– Mario I’m usually really
confident about everything we do but today man, I
hope we didn’t bit off more than we can chew. Oh boy. (water splashing)
(intense music) (heart beating) (gentle music) The ocean, a vast wilderness
where life began millions upon millions of years ago. And to this day remains
one of the most unexplored environments on our planet. Within its depths
live an abundance of
mysterious creatures. Many that often surpass even
our wildest imagination. And some of them have even
emerged as the monstrous icons of our greatest fears. My name is Mark Vins. I’m a filmmaker, adventurer,
and director of the Brave Wilderness channel. Together through the lens
of our cameras you’ve joined me and the crew on countless
journeys through the most extreme habitats on Earth. You have followed along as
we’ve taken you closer to the world’s most bizarre and
misunderstood creatures than any film crew in history. And today I’m proud to say
that it is those adventures that have lead me
to this moment. To an opportunity I have
dreamt about since childhood. The moment I begin my
exploration of the great blue wilderness. But this is no solo mission. I will surrounded
by familiar faces. And some new ones as well. With Mario taking over as
director I will proudly step in front of the camera
to lead a band of aquatic explorers on one of the most
ambitious marine projects ever embarked on. Because you see, you’ve been
along since the very beginning. Yeah. There are no rehearsals
on this stage. You’ve seen us become
dive certified. And even witnessed our very
first dives in the open ocean. And the adventures to follow
will not only test our bravery, but our commitment
to the word adventure itself. And these expeditions start
now because today you will witness our very
first shark encounter. And there will be no cages. (intense music) Welcome to Tiger Beach. Located off the coast of West
End Grand Bahama this location is not a beach at all but rather
a world famous destination for shark diving. More specifically
tiger shark diving. What makes this dive site
so special are the powdery white sand bottoms, the beaches
if you will that reflect brilliant ambient light
through warm crystal clear tropical water, creating a
very special shark diving experience that is world
class and second to none. And not only will you see tiger
sharks, you can encounter up to five different species. All formidable, all
top marine predators. All on the same dive. To say we were starting out
our shark diving adventures in a big way might be a
bit of an understatement. And with this being such a
landmark moment for Mario and I we simply couldn’t imagine
doing this adventure without inviting along
someone very special. Alright guys here we are. Big day, we’re about to
head off shore to swim with tiger sharks. This is going to be so crazy
and I think you guys know we couldn’t do this
without our main man. So we flew him in
especially for today. Coyote’s here guys. What’s up buddy? – Hey.
– Hey. How was your flight? – Oh it was excellent, only
a few hours to get down here. This is an epic looking boat. Permission to come aboard? – Granted, come on.
– Alright. – Are you excited to swim
with these giant sharks? – A little nervous, but
also extremely excited. This is our first time getting
to work with a predator of this size, specifically an
ocean predator so I’m ready to get in there with
the tiger sharks. – Alright well we got your
gear all set up out back. Let’s go check it out.
– Okay, off we go. – With the crew now complete
and all aboard our home at sea we set off for Tiger Beach
some 20 miles offshore our destiny awaiting. And with it the hungry
team of tiger sharks. So how’s it feel
being the director? – It’s different, definitely
I used to take kind of the secondary role with the
camera but now I’m stepping up to direct and yeah it’s a
learning process that I’m excited to see what’s to come. – Now I think it’s fair to
say that this expedition was unlike anything
we’ve ever done before. Not only was it a new
challenge it was a new danger as well. And to be honest it was the
first time I’ve ever experienced true fear prior to
one of our trips. Oh boy. Now I know that might seem odd
since I’ve filmed everything from grizzly bears and
wolverines to the world’s deadliest spider
but I won’t lie. I was nervous. I know the majority of
my fear stemmed from my inexperience with sharks. But let’s face it
these are sharks. Big sharks with
razor sharp teeth. So it goes without
saying expert guidance would be essential. And as luck would have it
Jonathan Bird and his team of Blue World divers were
available to join the trip. Jonathan and his crew have
over 20 years of underwater filmmaking experience. And his Emmy award winning
program Jonathan Bird’s Blue World is in
its sixth season. Let’s just say these guys
know what they’re doing. And they had some critical
advice for us shark diving rookies. Alright guys well we have
our gear on and the boat is completely surrounded
by sharks right now. We wouldn’t be doing this
if it weren’t with an expert and today we have Jonathan
Bird from Jonathan Bird’s Blue World here to teach
us what we’re doing and keep us safe. Is this safe? – It’s safe.
