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Downhill Longboarding Skateboarding while Sitting to Downtown Tacoma Washington

Downhill Longboarding Skateboarding while Sitting to Downtown Tacoma Washington

Mobbin’ down the street. My posse’s gettin big and my posse’s gettin bigger! Alright, bail out. We bought some stuff at a garage sale. We couldn’t resist. It was a ‘Gods Must Be Crazy’ dvd. And a tennis racket. And glitter wrapping paper that Steff could not resist. Did you see all that stuff? Come here. She sees more stuff. What is it? Lamp shade… Oh a duck!! A duck! Can you strap this to the back of that? No!! Noooooo. No. No. It’s all free. No you’re not taking the duck. I am taking the duck. No you’re not. Yes I am. * big sigh * She want the freakin duck Jake. This way? This way? Ah that was a nice street! Which one was that 11th? Yeah. This is sweet man! Car. Hahahaha Ha ha ha! This is the fastest way down really. It’s the fastest way. Owe! It’s like bobsledding. Whoa this is steep! I’m not going to have any shoes left. I know. Why do you think all my shoes are worn down? It’s gettin’ real steep and fast now. Whoa! See. That’s why my shoes are all worn down. Slow! Put on the breaks! * laughter * Hi. Whoa whoa. Just made it. Ha ha ha. Ha ha. Is that funny? That was a great ride man. It’s like a sled. It’s like a sled on the cement. Uh oh yellow light. Uh oh. Don’t hit me! You ok? Coming in behind you, coming in behind. Ha ha ha. Nice man. Hell yeah. Happy pride.

7 thoughts on “Downhill Longboarding Skateboarding while Sitting to Downtown Tacoma Washington”

  1. I bet you had alot of fun and great video to watch too!! I've not been on skateboard for years but who knows next summer. Great place for down hill too. Was that a real Duck? Weather looked pretty good.

  2. I love longboarding with you daredevil girl! We have so much fun together… everyday is a new adventure! Let the good times roll!

  3. I understand why she took the duck. I would have done the same lol ? this was a fun video! But be careful when you are crossing the street like that. I'm sure you are hard to see if you are laying down on the longboard. Be safe! ✌

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