I hope you still have the stuffed gorillas. Thanks Ellen ?

  5. Please please please watch the yodeling kid. Search it up on youtube it's hilarious. The youtuber is Sonell Official

  6. Hey Ellen i been watching you for a very long time i am 11years old i live in California and me and my mom is having a hard time right now my mom works at adt and I have 3 brother and sisters and my mom and dad are divorced and right now my mom is living in my dad home she is trying to find a home but she can not and she has to move out but she can't because she has to pay for us kids and car and my dad does not help her . Please help us .p.s. I love you and your show. my name is Jazirah Torres

  7. Ok gals/guys, here’s the deal. I upload videos as frequently as possible because my mind has so much ideas that I want to put to use. Here’s the catch. I need subscribers who enjoy a mixture between beauty and lifestyle videos. I don’t have time to be begging away on every single video I see on YouTube for someone to watch my videos. You either like it or not. Tell me what you think about my videos, click the like or dislike button. subscribe or even just view the damn video. Be real with me. Thank you.

  8. Guys on a quick side note. I don’t know what I am going to do for prom. My family can’t afford to buy me a dress and I just am actually going crazy because my mom couldn’t go to her prom for that exact reason and I really wanna go. If there’s any sites that you guys know of that can help out with a dress please let me know. I will be for ever grateful ? thank you!!

  9. Hi Ellen!!! Hope you are having a most fantastical day, because that's the kind of day that you bring to every one of the lives that you touch on a daily basis. Thank you for the smiles, laughter, and love! Be kind to one another!

  10. Is this show still a day time show?? Or is it normal for US? I thought it was a family friendly show. Can’t imagine watching this segment with family.

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