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Olá Youtube my name is Ricardo lino and I’m a
wheel addict today we’re going to do a review about these cakes and these case
are the duke swift 100 2017 what’s different in this case compared to the
previous Swift versions well I had the 2016 version and I think it was the 2015
the yellow one was in 2015 – yellow with blue and pink and there was another one
which was the grey with little pink and green details there was a 2016 DS one I
don’t know if I’m saying anything wrong but I think that the previous versions
were 110 and these ones are 100 why am I saying these well compared to the
previous version I felt these a little bit more stable I don’t know if it’s
because one is 110 and the other one is 100 I might be saying something wrong
but I do know that this frame is more solar than the previous version it’s
still them the most affordable frame from power slide which is that folded
aluminum one but on these one you can see that it’s reinforced and then on
this frame this frame is rocker ball which means that you can pull every
single wheel up or down depending on what you want I know that for a lot of
people it doesn’t make sense because it’s a short wheelbase and when you’re
skating with the short wheelbase you don’t really need to rocker your skate
but I think it’s a question of preference for me I like to even on the
short wheelbase I like to put my my front wheel up a little bit sometimes
but also depends on what I’m doing these skates I use them mostly for
transportations so at the transportation skate I don’t
two rocker disc aids so I’m not going to rock with this case I just kick all the
wheels down I could pull them up and then I would be a little bit lower which
means a little bit more control but until now I’ve been riding with them
down and that is worse for me main difference between these kids in the
previous version I don’t know if I can show you but the previous version on top
here it’s kind of like a fast screwing system you know those fast tightening
systems for the bicycle seats it only tool that you can just type to see that
any time put it higher lower whatever you want well it was something like that
but made for inline skates but somehow that would come loose easier so on this
version latest version of these dupes the dupes we’ve 2017 they are not like
that they don’t have that fast system not really a problem – carrier – right
and this for me it’s not I would rather carry two and be able to adjust them
just like this but the reason why this case that that system that I just told
you it’s because they are expandable when you buy this Cape there’s the small
version that goes from European 36 to 42 and the biggest version that goes from
42 up and the reason why I got this skate is because I’m supposed to shoot a
promo video for powerslide also because I’m shooting that promo video I did not
want to take the hill break out I wanted to keep the air brake and let me tell us
something I’ve been enjoying it I even learned some tricks with these things I
think it somehow works especially if you use your skate for transportation the
worst thing about the piece he’ll break he’ll stop or whatever you want to call
it it’s that it makes the skate longer for me that sometimes carry my escape on
a scooter it makes it a little bit harder to carry it but other than that I
didn’t really felt the post talk meeting the other skate walk crossing when I
need to turn or something like that I didn’t really felt that as a
disadvantage and I did enjoy skating with it I was also using these skates
for filming these kids the day I was shooting a little promo
video for like a kid skate for powerslide and I used these kids to film
and it was quite cool because I could control the speed instead of doing a
piece top or anything like that that you do usually to control speed how reducing
the ill break without losing any control so it goes a little bit against what
I’ve been teaching people all my life I’ve been telling people the whole time
that you don’t need to heal stop I always give the same example which is
it’s like adding a car with one brake only on the right rear wheel or in the
left rear wheel or whatever it’s not I haven’t really enjoying it so except to
use just ride it if you get these K so if you get a skate with the hilltop try
it you can even do some tricks with it why not admit I did enjoy other than that then this case they also
have a front buckle instead of a strap some people like to the straps better
because like soft and all that stuff but the truth is these Alps
you can tight it a little bit more with ease and in my opinion I like the
plastic makes it a little bit more solid also the buckle on top makes it more
solid and with these you know it’s not going to lose any can I say that when
the vector is not gluing anymore I don’t know the words so if you know we’ll just
let me know in the comments I’m sorry about that then what happens also is
because it doesn’t have that system that I just told you before the one that is
like a size tightening system then it’s like a little shock absorber on the
inside which is these one and these shock absorber used to get stuck in the
skate now because it doesn’t have that system anymore just has a screw these
one becomes loose but I fix it house double-sided tape on the inside put it
back in so no problem won’t lose it anymore then something cool this case
like I told you before they use mostly for transportation so they are this
thing in the back which is like a cool way to tear them and when you’re done
with this just go here and see if I can do these please you just carry them like
this it’s just a little detail I don’t know if you like to carry it both on the
same hand or whatever just a little bit oh it looks quite cool and the callers
my favorite thing is in my opinion it’s the best-looking doop so far I like
these different shades of grey and I don’t think it’s white maybe it’s white
and just different shades of gray and super light grey white whatever it is I
think that’s it all so now that you know about the skate
what do you need to know well these kids roll fast like they come with like with
good bearings they come with wicked bearings I think it’s a back nine
