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Delos Dives Grenada! PATREON dive week!

Delos Dives Grenada! PATREON dive week!

[MUSIC PLAYING] Today’s a very special day. We have 12 of our
patrons flying in. Somehow, they happened to
get all on the same flight and they’re flying into
Grenada for four or five days of diving. And we’re going to pick
them up and surprise them Grenadian style with beers. [LAUGHTER] Cooler full of beers. Beers. Every time we’ve
come to Grenada, we’ve flown into
Grenada, we’re always met by somebody that lives
here with a cooler full of beer and to be able to do
that for the patrons, you can see the
look on their face. They had no idea what they
were getting themselves into. And then we show
up at the airport, welcome to the Caribbean. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Thank you. Finally get to welcome
you to Grenada. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I’m Ray. Ray. Good to meet you. Cool, nice to meet you too. I’m Carrie, too. That’s so nice! How did we come up with
this Haitian group idea? We did a similar kind of
thing with LTD Sailing here in Grenada. We had a big group of people
come down and go sailing and get their ASA
certifications. And that went really well. It was really cool. We got to meet a
bunch of patrons and they got to go sailing. And they got their
certification. And it worked out perfect. And then we’re good
friends with Robin here from Aquanauts Grenada. And we were sitting down
at the bar one night. I was like, man we should
do that as a dive trip. Like, we should do this whole
group dive trip for our patrons because Aquanauts and True
Blue Resort are connected. The next day, we were having
a meeting with the guys and telling them,
yeah we’re going to have a big group come down. And we’re going to go diving
and stay in your hotels. And it’s going to be a
win-win-win for everyone. We want to meet
all of our patrons and all the patrons want
to come down and go diving. So it’s like, everyone
kind of wins off the deal. And it was fair for everybody. I thought you were
going to go first. [LAUGHTER] I’m going to go first. Hey, I’m Dill Butler from
Nashville, Tennessee. And I’m Karen Butler
from Nashville. And we’re so happy to be here. Charlie Chaplin,
I’m from New York. [LAUGHTER] My name is Gabriel,
and I’m from Chicago. Philadelphia– Valley
Forge, actually– Pennsylvania. And we are from Stuart, Florida. Orlando, Florida or Marilyn
if you know where that is. We’re from Colorado. Golden Colorado. Gus and Sarah and
we’re from Vegas. And we’re from Ontario,
Canada– a little town called Niagara on the Lake. Gordon Potter, I came
from Seattle, Washington. My name is Audrey and
I’m from Quebec, Canada. HI, I’m Ray Norman from
Vancouver, Washington. Jeanette Norman,
Vancouver, Washington. You guys are from
the same place? Yeah! Amazing! [LAUGHTER] Morning, Brady. How you doing, buddy? Good. [MUSIC PLAYING] Is it your first day? Yep. Or have you been before? [MUSIC PLAYING] These people are awesome, just
spending time together and just diving and getting
to know everybody over a couple of days instead
of just really intense– it’s super special. It’s the best way to do it. Yeah, making some
lifelong friends for sure. Cool. I never thought that
we’d be able to get 20 strangers together
and everybody not only get along well but be so cool
in their own individual ways– just such unique people
from all over the place with just a
like-minded attitude. Age is irrelevant. Occupation is irrelevant. I don’t think I heard
anybody asking each other, oh what do you do for a living? It just doesn’t
matter, doesn’t matter what’s going on in
your life outside of being here just to dive. It’s really cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] My favorite part
about scuba diving? Yeah, why do you dive a lot? Why do I dive a lot? wrecks, bubbles, and relaxation. [MUSIC PLAYING] The coolest part
for me especially is not just us
meeting the patrons, but the patrons
meeting themselves and like hanging out
and getting along. and just to be able to see
these strangers come together over random circumstances from
all different walks of life that would have never met
is such a rewarding feeling. And they’re becoming friends
and exchanging numbers. And on our last dive,
there was two buddy teams. And each one had something
wrong on the separate teams. And instead of the buddy
helping that person, the other buddy teams
were helping them. And it was so cool to
see like, these guys that didn’t know each
other a couple of days ago we’re helping
each other out. And then the other people
were helping each other instead of helping the
wife out, you know? And to see that I don’t know,
it’s just really, really cool. [MUSIC PLAYING] What I enjoy about
[INAUDIBLE] story is the story of the sea,
the story of the learning that you’ve done, your boat
maintenance, your diving the care of the ocean and
the care of the environment And that’s really come
across in all your videos. Because some people, when
they hear about your Patreon, they’re like, that’s crazy that
people just give you money. But why do you guys feel
inclined to help us? For me, it was just a given. I mean, I wanted to
