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Denís Cuerdo – SKATE

Denís Cuerdo – SKATE

When I was a child, my brother used to skate, and watching him skate got my attention from the start. My family didn’t really see it with good eyes, and they finally bought me a skateboard when I was 10 years old – that’s when it all started. I’ve always really liked Barcelona as a city. I had visited quite a few times and always wanted to move there and skate there, cause it’s the best city to do it, for me. I saved money, and I made the decision to make the move. When I left for Barcelona, to be honest, it was hard. Right before leaving I almost didn’t do it, I almost stayed. Because there were a lot of things I had to leave behind… It’s always hard for your family to let you go specially for my mom. It’s hard. It was hard but in the end I found my way I’m part of the skateboarding community in Barcelona, per say, and the truth is that it makes me really happy and it is a part of me as well. For me, skateboarding is a hobby, it’s a part of my life I’ve liked it since I was a kid, and I don’t think I will ever leave the skateboarding world. One way or another I think I’ll always be involved in it. I’ll continue to enjoy skating always In a few years, I’d like to keep skateboarding at a better level, always a little better but for sure I would like to stay in the community and keep growing Anything related to skateboarding that I can do, I will always try it. Whatever your dream or hope is, always fight for it, because if you want it and you try, you can do it. I got full of courage, I moved to Barcelona I fought for my dreams and hopes which were to skate and to get better, and I achieved that, because I fought for it I tried hard, I practiced everyday, even if I finished work at 10, I would hit the streets at 11 and skate wherever. And that’s a bit how you achieve what you want: by trying. Staying at home and complaining about how things aren’t going your way is not gonna get you anywhere. If you fight for your dreams, you can achieve them. I’m Denís Cuerdo, and this is Life.

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