bearings they can with wicked a back nine bearings the wheel well then don’t
draw as fast as undercover wheels but they’re still quite fast I can’t really
complain about the wheels the thing is these wheels don’t like as long as
undercover wheels so I took them for riding a really really rough road and
then I can see right away that they go faster but they’re also a lot softer
than the dura mater that I usually use with undercover wheels I usually go for
85 or 88 degrees at 85 also but they feel softer they’re made in different
factories and that’s probably the reason why I feel this one’s a little bit
softer I like the under covers more and there would be something that I would
change but because I got these wheels to shoot a problem I need to keep the
skates the way they come now the most important thing about dupes is the and
by these I mean shoes the shoes you gonna wear will make these kids feel
completely different if you want to ride them with something like this or like
these like a regular running shoe they do not work in my opinion it’s the worst
type of shoe that you can use what usually the top of this shoe soft then
the sole it’s not flat on the sides it goes like a little bit like this the
more it goes to the ground the wire it gets so these doesn’t really work with
dupes capes also the heel is higher and with the shock absorber that I just show
you you’ll feel like you’re too tall in the back and other than that they’re
usually also a little bit point here so nope the running shoes are not the shoe
that you should be using with those then these ones
well it might work I don’t know I haven’t tried these ones
maybe you can go to a wedding or something and use your dukes but for me
no big ones flip-flops yet you can write Dukes with flip-flops I wouldn’t tell
you it’s the best it can’t work if it’s really really hot I remember a few years
ago in Portugal I did use some some shadow skates with flip-flops and even
sometimes barefoot I think even met you I know man this pro aggressive inline
skater did like a lot of crazy tricks just barefoot with channels you can do
it but if on the other shoes I told you they’re not stable enough think you got
the answer huh but at least they’re like flat on the side this one the back is
too high my favorite shoes to skate with dukes are something like these kind of
like a sled so like I just told you round front and then like a sled shoe
you don’t want to shoot you have like the heels super high and like I told you
you want the size of the shoe to be flat this is a chrome shoe like a limited
edition from Red Bull we’ll give it to me on a fixed-gear event in San
Francisco thousand and thirteen or fourteen I don’t really remember but
these work really well also last year I eat you the promo with the other dupes
them the dude who was the name of that I think was a dupe freestyle they were
like kind of Beach and brown and I used these shoes and these shoes are some
gravy that we see gravy slings I think that’s the name of it but they are super
soft on top this so like I told you before flat on the side it does work but
even the shoes it’s like super flumsy so it does not work as good as the ones
that I told you something that I think it works good is these converses two
all-stars these ones the work these ones not that good so I would go
with the lower of our covers or something like this it doesn’t need to
be any of these brands we can do whatever you want
look what I just did not too smart huh you can choose and think that’s it I
think I explained you I think about these gates if you’re looking for a
transportation cage or something that you can even share at home like you want
to buy curved kids but it’s not your main skate but at the same time you want
to escape that your wife or your girlfriend or your daughter or your son
can use this is a really good option at the Maine skate I wouldn’t use it myself
but for a lot of people that’s what they’re looking for the use for skate
for transportation and all that I think it’s not as stable as a Imperial boot
like the power sliding period or and your other brands also have it I think
it’s the rollerblade twister or the Seba fr this is not as stable as that but
it’s hard to justify if you use it with the right shoes it’s stable enough and
at the same time you can always adjust the place where you have the frame if
you feel like your foot are bending a little bit to the inside of the outside
this is not ufs on these ones you can just adjust the frame to the side that
you want and I will correct your bad foot position like if you if you’re
putting your feet too much on to eat around the inside or on the outside you
can just if you put too much on the inside you just push the frame here and
then use slowly gonna start putting your feet like straighter so this should work
so I’ll show you some clips from last week when my buddy Kevin James is from
Canada we lived in Barcelona but it was in South Africa for all the days with
his wife and we went out skating so we did film a few clips I was with this
case I was about to take my shoes up yeah
it’s like that habit no time for me yeah I think he went to
the trick I want to call it Abu Bakr that’s how they call to that tree can be
a matches when they go like imagine this is a quarter part and just stop here and
then it come back they call it the boo baka and you just stop on the brakes on
the coping and come back to fakie I did one of these I want to call it the
boubakr let me know what you think should I call it Abu Bakr or do you have
any other ideas for that trick name other than that the reason why I’ve been
with this add force here because I’m using this as a microphone let me know
if you like the way the sound sounds let me know if you like the way this video
sounds I’m just trying it I have other microphones but it’s just
an experience I’ve been at home over the last week with my daughter I haven’t
really been out but I have a few ideas for videos coming so stay tuned if
you’re not subscribed to the channel it’s not the time to do it subscribe to
the channel I’m about to eat 4,000 subscribers and as a few ideas few new
ideas to come soon so just stay tuned and thank you so much for the support
cheers guys hope you enjoyed this video we’ll be


