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Hey YouTube family it’s your girl Lia
back again with another video and today’s video as you can see from the title is
my first-ever braidless crochet style video on this channel. Now if you’ve seen my Freetress ringlet wand curl hair review video I’ll leave that up above that is
this hair. And if you saw that video you know I had one pack of that hair
leftover and I’m not just gonna let a $11.99 pack of hair go to waste.
Oh no no I’m gonna get my money’s worth and that’s what I’ve done with this look
that you see right now, If you want to see how I achieve this look and also how
I plan on maintaining it through the week of wear just keep watching. So now
I’m starting on freshly washed and freshly blow-dried hair and very
moisturized hair I might add. And I am using like I said the freetress
ringlet wand curl hair in the color OT 30 and it is the two times pack. Now if
you saw my review video on this hair I wore this hair out for a few weeks. I had
interesting thoughts so make sure you check out that video and in that video I
actually bought a couple packs online for $9.99 a pack and then I ran out to
my store and bought an additional pack because I was like oh this won’t be
enough. Turned out what I had was enough. So I’m stuck with this I one pack left
over. So all week I planned this style and a little bit of me thought I was
gonna be able to do it without water and gel but who was I kidding my hair’s too
thick for those games. So I go in with my spray bottle of water and my eco styler
gel just to the front part or the front and the back the whole perimeter of the
hair the hair that is actually exposed to kind of get that hair to lay as
flat as possible. You don’t want your hair to be super thick just because you
need something that looks realistic and blends in with the pouf that you’re
going to create. So I’m going in with my brush and you don’t use your good old
Denman for this you need your hard bristle to come on through for this job.
Especially if you got hair as thick as mine you need that hard bristle.
So you’re gonna pull your hair all the way to the top of your head and let me
just say I gotta give my hair a shout-out. Come through protective styling. There was a time in which this wouldn’t have been possible especially not all by
hair coming in the ponytail. There would have been some little hairs in the back
that was not gonna be able to catch in a bun. So come through protective styling.
Come through no heat 2017-2018. So next I’m going in with my scarf. You want to
use your scarf and just because you wet your hair and you put some eco styler
gel on you want to have your hair lay as flat and as dry as possible so I go on
with my scarf to do that. Now I left it on for about an hour while I got
gossiped with my roommate for a little bit so that’s what I did while my hair
was drying. And then I also go in with the bobby pins and go in to the bun so I
can get and lay down those flyaway hairs. So now I am back after having let it dry
for a little bit and I’m gonna go in with the actual hair. Now this is how my
bun is looking. Your bun will depend on size by how thick and long your hair is.
So of course the longer and thicker than hair the bigger the bun. So you’re gonna have to use your hair wisely and it may take
a little bit more hair than I actually used if your hair is a lot thicker. So
now I’m actually going into the install portion. So you want to take your crochet
hair needle and the hair and you’re just gonna install it at the base of your
hair so don’t put it in your actual bun put it in the hair that is actually
laying flat in the front and around the bun if that makes sense. So what you’re
gonna see me do here is my normal crochet method. You guys have seen me
just countless times install some crochet hair. So you just do it like you
would do your normal crochet here latch the needle put it through pull it
through the base and then you want to double a knot
here so you’re not doing one not you’re gonna actually do two knots in this
situation and you definitely want to do two knots not doing two knots will
definitely result in your hair not feeling a secure you’re gonna have that
non secure feel so I’m very much so pulling this hair as tight as I can to
make sure that this hair is not going to come loose so I’m going to show you one
more time in this slow method before I speed this video on up I’m gonna just
put the needle through my head latch the hair to the needle close the latch pull
the hair the broom then I’m going to knot it and like I said I double knot it
and I’m gonna give you a little tip and a little thing that I wish I had done I
actually wish I triple knotted it there was a little bit of times where I didn’t
feel as secure in some of my knots not the front so I’m in the back I just felt
like I could have done a third time and it would have been okay you can add as
many times as you want with crocheting here now let’s just speed this thing up
and I’ll show you how I just do it all around throughout the bun I’m gonna give you all that more
I feel of blue white I’m slow he’s gonna be private so after I had installed all the hair I
started actually picking out the hair because I was like oh let me kind of
thicken it up a little bit and I when I tell you all I did was run my fingers
through a little bit this is how comfy it got once again the same issue I kind
of ran into with the review video if you saw the review video this hair frizz a
lot more and like I say this hair I don’t know if it’s the same with a
jamaican balance or in any kind of other brand but this hair just frizz like
crazy but you know how lil Ivana do I’m a manage some frizz so I put that mousse
gotten that lot of body mousse down as per usual and I ran it through this hair
did not I mean to try to try to combat some of this friends and try to stiffen
up the air a little bit if I can so as you can see next thing I do is I go in
with my scissors and I go on with my wide tooth comb hit him with that
one-two combo of thickening but at the same time cutting out that freeze and
cutting out a little bit of that longer length now my bun or my pouf is a lot
thicker then I know a lot of people spoofs my pouf just has to be this way
because I have to cover up my actual button my hair is so thick and if you
saw that bun at the beginning that’s a lot of hair that I need to go ahead and
cover up so I’m doing a lot of picking I’m doing a lot cutting as you can see
so next thing I want to show you is my nighttime maintenance so how I’m gonna
maintain this here at night now the first thing I’m going to do is something
that I saw and learned it from taste pink is actually put a hair net over the
bracelets portion of the hair now next thing I want to do is go on with a scarf
around the perimeter of my actual hair so the hair that I need to lay flat
throughout the rest of this week that’s the hair that I’m gonna actually put
it’s a wrap in the scarf over now the next thing I’m gonna go in with is my
big old bonnet and you guys asked me in a lot of my videos where I got this
bonnet from and I tell you guys I got it from Target I was just in Target on a
whim and I got this bonnet and it has served me well throughout all my crochet
style oh yes this is the finished look this is what you will achieve so you do
not have to your unused hair packets go to waste you
can use them up in a whole nother style cuz I was not gonna let my 1199 go to
waste if you enjoyed this look and if you enjoyed this tutorial make sure you
give it a big thumbs up if you’re not already a part of the family what are
you waiting for make sure you hit that subscribe button make sure you’re
following me on instagram at lea Lamanna you know make sure you’re following me
on snapchat at miss Aleeah 89 and i will see you in my next video thank you so
much for watching bye


