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Do Crystals Really Heal You?

Do Crystals Really Heal You?

– Can you relieve pain with crystals? – Let’s talk about that. (groovy theme music) Good mythical summer. – Today Good Mythical Morning will become what people often call it
when they meet us in public, Good Mystical Morning, because we gonna be bringing in some crystals. – That’s right, for
centuries, ancient cultures have used crystals for their
healing and protection powers, but today they’re used in electronics, as tasteful home decor,
question mark there, and to bring your ex-boyfriend back into your personal energy sphere. – We’re gonna find out if there’s anything to these crystals in a little
test that we like to call, Let’s Attempt to Heal with Crystal, not the Person Crystal (and
not the Methamphetamine Either, Just the Rocks, but They’re
Not Rocks, They’re Crystals, That Might Heal Things). – As it turns out, crystals
are a lot like phones, they have to be charged. – Charged?
– In order for them to have their full energy potential. Now there’s a number
of ways to charge them. – We’re gonna be doing
four different ways. – We’re gonna do all of ’em. – We’re gonna start with
washing the crystals. Always wash your crystals, you know what, sometimes you can forgot. You know, sometimes I wash everything and forget my crystals. And I really regret it,
okay, so just washing those. Pat dry. – I wonder if there’s a
couple named Crystal and Pat, that’d be good. – There probably is, I mean it’s not that uncommon of a name, either of those names. – Now we’re going to,
– Now they’re cleaned. – We’re gonna burn some sage. Always seeing people
doing this, and wanted to be a part of it. – But they never invited us. – So we’re gonna just
light this on fire here. – [Link] Oh goodness. – [Rhett] Get it smoking, nice and smoky. – [Link] I got some fire going. – You blow it out, and then
you’ve got a nice little, how do I get the smoke to go into it? – Do you make a noise like, haaaaaa? – No, don’t, hey, don’t be additive. – Okay, yeah, we’re just doing the sagey. – Yeah, this is science,
just let it all work. I kind of like it. – I shouldn’t be breathing it in so much. – I feel like a witch. Don’t witches do this? – I don’t know Rhett, I
don’t know any witches. – Okay, and now I’m just gonna just, – Every witch way would lose today buddy. – Extinguish that, and
now another way you can charge your crystals is by applying, did I mention that we’re
supposed to be infusing these with good intentions. – Oh okay, forgot to do that. – I’m gonna put, I’m really gonna unload the good intentions now. – Now let’s not be facetious,
I’m actually conjuring a good intention, like I wanna know, if this is gonna work,
I wanna know it, so. – Now you’re supposed to
give some good intentions, but also, give it some
– I want to know. – High vibration music, I’ve got my singing bowl I brought in. (high-pitched sound) – I do not have a singing bowl, but I was also told that you can just hum. – The crystals are vibrating. (Link hums) – Now I’m not being
stupid, they actually say you can hum on crystals if you don’t have, – I’m not being stupid, trust me. (Link hums) – That’s not high enough. (Link hums higher) – There you go. This is definitely gonna work. Okay, and the fourth step
is, this makes sense, you get a little bit of
sunlight, direct sunlight, – Solar-charged.
– Can charge them, of course, I’m gonna
use my handy-dandy app to open up our sunroof. (mechanical sounds and birds chirping) Love how convenient that is. Just let, just take it
in, just take the sun in. – Soaking it in, add intentions, too. – Keep giving good intentions. All kinds of good intentions. – I intend to
– No, no, no, don’t voice it, this is
just for the crystals. It’s not for the people,
it’s for the crystals. And now he’s mouthing it. I think you just ruined
it, but I gave it plenty of good intentions, let
me close that back up. The app works exactly the same, you just move your finger the other way. – Alright, now that
they are fully charged, let’s put ’em to the test. (peaceful music) Okay, we each have an amethyst here. These are the best crystals
for relieving pain, especially arthritis or headaches. They also rid negative energy, and keep energy vampires away. – Oh, don’t know what that is, but I don’t like the idea of ’em. – I don’t want them here. – Now we’ve also both chosen the crystal that we were drawn to,
actually I was presented with both of ’em and I chose
