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Denis Ten: The Figure Skater Who Put Kazakhstan on the Map | GameBreakers

Denis Ten: The Figure Skater Who Put Kazakhstan on the Map | GameBreakers

There is no perfect
success story. Ups and downs, injuries… ..bad and good impressions…’s a collection
of everything. True art is to be able
to appreciate yourself and to accept yourself. No-one knows how many
hours you spend training, how many injuries
you suffered. No-one knows what’s
behind the curtain. On the ice, we are all equal. When you succeed,
it’s a great reward for the work that you’ve
SOCHI 2014) I’m Denis Ten. I’m a figure skater. Born in Kazakhstan. My country’s very special. It’s not very well known
worldwide. It’s only, like,
20-something years old. I’m 23 today,
same age with my country. When I stepped on the ice
for the first time, there was no idea
of figure skating at all. We had no indoor rinks,
we only had ice outside. We had no places
to buy skates. I didn’t have
professional equipment until I was, I think, nine. I started skating
when I was five. My parents, they asked me,
what do I like more, figure skating or music? I said, right away,
figure skating. It was just something
that I enjoyed so much and I loved
with all my heart. When I was nine years old,
my mum, she found a competition
in Siberia. Somehow, I went there
and I won the competition. No-one knew me, of course. No-one knew that there is
skating in Kazakhstan. That was the first time
when I realised that figure skating
is now my job. Figure skating is now…
is now…me. Denis, he is great
in everything. Strong in jumping. Moves fast. Very flexible. Has great footwork. Psychological skills can have
a massive impact on athletic performance. I believe that freedom
is the key. Freedom of movement. Freedom of body. Once I got to know Denis, it became very clear to me that he has so much potential
and that we could achieve great results together. He has a very clear vision
of all the goals that are ahead of him. (AFTER A FIVE-YEAR STINT IN
JERSEY, USA) Everything I do today
is headed towards the Olympic Games. Even though I’ve been
in this sport for a long, long while, I still learn a lot. Thinking about the Games in Vancouver 2010, I didn’t really know
what to expect. Representing Kazakhstan,
Denis Ten. Being recognised as a 16-year-old figure skater from Kazakhstan in Canada, it was a huge honour. It was not just that
I competed there, but I competed there
for the first time in our history. It was a historical
achievement for my country. After Vancouver, I closed one
chapter of my book and started another. If we take Vancouver 2010
and Sochi 2014, comparing the Olympic
experiences, it’s two totally different
dimensions. On my way to Sochi,
I thought that I’m living in a reality show. It was really something truly incredible. I had injury after injury, I had equipment problems. I was in a car accident just two weeks before
the Games, I couldn’t walk. And my coach,
I could see in his eyes that he’s lost, like he
doesn’t know how to help me. It was a big issue for me,
it was really tough. I knew how big
the pressure would be. Everyone wanted me
to win for my country. When I made it to Sochi,
to the Games, it was a very tough
competition for me. I still remember
the short programme. I stepped on the ice,
there are thousands of people cheering for you –
people from Russia, like my schoolmates. Everyone was watching me. All your friends,
all your family, they all are watching you. I-I-I… did a mistake
on my first jump. At the most important event
of your life, realising that you failed, it was really hard on me. The night after the competition was the hardest night that
I’ve ever had in my life. I basically didn’t sleep
at all. Everyone, of course, tries
to support you, but you realise that,
at the end of the day, no-one will be able
to help you. No-one can feel your pain. No-one can feel your struggles. If you make a mistake,
you made a mistake. It is you who is going
to step on the ice and skate. Thankfully, I did not give up. Maybe that was my way
of growing. Denis Ten… I stepped on the ice for the
second day of competition. It was totally new me. New day, fresh start. I saw Kazakhstan flags,
I heard my name. It was, you know, literally
like a dream coming true. They all stood up,
and they cheered for a little boy from Kazakhstan. When I was on the podium, I realised that
the whole country cheered me on
at the Olympic Games. I became like a symbol
of the sport. I returned back
to Kazakhstan. It was such a fantastic
attention. I could see the birth
OLYMPIC GAMES MEDAL) It’s going to be, like,
first time in Kazakhstan that a woman is competing here. Skating became one of the most interesting and coolest thing to do
in the country. Pubic ice sessions
in Kazakhstan became one of the most
popular attractions on weekends. They would go on the ice and they would want
to be like me. I believe that every
Kazakh person knows who our star Denis is. When he first showed up
at the Olympics, nobody could tell what
country he was from. Nobody knew the name
of our country. Now, thanks to him, lots of people around the
world know about our country. Everybody in Kazakhstan
is looking forward to the upcoming Olympics, to see how Denis will do. In my mind, of course, um… I’m preparing myself
for the Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, Korea, in 2018. I really dream to go and compete at the Olympics
again. As I am Korean,
that will be my opportunity to perform in front
of my home audience. My great-grandfather
was a general. He fought for Korean
independence. What would he think of me? Would he be proud enough when he would see
my accomplishments? This will be my opportunity
to perform for him as his grandchild. And that’s why the Games
will be so special to me. In Pyeongchang 2018,
I do hope that I will bring the special
performance to Korea. Why is my story important? It is important because it is a real example of what our country
can achieve in winter sports, and what the whole region
is capable of if we have the right resources
and opportunities. I’m not here for myself. I’m here for thousands
of young Kazakh athletes dreaming their own
Olympic dreams. And I’m also here for that
little kid out there, alone, skating around somewhere on a frozen lake, with skates supported by
plastic water bottles.