  1. GIRL YOUR NATURAL HAIR ! I'M IN LOVE WITH THE THICKNESS ! My hair is as thick just a little bit shorter but your hair length is GOAL !

  2. Your natural hair looks great. I'd love a video of you talking about whether or not crochet helped with length or thickness.

  3. Can you do a video on a proper way to take the hair out? I like that style but my concern is having difficulty loosing the crochet knots from my hair. Taking out crochets from cornrows is easy but from my ponytail scares me a little bit. Lol.

  4. As always Ms. LiaLavon has slayed another slay and hit em with the 1-2 combo (wide tooth)πŸ€—πŸ€£. Yaaaaassss honey πŸ˜πŸ’πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  5. I love the style have my hair similar now, but will be putting my wig or crochets braids back in this weekend. I get so annoyed when people say "why you don't wear your hair out" or worst "I didn't know you had hair". I have a bun and this what I've gotten, haha ahhah. Oh well keep asking and I'll keep wearing whatever I want I on my head.

  6. I love …love…your natural hair..and this ponytail!! You definitely look like Amina Butterfly!! Great πŸŽ₯!

  7. Your hair is so pretty, long & thick. It would be great for you to make natural hair videos. Wash days, maintenance, and hair styles πŸ™‚

  8. The hair net was a good idea. This style is superrr cute on you! Such a fun look and I love how easy it was for you to do.

  9. Lovethe natural hair. Maintaining your natural hair video would be great. Could you also do a video of your braiding technique for crochet braids. 😁

  10. omg your hair is beautiful. this the first time ive seen your natural hair and it is absolutely amazing. how long did it take for your hair to grow out that long?

  11. This look makes you look even younger! It also looks super realistic. You look like you had too much fun flaunting in that intro lol. Get ya money's worth hunni can't be wasting no coins. I love your natural hair 😍!!!!!!!!!!! Yes hard brush come on and get the job done lol. How do you get that blown out look without heat? Final look is amazing

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE all your down but I had to give this a thumbs down. Sorry Lia. I stopped it within 40 seconds of watching it. Why??? Only because I LOVE you with long curly. You will have to do bangs too in order too look super cute with it.

  13. Nice! One question though. How did you hide the bun? Just keep teasing your hair until it gets big enough so that the bun doesn't show? I couldn't really see how your bun 'disappeared' into the crochet hair. Thanks Lia!

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