the one I was drawn to, and Link got the other one. – Which is nice, I mean
it looks like a rocket. – But that is apparently part of the deal, you wanna use one that you’re drawn to. Now in order to induce something that we, some pain that we should relieve, we’ve got some clothespins,
Link let’s just begin to apply these to different body parts in a way that will cause some discomfort. – Oh my word, that’s a painful place. Maybe right on the goozle,
ooh that one, that hurts. Oh yeah. – Oh gosh. – Now I’m not putting any on my lips, because that could flare up the herpes – Yeah, that’s the last
thing we need around here. – Don’t want a herpes flare-up. – Is a herpe flare. – I don’t trust the crystals that much. – Almost as bad as a solar
flare is a herpe flare. – Okay, now let’s just understand the pain that we’re in. – Yeah, I understand it, it hurts. – For one second, just be
quiet, and understand it. Okay.
– It hurts a lot. – So now,
– We’re going to apply the amethyst to ourselves with
these fashionable headbands. – I think we picked
these up at Burning Man, even though we weren’t at Burning Man. Oh my goodness, and then,
my amethyst will nestle right down in here. – [Rhett] Just gonna insert
it in there, I feel like, – There we, oop. Mine went all the way through. – I feel like a queen. – Yours is good. Let me see, let me try this again. – You’re distracting me and
my crystal a little bit. Okay, let’s just take it in. – Should it be absorbing the pain? Should it, does it like, – I think you’re asking too
many specific questions. I think that if it was that specific, then they might be able to
test it, and then it might all start falling apart. – Right, if it feels the
pain, does it change color? – No, I don’t think, it’s
not super literal, man. Just let it, let the essence of your pain flow into the essence of the crystal. – Should I hum with an open mouth? – No, don’t hum man, you’re
bringing too much effort. – I wasn’t humming, my mouth was open. – I’m over here just letting it happen. – You can’t hum with an open mouth. – I don’t hurt at all anymore. Is this like a placebo effect? – I think so, yeah. – You look great by the way.
– It’s a big purple placebo strapped to your forehead. I’m feeling about the same level of pain. I’m not complaining about it, though. – I feel mild pain relief,
I’m gonna say this works. – I’m gonna disagree. (peaceful music) – Alright, now we’re going
to be using rose quartz. Now this is supposed to
enhance positive energy, and all types of love. That’s self love, love for
others, unconditional love. It also helps with emotional imbalance. – Want about conditional love? – You probably got that all on your own. Okay Link, we’re gonna test this on you by exposing you to something
that you have shown hate for, and that is our house
band, The Fantastic Sams. – Now listen, yes, I did hate them, but I didn’t know that they
were mythical crew members. – It doesn’t matter,
it doesn’t matter man. – When I hated them.
– Now you do know. – I love you guys as
people, but I hate acapella, and I hate you as a band. – Okay, so they’re gonna perform for you for a second here, and – What kind of barbershop
quartet only has three people? – Just take it in and
let the hate build, okay. Whenever you guys are ready. ♫ We know you hate us ♫ But don’t make a fuss ♫ We’ve got some things
that we’d like to discuss ♫ ‘Cause we asked Lily for ♫ A list of things you abhor ♫ She said you don’t like snakes ♫ When Jade urinates ♫ When Lincoln leaves the
trashcans in the driveway ♫ Almost all films ♫ Except superhero films ♫ And blood, and olives,
and listening to anyone else ♫ And The Fantastic
Sams, The Fantastic Sams – You guys, she said
I don’t like listening to anyone but myself? – Anyone else.
– Anyone else. – Yeah, well she’s been paying attention. She’s been paying attention. Okay now Link,
– That was horrible. That was the point, right? – Hold this, hold the rose quartz. – Oh goodness.
– And let it absorb your hate, and see if you
can love The Fantastic Sams. – I wanna love you guys. – They’re gonna do this again. – I do love you guys, I just
haven’t loved the performances. ♫ We know you hate us ♫ But don’t make a fuss ♫ We’ve got some things
that we’d like to discuss – I thought we already did. ♫ ‘Cause we asked Lily for ♫ A list of things you abhor ♫ She said you don’t like snakes ♫ Or when Jade urinates – Nope. ♫ When Lincoln leaves the
