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Diving in Alor and Flores (Indonesia) underwater footage

Diving in Alor and Flores (Indonesia) underwater footage

Kids wearing hand-made wooden swimming goggles,
and giving me a “high 5”. Soft corals and hydroids. Black-and-white snapper and Scalefin anthias
on the edge of the drop-off. Local fisherman tending
a traditional fish trap. Moorish idol in a fish trap. Xenia coral gardens swarmed by surgeonfish
and Bluestreak fusiliers, just before dusk. Shallow reef. “Anemone City”: acres of anemones. Sea apple: a filter feeding sea cucumber. Sea apple sucking the plankton off its tentacles. Mozambique ghostgoby and Puffer filefish are among
the many species that call the soft coral home. The shy Puffer filefish feeds on tiny invertebrates
it finds on the soft coral. Giant frogfish breaks his camouflage. Frogfish use jet propulsion to swim:
in the mouth, out the jet behind the pelvic fin. Compressed toby. Free-swimming crinoid. Blackstripe dottyback. Poison bristle nudibranch. Sea pen and Porcelain crab. A male Delicate ghost pipefish getting friendly
with a female Robust ghost pipefish. Weird. Papuan (probably) scorpionfish wearing Graeff’s
sea cucumber as a boa. Also weird. Japan armina looks for sea pens to eat. Unidentified candystripe tunicate squirting
water out and closing up for protection. Yellowmouth moray gets some dental work
done by a cleaner shrimp. Steene’s dottyback: very cool fish with plenty
of attitude. Tiny juvenile Star puffer hiding from a strong
current behind a small rock. Juvenile filefish hangs on in the current. Clown crab with a clutch of eggs
appreciates a good crescendo. Eyespot blenny, typically predictable,
easy to film, and entertaining to watch… …blowing the poo and spooge out of its home. Decorated dartfish are common on deep walls,
30m (98′) down in rubble overhangs. Candycane dwarfgoby waits for passing plankton. Orange anemonefish usually play up to the camera. Royal dottyback and Pictus blenny embroiled
in a vicious face-off. Reps were upheld. Reef squid tending its eggs on a mooring line.

13 thoughts on “Diving in Alor and Flores (Indonesia) underwater footage”

  1. Good job on the captions too. I learnt about frogfish jet propulsion, and you helped me identify some footage of a juvenile pufferfish that I had.

  2. Hello… I'm from flores…. you do a great work..!!! awesome… that's so beautiful and touching… i do believe you make this with your full heart and soul… this video remain me about my childhood in flores, snorkeling and free dive everyday, although now i'm far away from my fatherland, this video makes me 'home sick' and as soon as i saw this video…. i feel i'm home… thank you very much and God Bless You…

  3. This is great, thanks for sharing ,,, we've posted on our FB page too (hope to have you back onboard again soon…. August 2015 for Komodo, right? (

  4. Wow,,superbly stunning under water species reef coral incredibly spectacular..great video great place What a pride of Indonesian people

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