  1. The Apple earpod microphone sounds great! Very surprising. I'm sure there are many beginner youtubers who would appreciate the convenience, simplicity and cost effectiveness of using the existing mic on their earpods. I'm sure very few would suspect how clean the sound quality can be!

  2. Hey Lino, I own 3 pairs of doops. I can agree with you about shoes 😀 I remove the shock absorber when I use runners shoes. The other problem that you haven't mention that is the pain from ankle pads in front, they press on top of your feet, if your shoe doesn't have fat tongue, it might hurt on the long run. Or maybe I do it wrong, if yes can you point me the detail how to wear it right so that the skate doesn't press that hard on top of my feet.

  3. I have the same pain from ankle pads in front when I bend my knees and from the tongue on the sides… i see the tongue in your doop is very high, How do you manage to do that? Do you have any suggestions?

  4. nice video! i thought about getting doops for a while to commute ocasionaly back home with them but i hear it's really uncomfortable to ride these with regular shoes since they get sweaty etc; care to elaborate your view on this? Thanks

  5. Very interesting review ! It's the first skates review that i'm very satisfying about !

    And I'm not looking for doop skates at all lol, but now when it will be the time (even if I'm not looking for doop at right now, I know I'll buy it in the futur for transportation) I will know how to put them on (the part on which type of shoes should we use to use for the doop skates was very relevant) etc.


  6. Any chance of trinity version of the Doop? 🙂
    until then,do you think ,with some "works" a trinity frame could be adapt to it?
    thanks for the review

  7. Lino, eu tive um desse versão 22014-15 o verde, era muito instável, aqui no Brasil temos ruas muito ruins e usando ele sentia demais os buracos o que eu achei estranho por ser um triskate de 100mm.
    Mais essa versão parece bem melhor construído, ainda assim trocaria a base por uma supercruiser.

  8. I wonder if the frame is "rockered" to accommodate a 110mm wheel if you decide to go bigger. Powerslide says these skates will fit a 110mm wheel.

  9. Your mic sounds great! lol Thanks so much for this video. I've been looking everywhere for a good review on the Doop skates. You sold it for me bro!

