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Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim

Man #3:
So, Dexter, tell me why you
think you’re M.I.T. material. Surely you are joking!
I see. Trying to justify
your salary. Well,
I was a boy genius. I built a secret laboratory
at age seven where I created
brilliant inventions. Right, but I don’t see
any extracurriculars here. Um, extracurriculars?
I’m sorry, I’m confused. Like, you know, sports,
clubs, student council, a single kiss
from a girl. I can clone
human beings. I’ve made a time machine
and a time expansion helmet. So no extracurriculars? [ Groans angrily ]
I’ll show you extracurriculars. [ Laughs ] ♪♪ Dexter, Dexter,
guess what?! I got into M. I. T.,
Harvard, and Yale because I’m so
well-rounded! What were the last two? Harvard and Yale! Harvard and Yale.
[ Laughs ]

22 thoughts on “Dexter Goes To College | Robot Chicken | adult swim”

  1. 0:50 no you got in cause those schools only see the bullshit that dosent matter while real schools recognize genius and dont get disrracted with stupid stuff like that

  2. Reminds me of the Simpsons episode where Lisa was told her high IQ wasn’t enough to get into the best schools either

  3. This impression of Dexter is massively flawed. Doesn't even say "luh-BOR-uh-tory"! Lame.
    Also, the things used for mouth movements look awful and are distracting; they should've done the series without them from the start– we, the audience, don't need them anyway.

  4. I'm not sure what's funnier, this cartoon or the attitude of some of the commenters that will never have what it takes to make it into an Ivy league school. Jealous much?

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