– Okay. – Yeah, they’re not
aggressive towards divers. The only thing you wanna do
is just try to not be prey by not acting like prey. So the first thing you’re
gonna do is you’re gonna wear globes and a hood so you
don’t have any skin showing. So they won’t think
that looks like fish. – Okay. – And then when you hit the
water you wanna get straight to the bottom, you don’t
wanna flounder around like you might be something flopping
on the surface that they might wanna eat. You just wanna get to the
sand and then once you’re down there they’re gonna treat
you just like they treat everything else in the ocean,
you’re just another creature. – Okay so don’t flap and
splash around on the surface. – No definitely not. – I’m gonna grab my
camera and just go down. – Just grab your camera and
boom right to the bottom. – Okay did you hear that guys? We’re going in. Coyote are you ready? – About as ready
as I’m gonna be. Let’s get in there
with those sharks. – In addition to Jonathan’s
mentorship on dive techniques and camera operation his
keen sense of shark behavior will be crucial in assuring
our safety under water. After going through and
prepping our diver gear we had a final safety briefing
with the crew of the ship. A serious shark bite this
far at sea even with the fastest life flights would
almost certainly be fatal. (gentle music) This fact was not meant to
scare us but was a stern reminder that strictly
following shark protocol was an absolute must. The moments between the safety
briefing and preparing to dive are hazy in my
mind even to this day. As the reality of getting in
the water with sharks became very real very quickly. (intense music) Well we’ve done all
the intro shots. We’re suited up and we’re
actually about ready to get in there with the sharks. I’m looking over the
surface, check this out. Guys there’s a lot of
big sharks down there. It’s one thing to talk
about getting into the water with these top predators. It’s another thing
to actually do it. So I’m a little on edge I’d
say and I know it’s gonna be cool but there is that moment
of actually jumping off the boat that I’ve been kind
of dreading and yeah I guess it’s my time. Let’s go and get in the water
with those giant sharks. Here we go.
(gentle music) The water was now
thick with chum. And the stench of decaying
fish filled the air. My heart was pounding as
countless sharks circled our perimeter and time
seemed to slow down. The site below drove fear
into even the bravest among us. We all made our way to the
platform hoping to find a shred of comfort in our
pre dive routine. But nothing could distract
us from the obvious. Getting in the water was
inevitable and that moment was now. One by one Jonathan and
his crew descended below. Each plunge drawing
us closer to the edge. Then Coyote gave me
one final glance. And off he went. I stood motionless as I
watched him disappear beneath the surface. Mario I’m usually really
confident about everything we do but today man I hope we
didn’t bite off more than we can chew. Regardless I got your back. – I got your back too man. Let’s do it. – Alright, you ready?
– Ready. – Let’s do it. By this point the chum had
drawn in hoards of lemon sharks. And maybe it was just me but
they seemed to be getting bigger and bigger right
before my very eyes. Ugh, with every shark dive
comes the moment where you actually have to dive
in with the sharks. That moment is right now. Oh boy. Then just like that my
destiny with the sharks had arrived. (intense music)
(water splashing) Stay tuned for the epic
conclusion as we go face to face with giant tiger sharks
and make sure to subscribe so you can join me and the
crew as we explore beneath the ocean surface on
our next adventure. (intense music)
(underwater yell) (wolf howling)
(birds chirping)

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