  10. Thank you for a thorough review with covering differences of this year's model, the boot components, and tips on using Doops. One suggestion for future videos: please show putting on and off the boots (with lacing and straps), so we can see how fast and easy it is to put on and remove the skates. Great video – I subscribed, liked, and looking forward to your future videos!

  11. Thank you so much for this incredibly helpful video! I'm a college student looking to buy these for traveling class to class (my campus is very flat and very paved). I wear Timberlands or Puma court stars almost every day. For my purposes, do you think using these skates would be functional considering the type of shoes that I wear? For shoes like Timbs or hightops, would it damage the shoe? Thank you : )

  12. After watching this review, I bought Doop Swift 100 for commuting and I love them. They are convenient to take on and off with my regular shoes, and have made my commute way faster (and more fun) than walking.

  13. BIG thank you. Just got the 2016 model and not into them. so sad about it but i think is my shoes. I figured all shoes worked but so far i have tried this with the 2 shoes you did not recommend. Thanks again.

  14. Can I get your opinion. …if I wear about a size 42 – 43. Would you recommend getting the smaller size and extending them all the way out, or getting the bigger set and having it on one of the shortest settings?

  15. Mine had the adjustment system bolt fell out on the first day. The boots are very uncomfortable skating backwards. It's a bit annoying to put than on. I put on my seba skates faster than doop. So don't buy it

  16. Hi, Lino, awhile after the review I've got these as my starter and already two months enjoy them but was thinking about changing the frame set with some 125 mm like the PS Megacruiser or GC tri-skate mainly for comfort's sake cause where I live the tarmac in local parks is from decent to awful and wanted to reduce the vibrations on my joints being an old guy. Will it be fine or the 125 mm would be too much for a DOOP-skate?

  17. Give me this shit with 110s … the swift 3 looks like something to ride on a pride festival(besides all the dicks that those skates are going to attract).

  18. Thanks for the review. I have the Doop Swift 2015, I really like them. I replaced the Velcro straps (they suck) with clicking lock straps

  19. Hi Lino, great videos. Can the frame be changed or are you stuck with the stock frame? E.g. can I change this to aggressive skate frame or freestyle frame? Thank you.

  20. I'm a student so I was wondering if there's a place that sells these skates but pre owned so I can get them cheaper, any suggestions?

  21. Will you try the new DOOP with trinity mount? I'm really undecided about which ones to choose if the old Doop Freestyle III with 4x80mm or the new trinity with 3x100mm
    p.s: the audio is really good, I'm really surprised

  22. Thanks for the Video. Do you know whether the often-heard Quality issues of doop Skates have been taken care of in the new trinity models?

  23. Serious question: I only own cowboy boots for shoes – do you think I could skate with those using my good ol' boots?
    (They fit like a second skin)
    EDIT: just realised you kinda answered question already about too high of a heel. 🙂

  24. I just got my Freestyle IIIs a week ago. Beforehand I read plenty of people complaining that they loved their Doops (velcro type, freestyle I, II or classic or whatever) but that the velcro had worn out. Mine are pure buckle. Oddly enough the Freestyle IV (less orthopedic look I could do without, white won't be white for long, and better looking) has velcro again. All top model Doops have buckles so it could be a cost saving thing. It takes a bit longer to get in and especially out of buckled ones, but I love the buckles.

  25. Reason I ended up here was just looking for something about the type of shoes to use. I just saw a bunch of promo videos with some superb skaters just to check their shoes and they were very pretty much all wearing shoes similar to the camo looking ones you recommended so I finally found my answer. Very helpful video 👍😆

  26. Thanks Lino! Awesome! Love the idea of wearing your VANS sneakers and slip this on whenever required! Is this better than the ones with the Boots?

  27. Just bought the Doop freestye IV Brown – I prefer the 80 mm 4 wheel setup – but honestly, this review sold me on these 100mm 3 wheelers. I might just go and buy these!

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