100 thoughts on “Denis Ten: The Figure Skater Who Put Kazakhstan on the Map | GameBreakers”

  1. Rest in peace, Denis Ten. We will never forget you and your contribution to the sport of figure skating and the history of Kazakhstan.

  2. Wow it’s heartbreaking watching this now that he was killed. I didn’t know much about his personal journey or personality before the news of his death broke. I had no idea he was such an articulate, mature, and kind person. It’s such a shame that his life was cut short. So sad.

  3. У меня нет слов,ком в горле.Не могу без слёз смотреть на тебя.Как тебя нам не хватает!!!!😢😢😢😢

  4. I just found about Denis Ten….I love that me made goals for himself ever since he was young..I hope to be like him when I'm older. Always, proud for my country and willing to work hard even when we fall down…May he rest in peace.♡

  5. Я не могу смириться что тебя уже нет с нами😭😭😭😭😭😭покойся с миром малыш😭😭😰😰😢

  6. Rest In Peace, Denis Ten. My condolences to his family and the figure skating community. He inspired many people, he left a mark in this world. He inspired many young in’s to start skating, and to those people I say REACH FOR YOUR DREAMS!!!! Once again, R.I.P Denis Ten, you put so much good in this world.

  7. RIP. What a nice and courageous young man. What a shame. He will live on forever in the hearts of his countrymen. And the World.

  8. We hate that times change and that people pass away every year, including celebrities… RIP 🙏

  9. Denis was an inspiration to me in its purest form. I revel in the fact that I had the chance to be a fan of such a wonderful person. He always expressed his appreciation for fans, and was always willing to share his talent and insights. In fact, he personally emailed me when I had queries about his Ice Show.

    I hope people will finally stop giving him unwarranted hate, especially now that he is gone. To all those who ruined his reputation without basis, I hope you're finally happy now.

    RIP hero! You were and will always be beautiful in our eyes. Thank you for everything. I know Kazakhstan will always be proud of you.

  10. Rest in peace. Such a senseless, unnecessary tragedy. There's no excuse for what was done to him. What a Phenomenal talent he was. He seemed like a really nice person.

  11. To All Yuzuru Hanyu Fans On The Entire Earth!
    Now all fake claims against Denis Ten is enough.
    Let's make this clear once and for all.
    It was NOT Denis Ten who injured Yuzuru Hanyu! It was a CHINESE skater YAN HAN who Yuzuru crashed so badly that he was injured.

    Stop NOW IMMEDIATELY all the horrible Yuzu fans your false allegations and coarse lies on Denis Ten who are completely innocently accused of your lies year after year end in his macabre inhuman death.

    If you want to hate the quilty man ,because someone you will always hate so he is YAN HAN FROM CHINA.
    Be a great Yuzuru fan and start to hate the right man!

    You all are so inhuman haters and liars with so bad attitude so I left that Yuzuru camp who go in religious trance when they starting to lie of D10 .

    I understood that you're so inveterate liars and haters that the true truth has never played for you any roll at all.

    D10 had a personal connection with his fans whom Yuzuru never bothered to have.
    He taught us not to hate another skaters because they was his friends everyone without exceptions.

    He thaugt that hate feeds war and war gives birth to annihilation ,so such fans could he just as well live without.

    You who are not a Yuzuru fan so if you want to know who was this amazing skater singer/songwriter and large human being Denis Ten so here are a little bit information of him.
    @tenis_den His personal account to all fans and ppl.

    @mini.denis A little freaky boy,his alter ego,so cute clever and only wise guy with a big heart. mini denis was a quite new art work from D10 and it took 2 years of work to do it.

    @d10world His personally photographer site . He was an amazing photographer.

    He had a music site too but I can not found it any more!?
    He was an amazing singer/songwriter with an amazing voice and he did music everywhere because music came to him everywhere.