trashcans in the driveway ♫ Almost all films ♫ Except superhero films – Right. ♫ And blood, and olives,
and listening to anyone else ♫ And The Fantastic
Same, The Fantastic Sams. – Please don’t fire us. – Okay Link, okay you guys can leave, I think he needs you to leave. – Well, you know what, I’ll say it got louder the second time. – Uh huh, yep, yep, yep. – I think that might’ve been the crystal. – It got funnier the second time. It, sadly, it was equally true both times. – So it might’ve worked a little bit. You need to hold that all the time. – You know what, I’ll preorder the album. Is there gonna be an album? – [Lizzie] No. – Okay, good. – So you’re saying the rose
quartz may work for you. – It didn’t hurt.
– It doesn’t hurt. – It didn’t hurt.
– Crystals don’t hurt. (peaceful music) – Here I have lithium quartz, which brings emotional peace, relaxation, and relieves stress. It gently removes grief,
stress, and anxiety. – Gently? – Gently brings it to the surface, so it can
be healed, that’s at least, – It’s like a sponge advertisement. – That’s at least what I’ve been told. Yeah, I think it works
kind of like a sponge. So what I’m gonna do is
introduce some stress and anxiety into your life,
and then we’ll test out the crystals for a second round of that. So to give the most accurate
stress-inducing scenario, specifically for you,
I’ve asked for your son Shepherd to join us. Shepherd come on in here. (crew applauds) – Everybody. – Shepherd you know what
you gotta do, right? – Yeah.
– You gotta introduce him to anxiety
and stress, yet again, in whatever way you see fit, go for it. (spraying sounds) – Oop, oop, don’t aim at the
camera, maybe aim at him. Say some stressful-inducing stuff. – I’m gonna make a pyramid. – Gonna make a pyramid,
gonna make a mess everywhere, making a secondary pyramid on the nipple, getting a close look at it. Are there any noises
that can induce stress that you wanna add to the mix right quick? I mean with like your, oh, what is that? (snapping) Okay, you got something else? Oh he’s got another one. (snapping) Okay, okay, let’s pause, let’s pause, let’s pause on that, and, – This is stressing me out a little bit. – And you know what, I know, I can’t even, just put, can I have one of these? – No.
– Alright, just put each, one in each hand, and grasp it gently. Alright, double time man,
give him all you got. – Okay, when I grow up, I wanna be a silly string maker, you know. And I wanna make the kind of silly string that makes eggs, and then, they turn into the, – Where’d you pull that from? – These.
(snapping) And then they explode into more of these. (snapping) And more. (snapping) And more. (snapping) And more. (snapping) – Okay.
– And then, – Okay
– they, finally, turn into them, and go straight up. (snapping) – And there you have it. And they go straight up. – But I’m still not really that finished. – Yeah, you are. – Alright Shepherd. (crew applauds)
– I still have one more. – No, you’re, keep that one for later, take that home for your
momma, oh goodness. Let’s have an AB, conspir-person there. – The crystals didn’t help. – Sorry man, it was
worth a shot, you know. – They help with pain, but it
didn’t help with parenting. – I’m sorry, I was hopeful, I gave it all the intention I had. So what is our conclusion here? – Well, I don’t know if crystals work, but crystals don’t hurt. – Crystals may not work,
but they sure don’t hurt. Thank you for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – And we’ll see you on Wednesday. – You know what time it is. – Hey! – We’re Keane and Aesop, Moulton, Alabama. – And it’s time to spin
that Wheel of Mythicality. – Lizzie and Ellie went to
a magical, mystical place to get these crystals, and
they had quite an adventure, which you can watch over at – Do it, it’s a channel. We pour our love into it.
– It’s a channel. – Click through to Good Mythical More, We are gonna do the blind
gem water taste test, and see what kind of properties are associated with those. – 10 Second Tour! This is when we see a 10-second tour from your hometown, here’s one. – Plattsburgh, Lake Champlain. Plattsburgh City Marina. And boats, lots of boats. – Thank you Mighty
Matthew from Plattsburgh. – Post your tour with
#10SecondTour, so we can share it. Click on the left to watch our show after the show, Good Mythical More. – [Link] Click on the right to watch another episode of Good Mythical Morning. – [Rhett] And make sure to
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being your mythical best.

