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Diving in Tenerife. What to expect?

Diving in Tenerife. What to expect?

Diving in Tenerife offers a large number of
full dive sites for beginners and experienced divers. Comfortable climate and warm sea allow you
to dive all year round. Tenerife Island has volcanic origin. For millennia,
lava flows formed unique underwater landscapes. Caves, grottos, canyons, wrecks and a huge
variety of underwater living creatures, here attract divers from all around the world. Most dive sites are located in the southern
part of the island, not far from each other. You can dive from the shore or from a boat,
both day and night. Diving conditions depend on the level of divers
– beginners have quiet sandy and stony coves. And there are deep caves and dive sites for
the experienced and technical drift divers. Although technical diving has just started
the development in Tenerife, nevertheless, it promises great opportunities and prospects. Apart from the popular dive sites in Tenerife
there are a large number of unexplored underwater territories. This allows divers to discover
new dive sites more and more times. Who knows what secrets the local depths keep? Between the dives you can have a good time
enjoying the beauties of the island of Tenerife. Here you will find plenty of places for families
and for friends or independent travel. Sunbathe on the beach, get some rest in a
restaurant beside the ocean or go on a tour. Then you can drive around by car and visit
famous attractions of the island. All these things and much more the island
of Tenerife offers you. To Find suitable accommodation is also not
a problem. There are villas for tourists, apartments, hotels on the front line and away
from the tourist bustle. Tenerife is the perfect place to combine a
family holiday and diving experience. OLA Diving Center – invites all lovers of
diving to enjoy the amazing underwater world of Tenerife, because here you can find so
favorably a combination of all the necessary conditions for diving. Center Office is conveniently located in the
heart of southern Tenerife resort area of Costa Adeje, just a few steps from the famous
port of Colon. So you can easily get to most popular dive sites. We offer a vast number of programs for both,
beginners and advanced divers. Beginners can learn the basics of diving in quiet and calm
waters without flow. Experienced and cave divers are invited to search and explore new
dive sites. Tenerife is a blank slate, a large number of places here have not been explored. We have already established a technical base,
which provides all the necessary equipment for the dive twin tanks, trimix, nitrox and
oxygen, scooters, absorbent. To date, we are exploring three caves and
investigating the underwater part of the coastline for deep dive sites. Also we are engaged in
the search for submerged objects. This means that our guests will be able to
dive in the new dive sites over time. Come and explore the unique underwater world
of Tenerife with us!

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