do it right away. For a few reasons– one, I felt that the
content was worth it. It’s good entertainment
for us, personally. Not just entertainment,
it’s education. And it’s been a huge
inspiration for us. In terms of our sailing
goals for the future, I got my PADI certification. I came across a video of
people leaving the boat, enjoying their life. And I started following
[INAUDIBLE] for the past three years and it’s a therapy. You’re not commercialized, so
I mean, your only way of income is through Patreon. So it’s almost like
a History Channel that’s supported by the public. Here, you can watch an
episode commercial free. And support the
creators directly. See, well we appreciate you
guys more than you know. We appreciate you too. It’s a win-win-win-win. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] Good morning, Gino. Good morning. How are you, today? I’m fine. I’m [INAUDIBLE] from Grenada. I’ve been here four days
now, and having a blast. I got to take a ride on Maggie. It’s a highlight of my trip. What’s the vibe
of Grenada so far? Extremely good. The people are very friendly. The food is very good. The rum is very good. The company’s been
just fantastic. It’s going to be hard to leave
and I might start crying now. OK I’ll cut before
we get to that point. OK. But before everyone
left Grenada, we had one last thing to do. Even though [INAUDIBLE]
was on the heart, we wanted her to be
a part of this trip as well so we piled everyone
into a couple of ends and headed for the boat yard. [MUSIC PLAYING] Where are we? We’re in a boat yard,
Spice Island Boat Yard, is that what it is? That’s it. Are you excited to
see [INAUDIBLE]?? Yeah, I do you
want to see Delos. You’ve already sailed on
Delos so I can’t ask you. I know. I’m a little spoiled. Are you guys excited
to see Delos? Yes, I am. I got the theme music
running through my head as I walk up to it. [LAUGHTER] We’re super excited. Oh, nice. Thank you for inviting us
onto your home, by the way. Of course. It’s really sweet. Sorry it’s not in the water! I heard it was real
dirty too, it’s OK. Yeah. It’s been pretty
project-y lately. It’s pretty funny because
I think that they’ve never experienced this
many people trying to come into the yard at once. So we’ll see what happens. What’s the deal? We’re currently waiting
for permission to– she’s on the phone. It’s going well, though. Is it? I think we’re going
to get through. Nice You think we’re
going to get in? We have to get in. There we go, the gate’s open! Run! Thank you. [INTERPOSING VOICES] Well, OK. She’s small. And Brian and Brady
have said, and Karen have said many, many
times, it’s a small boat. And having so many people
on board, it’s a challenge. Yeah. And you have to be
able to get along. And you have to be able
to love each other. She looks beautiful. But all boats love
to be in the water, not sitting in the crate. Exactly. What do you think about
that bottom paint sitch? You’ve got some work to do. [LAUGHTER] Everyone signed a
verbal liability form? Can I get a group yes? Yes? OK, nice. Welcome to Delos
in the boat yard. Wow. [LAUGHTER] It’s like a boat, but in a yard. That’s right. Is that weird? Yeah, it’s a little bit strange. I might have to go down because
I’m almost peeing my pants. [LAUGHTER] You’re not wearing
any pants, [INAUDIBLE] You’re not wearing any pants. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] Welcome aboard, guys. Thanks, Brian. Make yourself as at home
as you can in a boat yard. I like the smell. Yeah, it’s a boat smell– just human sweat and dead skin
cells rotting in tropical heat is what that is. Will you be doing this again? Yeah, definitely 100%. I’m already looking
for the next spot to do a Patreon get
together for sure. It’s awesome. It’s so much fun. We’re doing moonshine shots. We made this moonshine just
before we put Delos away about four months ago. And now, we’re having
a little taste testing. I hope it goes OK. I haven’t tasted it
yet but it smells good. Oh, thank you. Get your liquor in you. Get your Moonshine in you. Yeah, it’s so cool because when
we invite patrons to the boat, we can get one or two at a time. And it’s just not
enough, you know? I feel like it’s
just not enough. So next time, we’ll
have Delos in the water. And we’ll do it
somewhere where we’ll have a big group where we
can go out sailing and then come back and do some diving. Yeah, have a good mix. Good moonshine, this is good. Maybe I won’t taste yours. I’m not going to get any. [LAUGHS] How is it? All right, that’s it. Time to get back to work. We had a week off. We gotta get back to editing
and working and everything else. Thank you so much. Thank you patrons
for everything. You’re the best! Oh, shit. You’re the best. All right. See you on the next dive. [MUSIC PLAYING] I hear a rumor that you’re
not going to get on your plane ticket back. I really hope not to get
on my plane next week. I met a lot of meeting people
here since I’ve been here. So I will maybe try to
find a boat and hitch hike to somewhere. I don’t know where. All I can do is give
you a huge high five because that’s awesome.

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