100 thoughts on “Do Crystals Really Heal You?”

  1. Link you can actually open mouth hum! It's louder and uses your nose to get the sound out. Take your tongue, put it to the roof of your mouth while it is open and hum through your nose. This produces the same sound as a hum just louder. It is done in choir's a lot as a vocal exercise, but also in some musical theater groups, this is done when humming is needed during a scene, but the sound doesn't pick up on the mics (or no mics are used), people behind the set will sometimes do this to produce the proper sound for the scene.

  2. As someone who does believe in crystal healing (I believe in wicca), I don't find this offense but actually pretty funny. Watching two people that are very new to this and not knowing what it really is made me laugh. Most crystals aren't actually meant for physical healing. They are meant to help mentally and emotionally. I've been a long time fan of you guys and when I saw this video, it made me laugh hard ?

  3. I personally believe that crystal healing can work.. not physical pain, however. I believe that they can heal your mental state of pain. Now, I’m not asking for anyone to hate on me for my belief, and I’m not saying anyone else has to believe this either. It’s just my own opinion on the matter. I ask that if you respond to my comment, that you do so in a positive light. If you express your opinion that’s completely fine but please don’t be negative towards me if your opinion is differing.

  4. Unfortunately, people to this day will let their own child die because they would rather rely on the vibration of crystals than the proven medicine of doctors. The advancement of science and knowledge is so important yet so many people want to rely on what our ancestors did (ya know back when dying at a young age was very popular due to sicknesses that can now be cured with medicine.)

  5. That music trio…. They were such lovable and peppy people with fantastic energy, but I desperately wished I could repeatedly hammer a piano key to get them in tune lol

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  8. Shepard should have told Rhett that when he grows up and graduates from community college, he's going to start a non-profit cat sanctuary and make ASMR videos on Youtube.

  9. I actually practice Wicca (though I'm somewhat new to it) and some other ways to cleanse your crystals is have them charge under a full moon, bury them in soil or dry salt, let them soak in salt water but only if they're crystals allowed to do so. Certain crystals, such as malachite, cannot be in water because it will release toxic fumes.
    One great thing about amethyst is not only will it relief pain, it will also prevent nightmares and help with sleep. So if you have nightmares or insomnia and would love a good night's sleep, I recommend buying one and placing it either under your pillow.

  10. Some people say that you charge your crystals with the sun, or a full moon. I didn’t wanna waste time so I did it at the solar eclipse ?

  11. You know I never comment. Rather good or bad. But sometimes Rhett and Link do some weird things that make me feel uncomfortable…this is one of them. Great vid tho.

  12. links face when they started singing close to him!!! hahaha oommmgggg!!! ive never seen such pure concentrated annoyance on someones face like that before LMAO

  13. That's cool. Just straight up disrespect my religion. You wouldn't be to happy if someone made a mokery of your's.

  14. I love you guys but you have zero understanding about crystals and your mockery shows your ignorance. At least you tried.

  15. 8:50 rhett looks so handsome here, and that is me when I'm listening to a song and someone force me to like it

  16. I sat next to someone in school who believed crystals healed then so they kept them in their backpack. I told her the didn’t and they she told me that her family practices witchcraft. Which then I also said doesn’t work. So then she said her sister is gonna put a spell on me. No lie that’s a true story.

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