    In the middle of the night he could go up and and make a demo because he got the music and the lyrics straight away in his heart and head so he could not wait but had to act directly.

    His big dream was to continue that way.
    His own patented music and song to his own shows.
    He started it in his last show in june 2018.
    You can watch it in "Denis Ten and Friends 2018." Search "She won't be mine". <3

  12. A beautiful, inspiring soul. Thank you for sharing your life to the world. May you rest in peace, Denis. ❤️

  13. Almaty 2026 in honor of D10? Please can we make it happen since he worked so hard for Almaty 2022. It would be the ultimate Olympic memorial for him.

  14. Покойся с миром ,Великий! Твой путь и твоя жизнь уже в истории🤧😔

  15. Still heartbroken. He wasn't just an amazing sportsman, he was a truly amazing person. Why do such senseless things happen. :'(

  16. I was so sad when I heard about his death. Really an awful loss for the figure skating world and the world in general. We'll miss you Denis, so so much.

  17. Denis fell victim to an act of senseless brutality. A dramatic loss for his family and friends, as well as a blow for skating in Kazakhstan. R.I.P. Jackie (nickname) you had to leave far too early.

  18. His death was a great loss. At my rink we watched this video when he died. We were all exponentially inspired! Thank you Denis. Rip

  19. It is heartbreaking that someone with so much future ahead of him was taken away from him just because of how bad the world we live in. Rest in peace, Denis. You will always be an inspiration.

  20. I still can't believe he's passed away… i still feel like he's alive, skating, living life.. it's just like a nightmare knowing he's not around anymore.

  21. Adorabile e bravissimo DENIS….mancherai a tutti noi…. Il pattinaggio ha perso un grande atleta che avrebbe potuto fare ancora molto…. Troppo giovane per lasciarci…sono rimasta colpita e senza parole…

  22. I was hoping to follow him through his career and when I searched his name I find out that he has been killed. It breaks my heart.

  23. I remember when I watched this clip when the 2018 Olympics was televised. I didn't have much interest in Kazakhstan at the time simply because I didn't know know much about the country, but this video really held my attention. I was moved by Denis' storytelling skills and his dedication to his country. For me, he really put Kazakhstan on the map and I was happy that he was so well-celebrated in his country. I was bewildered and pretty heartbroken to hear the news of his death; at first I couldn't believe it. He was too young, too talented, and had many great plans for the future. Rest in peace Dennis; you've achieved so much in the short amount of time you were here. We miss you and I wish peace to your family and your fellow Kazakhs.

  24. I just read the news. I'm so shocked. This video was so inspiring to me, and it's how I discovered him.. Repose in peace..

  25. Денис Тен каждый день со мной и в моих мыслях.Он точно в раю и ему наверное очень хорошо. Но нам ЕГО не хватает👨❤Так хочется видеть именно ЕГО на соревнованиях. Ты ЛУЧШИЙ во всем. ЧЕМПИОН!!!🌟🎶🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

  26. Dang this guy is so genuinely sweet I literally cried knowing this wonderful human being is dead 💔

  27. I don't know why we start to appreciate people only when they are gone.. I thank all the Denis Ten fans..and I am ashamed for being late to realize what an inspiration he was to the other… rest in peace.

  28. I have known him thanks to a post on Facebook by Carolina Kostner two day ago to celebrate Denis's birthday. He has been a great skater and a great guy as wall R. I. P. great young man.

  29. Hi guys.. Denis' family, and most people think Denis' murder was actually planned by some parties and actually it was performed by a professional assasin rather than the 2 carjackers.. besides, the prosecution seemed to protect something and then they tried to close the case as soon as possible. This is what the late Ten's family's lawyer said. (just search on the google).
    I also personally think that there's someone really dangerous behind Ten's muder. He was stabbed in both of his tighs.. and then the stabs were ultimately located in the vessels which would cause lot of blood lost.. and also about the Yuzu and Denis' case.. I also think that Denis was instructed by a powerful parties to do that intervention. I really hope Denis' case would be re-opened and the real brain of the murder would be revealed.

  30. A tragic death. Why? You can believe in an unfortunate case but why the killer so precisely struck a blow to the place where the large arteries run? Was it a coincidence?

  31. His tragic death caused that he has even more fans and he will never be forgotten. I will continue to follow your ideas.

  32. Wow. It's insane that the life of such a beautiful skater and person could be cut so short by Fate's knives. Denis, you were so beautiful while you were here with us, and I'm sorry you couldn't be here longer. You were as beautiful on the ice as you were off the ice. To say that you'll be missed, and are missed, is a complete understatement. <3

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